Once upon a time, princess and minister.

Now, the Queen and the Dodo.

Once upon a time, I chose the path of wildness with my blood-soaked jeans….

Once upon a time, wearing a seven-colored light, Sarabred thanks for trying to regain his former glory......

A young man who has become like an old man and a girl who is gaining style as a female jewel......!

Two guys like a popcorn that I could play and a woman who cheeks it up......!

The two seem similar and not alike, and have bumped into each other more than once with a fate of causation......

Around the city transformed into a ghost town, we now stand side by side again......!

... and although I tried to stir it up, the battle was already on.

The popcorn chaser rushed over to Basilis and quickly collapsed,

"Please, please, please! Please help me with my boxin. No, no, no!"

I cried pitifully for a girl who was only about half as good as me.

Basilis, who was fit for this, also claps himself out.

"... what the hell is going on!? What happened? Didn't that happen by joining Gokon and heading to Silanoshinyi!?

"Damn, that's it! That's it, that's it, that's it!"

"Yes, calm down! Talk to me calmly about what happened!

But the popcorn chaser kept crying, as if he didn't get the guidelines.

Basilis pushes his jealous and crying face away and takes something out of his nostalgia.

"Look, you should eat this. Chocolate can help calm you down."

It was a wild dog stamped board chocolate, which she also loves as a field food.

Pop Coach Chaser has trampled on it all the time, using it as a cheap chocolate.

But only now, like the poor man who was given the finest things, he snaps and pulls the wrap off, and mouths it to greed.

And an unexpectedly spilled word,

"Ugh, yeah well......!


"Ko... I didn't know this chocolate was such a delicious thing...! Compared to this chocolate, I can't believe the chocolate that Boxtin has eaten so far is garbage at all......!

"Just because I found out something better about this doesn't mean it's good to take down what was before. But that light mouth pops up, which means you seem calm."

A gentle word hung from Basilis, the popcorn chaser nods back in tears.

"Yes......! Until now I had forgotten me, but I finally remembered...!

And quickly, when you attract Basilis' body...!

"Because Boxtin's mission is to slash this female kid's neck off and dedicate it to his dad...!

I stuck the knife I had hidden in my sleeve against Basilis' neck...!

Though the soldiers were astonished, no! and put up a weapon.

The woman reporter next door also points at her weapon, the propaganda device.

She stopped and asked in a sober tone.

"Dear Popcorn Chaser, what do you do? The princess helped you, didn't she?

"Shut up, shut up! You turn the projection device and keep filming! This female child is an enemy of the Valiant and the Evantaille Alliance!

He hoisted his cheeks up as a cracked lunatic.

"Aha......! 'Gocon' has turned into a mess, but if you can hand souvenir his neck......! Boxtin is Sevenlux again, it blooms back......! He sent me to this island as my last chance, I can repay my dad...!

Still tearful eyes are glitched by the fierce blade, and the soldiers who lean over are restrained.

"Whoa! Stay away from me! When we get close, your princess Sama is going to be a blood bag!? Now, drop your weapon!

There's nothing you can do about taking a princess hostage who's going to be king.

The soldiers threw down their swords and spears at their feet without one or two.

The pop coach chaser, who cared about that reaction, gets even better.

"Ahaha! I would have just said Boxtin!? The next time I see you, 'I'll hunt you as a wild dog'......! It's a little different than ideal, but it's the result O'Rei! Do you regret it? Scared? Ahahahahahahahahahaha!

But Basilis sighed with jealousy, just as he did with chocolate.

"That's right. Don't turn in your ear. What can you do with such a humble knife and even smaller than that? Wow, that was sweet without chocolate."

"What the fuck!? Don't get on with it because it's been working by chance so far! If Boxtin is serious, he can crush poop like you on a guccag!?

The female reporter, who was pointing at the projection device as she was told, spills the truth before the interaction between the two.

Sounds like a fight between an adult and a child.

"Shut up, shut up, shut up! Everybody fool around with boxin 'around! Boxtin didn't mean it yet! If you mean it, you're scared!

Even with a knife stuck to his neck, Basilis doesn't break his grandeur.

"Okay, okay. Then let me show you how serious I am. So far, wrinkles are more fearful of carrots that mothers secretly mix into their meals than you are."

The pop coach chaser was finally exaggerated because it didn't do exactly what I thought it would.

"Nooooooooooooo!! You fool around with boxin anytime, anywhere!! Watch this!! You meth kid! Poop! Hannah shit! Bar Cover Damn!! I'm already mad at you!! Show me the real seriousness of the boxin, the real seriousness...!!

Guru...! and a knife that plunges into a small neck muscle.

This includes both soldiers and female reporters, "Ahhh!?," he screams.

But... Basilis remains invincible.

"What's the matter, is that your 'real' one?

"Holy shit!? Why can't you cut it? Come on!? I was recommended by 'Gorgeous Smart' to buy this knife, even if it's small or anything, and I can't!? I had 2 million yuan (ender) and no!?

Basilis had been hit with a gibberish on the neck, but he is left as if he were a cat to be brushed.

"When I ordered the armor to be worn for the enlistment ceremony, I was half-hearted when I was advised to process it to protect my neck muscles by that (●) man... I didn't expect it to be useful here..."

"Why!? Why can't you cut it? Come on!? It's the finest knife yet no!? Why, why, what!? Why?!?!?

"It may no longer be in your ears, but finally, I'll tell you what's good for you. There is no such thing as" real "in you. Not to mention, I don't sell it to 'Gorgeous Smart' or anything. If you want something called 'real'..."

The girl slowly, giving her one leg,

"... go! Go!! Slam Dog Mart!!

Shake down boots reinforced with metal along with a single voice like a TV commercial......

With a stubborn kakato, I trampled and smashed the right toe of a thug......!