A coalition of wild dogs controlled a fierce battle with the spikes of "Wild Dog Busters".

They had left non-combatants, including the Holly Doll girls, and soldiers on the lookout, on private beaches, marching to the city.

The purpose is the annihilation of the remaining brave men throughout the city.

It's about splitting it up in two hands and fulfilling it while aiming at Sin Itomurau.

The Wolf Crusaders, led by Kulalalaka, head to the Square of the Spirit of God.

"Wild Dog Busters Busters," led by Basilis, was going down the main street in the opposite direction.

The wild dogs thought there were skirmishes by the way on the island...

When I rolled it out to the city, it was quiet everywhere, like abandoned ruins no longer.

Except for the fire column spraying up on the outskirts of some beach, that doesn't exactly make me feel like one thing.

Especially on the boulevard with the Basilis, which is usually the busiest place on this island where many people go.

And now, even the sound of an ancient newspaper shaking in the wind, which you can't always hear, reaches your ears.

The gap was so creepy.

Basilis had proceeded with caution to avoid being ambushed.

Then, from the big crossroads that were in front of me, something popped up.

He was only two men and women, even though he stood tall.

Besides, I don't have anything like a weapon.

The woman wears small round glasses and is responsible for the device with the recording ball embedded in her shoulder, which is the catalyst for the transmission.

Apparently, she was a newspaper reporter, and as a battlefield photographer, she was putting together some stubborn leather armor.

Many newspaper reporters were invited to this enlistment ceremony for Shinsengumi.

And this was the twentieth ceremony, and this time especially, equipment for propaganda was being lent, which is not yet popular in this world.

I used that propaganda technology to relay the ceremony to countries...

After Gocon was activated, newspaper reporters were driven out to deliver wild dog hunting patterns.

On the hips of the other man, there is only an empty sheath.

He was an upper-class human being, a good figure, but his face was pale and he was still dying.

It was even bright white to the hair, so Basilis didn't know who the person was.

But the opponent saw Basilis,

"Hih!? Hiya!? Hiya! You basilis!?

He came running over in desperate shape, as if he had found it in a desert oasis as well.

"No, Master Basilis! Master Basilis! Basilis sama aahhhh!"

I would have kept screaming, my voice is completely crouched.

By the look of his eyes, Basilis wondered if an old stranger had asked for help...

I noticed who I was in my outfit and in the breast stamp that was on my watch.

"... isn't it a popcorn chaser!

Popcorn Chaser is one of the sons of King Sevenlux, who has been sent to the Halbury Small States by the kingdom of Sevenlux, the great power, in the name of 'Testimony of Alliance'.

He was the minister of the Guard Service in the Hurlberry Small States….

But he took the bribe and found out he was wiping out the 'gorgeous smart' murder powerhara, demoted.

Moreover, before the roots of his tongue were dry, he was banished to Sevenlux for working a wolf on Basilis.

Basilis participated in the enlistment ceremony of the Shinsengumi group as the royal representative of the Halbury small nation this time….

Likewise, a popcorn chaser who was present at the venue as a guest had lost his temper.

- What!?

Why is he in this place?

He was supposed to have done the castle dogmatization after he was forcibly deported to Sevenlux...!

On the contrary, even in "Joint Quest," I should have done it in return because I've served chocky along with peanut raiders......!

Why......!? Why can you come out in such a public place...!?

Besides, what does the king of Sevenlux have in mind to give it to me as a representative of the royalty...!?

That's right.

Popcorn Chaser was visiting this island of Greysky as Sevenlux's 'face'.

And when 'Gocon' was activated, I agreed with Livolve first.

I guess he was going to be handled on a wild dog hunt and appeal to the King of Sevenlux.

On the contrary, this is what he said to Basilis, who turned down 'Gocon'.

"Oh hey!? Lord Basilis is running away with his tail wrapped around him? Or are you going to go for the wild dog? Yes, I remember! Lord Basilis once said this to Bocchin, who was a subordinate! He said wild dogs are much more open and just than boxins!

As he rushes up to the podium where Rivolve was, he opens his hands and hustles.

"Everybody! Master Basilis apparently intends to take the side of the wild dog and turn his teeth to the brave. Yikes! This is a liberal development that also affects the 'Evantaille Alliance' between the Five Kingdoms, headed by my Sevenlux Kingdom! Remember all the little countries! Master Basilis has become our enemy! The next time I saw him, he said he was going to strip his fangs off as a wild dog! So we need to deal with them as wild dog hunters!

Basilis kicked 'Gocon' just didn't want to help the brave guys he hated more than the carrots...

The popcorn chaser gave it up to the question of alliances between the five countries.

Those five countries, by the way, are the Kingdom of Sevenlux, the Gankpflu small country, the Killeland small country, the Rondcrow small country….

And the Halbury Small States.

It is a country located north of this island of Greyskay, side-by-side and located along the sea.

Because it looks fan-shaped, this thing about the Five Kingdoms means fan, called 'Evantaille'.

This time, due to Basilis' 'Gocon' exit remarks......

No, due to the popcorn chaser burning......

What a crisis of isolation the Hurlbury Small States were in...!

However, because of this, Basilis also had a last fluke.

Though I kicked 'Gocon', I wasn't going to give a hand to the brave yet......

I intended to engage with the brave after the "Declaration of the extermination of the brave", which I would do during the crowning ceremony...

The girl decided arbitrarily to take them all forward and become a 'pre wild dog'......!