There, a crude tent that's still going to collapse.

Inside, drug shelves and beds like coarse garbage line up.

It's not even given a light, only the moonlight that plugs slightly out of the gap, the only source of light.

The front line of war where defeat is known, like the rescue tent there......

Dark, ominous blood crept up, the place......

A piece of paper with hell so much that even soldiers from the war want to escape.

It can be called the bottom of the world, a place like a sweep.

For a bed that's going to rot, one Osama dressed in bandages.

By its side, there was a young girl leaning in like a round of flowers.

She's been holding Osama's hand.

It was also her routine to accompany her this way until morning.

And until I get sleepy, I'll repeat the story that you and I don't love each other...

For today, the girl had a look like she wasn't here.

In the middle of the conversation, Osama asks irresistibly.

"What is it? You've been looking at me that doesn't float the whole time... what happened?

When the girl scowled and slipped her throat small, she tried to squeeze her courage and revealed it.

"Um, uncle... I, the brave man, have taken a look at you and decided to leave this training ground."

"What!? Is it true!? Glad to hear that! Stay...!

"Ah, don't wake up, the wound will open"

"Shh, excuse me. But I'm really glad. Now you can be a true white Virgin from a gray Virgin."

"... Yes"

"Hey, congratulations!

Osama rejoiced as if he had decided to advance my daughter.

"To whom brave man are you to be held? Shinsengumi, right?

"No, I'm not from the godtip group. Dear Buttaftotta..."

"What!? It's also close to Master Godsmile's side, to that one!? Isn't that amazing!

"The Gray Virgin" refers to the Virgin of the deemed Son.

Normally, the Virgin is second to none as the adventurer's hierarchy, but they are considerably below it.

Brave > Virgin > Advanced Adventurers > Lower Adventurers > Gray Virgin

It is the name that is considered the 'Virgin', but no one will respect it.

It was like an abandoned pawn, sent to the front line first if it was war, and made to combine the treatment and comfort things of the soldiers.

They believe that they can be 'real saints' if their accomplishments as' gray saints' are recognized.

But those who could have gone from gray to white are not as present as pig farming who did not turn into pork.

At last, it was only in the name of the Virgin, their coveted being, to conveniently defeat the deemed Sons.

Still knowing nothing, the girls, dreaming of becoming the Virgin, are still conveniently 'used' by the braves today.

But the girl who was nursing Osama shot the miracle of being held by the brave.

If a brave man sees you, you can be white, gray or whatever, without question, that's the world.

This is why these gray Virgins packing in the training grounds of the Divine Spirit Group were doing anything for the trainees of the Divine Spirit Group.

Osama was right, and I thought one of the trainees would have 'liked' him, but he wasn't.

Oh my...!

She is the number two brave brave group of brave people, "liked" by Buttaftotta...!

Osama rejoices as if my daughter had passed the prestigious private of difficulty.

But we didn't seem so happy.

"... what's going on? Didn't you always say it was your dream to wear a white robe instead of a gray one"

"Yes. That's true...... There's only one thing to worry about."

"Worried? What is that?

"It's about your uncle."

"Me? Why are you worried about me or something?

"As every day, your uncle is brought into this tent dying, accompanied by the training of the Divine Spirit group. I loved seeing my uncle and talking to him alone like this more than anything else. I can't do that anymore because it's hard..."

The girl's eyes were starting to moisturize, so Osama gets gnawed.

Osama at the time was vulnerable to women's tears.

That's so much vampires hate water.

"Oh, no! That's it, don't cry! Stay...!

"That's not true! I've always felt like my chest would be ripped off as I waited for my uncle in this tent! I've been praying to Master Lunarillis to make sure your uncle gets back safely!

"Oh... did you?

"Ha! The fact that I can be held by a brave man means I won't be able to do it either! I can't even do this with my uncle anymore!... Ugh...! Wow!

To the crying girl, Osama just roars like a dog officer.

All the awkward time passes without being able to do it with a hug or a carefree dialogue.

In the end, the girl, who stopped crying on her own, said this to Osama.

"... Um, uncle... just one last favor..."

"What is it? If there's anything I can do, I don't know."

"Give me a name…"

Many do not have names, because the gray Virgin is a deemed child.

Such persons are called by ada name or number.

But in becoming a Virgin, you will be able to name your name.

"What...? I give my name...!? Aren't you going to be accompanied by Master Buttaftotta?

"Yes, I really am...... I already have a name, so I asked him to use it."

"What... Yeahhh!? Stay...!!

My God, the girl wanted Osama to give her a name and lied to the quasi-god brave...!

If that finds out, instead of rescinding the cuddle, you can't complain if they pull your tongue out.

It is also synonymous with lying to Enma the Great to lie to the high brave.

Osama was puzzled.

Why do you want me to be so ready to give myself a name?


Osama was and always was dull...!

To meet that feeling, however, Osama conceives.

And spinned one name on words.

"Lincilla...... how about a Lincilla?