What the hell was the word the girl called...?

That's, what...!

"If you're the Holly Doll three sisters, can you manage that wound? 'Cause Mother and Primla are trying to cure it now."

Oh, my God, oh, my God...!

Brought to the Strodor Three Sisters, What is' salvation '......!

Retrieving their most precious, 'salvation' means......!

It wasn't enough for them to kill or kill, it was an uncluttered being......!

begging its natural enemies to 'heal' etc......!

Never, never, never...!

Future Eternal Robbery, Absolutely Immutable, Martial Arts Long Aye...!

Even if its body is torn apart......!

Even if the penis is dragged out...!

Ah... Ri... Nah...!

... The legendary secret handed down to the Strawdor family, "Eternal Force Back Beauty" after Absolutely Immutable.

It is a terrible move to stop healing wounds' forever '.

The Strawdor three sisters have used this move to kick down many rival Virgins.

Sometimes monsters, sometimes they make it look like accidents, sometimes they develop into catfights for the Virgin...

I've stabbed Todome with all the scratches.

And toward the Virgin, who planted the wound of immorality, they were like this.

"Alaala, zamaa zamaa! You look so good, you chu! Now you're worth ten $(ender)... no, no, I guess it's less than that? Tutu, tutu, tu!"

"It means that the Virgin can do it. No one picks it up where it was falling on the side of the road, such as 1 $(Ender). Ohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoho!"

"But if you're homeless, you must have picked it up! It suited the Alley Virgin! Hi-ha-ha! Hi-ha-ha!

The Virgin, wrapped in ridicule and left the tabernacle stage, is what counts.

But finally......

Finally, they got the same look......!

As soon as I recognized that fact,




As if he were being sentenced to a blazing sentence, he began to suffer while buried in the sand.

"Ugh!? Hurrah!? Uuuuuuuuu!? This wound!? I can't believe it's something that won't heal forever!?!?

"To heal, to the Holly Doll family of fucking pigs, I can't believe you keep your head down!?!?

"Neither of those, I didn't want to die!?!?

Two options.

I kept getting shotguns, with my zombie-like face, do I live...

Do you want the Holly Dolls to heal?

Normally, the latter is all that's possible.

Anyway, the other party is the Holly Doll family.

If they change their minds and even cum in one of the dugouts, Mother and Primla will forgive everything and be intimate.

And I'm sure the mysterious power will also heal the wounds of the incurable.

But I couldn't do that.

Even if you had your tongue out in your heart, all you have to do is bow your head more than the Holy Dolls Virgin, absolutely......!

If such a moment were to come, that would surely be when they were beheaded, they thought.

And even if they beheaded me, I wouldn't die for free.

I think I'm just going to fly off my neck, eat up my mother's neck, and eat up my carotid artery.

So getting over to the Holly Doll family is' none 'in the first place as an option.

And I'm going to live with a face like this, 'no hair'.

Both were out of the question, but it's more out of the question to lose your own life.

If they die anyway, the Strawdor family will be interrupted.

"Too Grungy......! Master Gebokas, mother of Zama, has been killed by a female pig in Liglas......! Yes, like this......!

"Too much gogi......! No, not only Master Gebokas, but the Virgins of the Strawdor family have been slaughtered by the female pigs of the Holly Doll family for generations......!

"Too much higi......! So if you bow your head to those female pigs or something, you can't face your ancestors!!

Less intense teeth bites, instead of bleeding out of the gums, at last......

... Buckyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Like a popcorn, my teeth bounced and flew......!

Still, girls who don't stop eating up.

No, it's not a girl or anything already.

The visual no longer even passed humans, but three monsters, no matter how you look at it.

Woohoo (oh)...!

What a sad monster......!

One girl looked at the unusual appearance of such monsters with amusement,

"Oh, and I have to go. That's what I gave you for discriminating, and now you're excused. Though we may no longer see each other.... So happy at the bottom of hell"

That parting word had not reached the monsters.

It just makes me roar, as if I've become a monster to my heart no longer.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!


With that alien chorus on her back, the girl walks out.

And as I looked up at the mountain... one, I snapped.

"I've tried to throw it away many times, even though it's a name... After that, I can't believe we're going to be here...