"Lincilla, is...?

"Yes. Do you know a species called Wild Tail?

"It's just... it's like adding people and one... right?

"I was at a brave man's party before I was assigned to this training ground. At that party, I explored an island, but I got lost with other members..."

I wasn't strayed from it, I was left behind, but that's another story.

"Being alone, I was captured by a tribe that was on that island and used as a slave for a while. But they made up their minds and managed to get off the island."

That's when Osama learned how to get out of Tentacle Oasis, but that's another story.

"With their support, it's nice to get off the island, but there's a storm on the way, and the ship's overturned. By the time I realized it, I was on another island... and it was a wild taylor island called Greysky Island."

Osama, remembering that time, had an unexpectedly distant eye.

They were very gentle and warm, and they did me a great deal of good, being heterogeneous.

I contacted the brave man from that island, but the next time I would make a 'gorgeous smart' on this island, I asked him to prepare under it, and he stayed on that island for a while.

When "Gorgeous Smart" was formed, I returned to the continent in exchange for the brave man who visited the island.

In the meantime, the Wild Tails owe you immeasurably.

The Wild Tails spoke the same language as us now, but they used to have their own.

From there, I came up with the name 'Lincilla'

"'Lincilla'......! That sounds very nice! What does that mean!?

Where the crying crow had already gone, the girl luminescent her eyes and urged her to continue.

"Yes. 'Lynn' is' girl 'in the words of the Wild Tails." Shira "means" dog. "

Oh, my God, Osama......!

Against a girl named Glory from now on......!

Give it the name 'bitch' etc, fan mining......!!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

There is no one on the usually busy beach today.

Lincilla, who was overriding her footprints on a beach like a rentout, fumbled off the hood of her robe.

Beautiful hair in a strong sea breeze.

The marine-blue cubicle and the leaning sunlit oranges were different, bringing in a fantastic light, like an early evening.

The girl is all alone in her heart.

- The brave man who took me away was Buttaftotta, a mountain of diarrhea shakes.

That diarrhoeal shithead repeated to me that even this me would be flattering to say.

Like a glory hole in the toilet, only named after the Virgin who serves the brave.

And when I turned six, they dumped me like a rag after I wiped the milk.

Then many brave men passed my body.

Crude dickhead, Crimson Teager, who is abusive and only handled a few times.

Things are even there, faster than Cheetah's early shit, Diamond Richnell.

The little ones who mocked me for five people, the Lyke Boys......

Always this guy was a coarse piece of garbage like a rotting stepping stone.

By riding on top, it's time to reach high ground in a little while...

To Gushagusha, it collapses......!

Always, this one too...!

I was downstream.

My cunt swam through the drool and managed to crawl up to the middle stream.

In that sense, that diarrhea shake could have been most helpful.

But not yet, there's cunt all around.

If you don't get upstream, you can't put it on clean water.

upstream, with their asses out. Still, there are those guys who are flirting out.

In addition to that, you have to be in a position to feed the shit to the guys downstream.

No, he's upstream.

It has to be more up, more up...!

Spring water that erupts and you have to be in a position to wash your ass hole......!

You can't just stick shit in his mouth and choke him to death...!

To do this, the brave......!

It's not a rotten stepping stone, we need brave men like steel stepladders......!

It is only when you reach the sun, spanning over its stepladder......!

I'm sure I can forget......!

Like a cursed doll, you can't throw it away even if you want to, give it the name 'bitch (lincilla)'......!

...... have a goldwolf slumdog......!

Lincilla was thinking about it. Not really, she forgot to pay attention to her surroundings.

Until I approached him, I didn't notice the figure standing behind the palm tree.

But I feel my gaze, and I stop my leg.

And dressed for the usual, approximate voice.

"... oh, you..."

Shadows don't answer.

"You were on this island, too, weren't you? Speaking of which, during the enlistment ceremony for Shinsengumi, we saw you two from Big Bang Love. They were very beautiful, and I, I, I could see it."

The shadow was sitting in a chair.

Apply the hand that was placed on the elbow to the wheel that was next to it.

Quiet as a tidal wave, moving forward.

Illuminated and floated at dusk were a blanket with an anemone pattern and long boots.

A lazy, bloodless knee kid peeking through the gap between his knee and boot.

But only his face is covered in the shadow of palm trees.

"Are your legs still not getting better? I, a qualified prosthetic (arc gear) mechanic, would you like me to introduce you to a skilled craftsman?

The shadow seemed to be nagging, and when I gave him my face, the earrings swayed and danced with the light.

It was designed to follow a dog with a thumb up.

Glossy lip gloss moves.

"... that's all I have to say?

Placed between breaths, the blast flames rolled backwards.