The scream of a loser man persists enough to push through the street and fly off the island.

The man, who had fallen from Sarabred to the loser, had no longer even removed the knife and was stuffy while standing.

I really want to fall, but I can't do it because I've been crushed on my foot.

The winning dog girl, who was still stepping on her feet, looked at the scream she had made in her ear.

"So let me say shut up...... But Slumdog Mart is good. The Slumdog School upstairs teaches you how to protect yourself when you're attacked by a pervert."

She keeps screaming to BGM.

"A pinky toe in the foot is one of the weak spots in humans. It's very brittle, but I can't work out. Any adult, no matter how much he has worked out, remains absolutely vulnerable. So even a child like Strawberry can easily be crushed. Would that pain be unimaginable? By and large, we lose our will to fight and reflect..."

"Well done! How dare you! Gghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

A popcorn chaser that wields a knife along with exasperation.

The figure was entirely, the attacking pervert of a young girl.

Momentum that no longer says neck muscles, etc., but seems to make your face snappy.

Basilis, however, even as he deals with small objects,

"But once in a while there are those who do not reflect and push the pain back and fight back. The evil man without such a hand..."

She was crushing the pervert's boot. Lifting her legs up again, she moved like a pendulum,

"This is how you crush your true weakness!

...... gushaaaaaaaaaa!!

A no-look backkick bursts.

In the groin, which can also be described as the identity of a pervert, a steel kakato was inserted.

The moment the popcorn to the right of the popcorn chaser can be played......!


At last, it was making enough screams to penetrate the island and reach neighboring countries.

... and it wasn't just metaphors.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

'Evantaille countries' crossed the ocean at various locations.

In every country, royal castles and other squares where people gathered were used to put up huge screens of crystals.

The screen shows the face of a man with his bloody eyeballs popping open, his nose spreading all ripped open, and his mouth open like his chin came off.

Needless to say, the man was a popcorn chaser, and it was the woman reporter who was accompanying him who was capturing him up.

In order to broadcast live the enlistment ceremony of the Shinsengumi group, the Evantaille Nation was set up with a stage for teleportation.

Simply put, it is the same mechanism as the stage of the former 'Tour of the kingdom of Immortality'.

It was originally made only for the enlistment ceremony, but since Rivolve activated "Gocon," it has continued to play a role in relaying the pattern.

The reason for this is simple. Because the royalty of the Evantaille Nation is now participating in its Gocon.

Even during the enlistment ceremony, the public's attention was high, but since switching to 'Gorkon', it's been a different kettle.

The stage of The Immortal King's Country Tour was watched by a thousand Zepuros fans selected in the lottery, but this one is on a national scale.

The 'Evantaille countries' together have about 500 million people.

Almost all of them flaunted their work and their studies and packed them into stages all over the place.

I can't help it.

When it comes to 'Gocon', it is such a big case that it rocks the brave world and hence the world.

Besides, it involves people who govern themselves.

It was not where we lived our daily routine because our position as a country fluctuated depending on how it went and could greatly affect our lives.

The folks of the countries staring at the screen watched as' Wild Dog Bastards' besieged Sin Itomlau with a nervous face all the time.

But all of a sudden, the footage got messed up, and when it was restored, it was a scene where popcorn chasers and female reporters were on the run.

It's as if you've encountered a witch in the woods, in a desperate shape.

What the hell happened to them and a confusing audience.

Popcorn chasers who somehow popped up all over the city encountered Basilis and continue to this day.



The audience looked at the pitiful faces of the large adults and the screams that echoed throughout the square, conveyed through the propaganda.

Especially from its' big adult ', its bittersweet and unhampered in the Seven-Lux kingdom.

The greats, gathered on a stage set in the royal castle, were carving even more facial wrinkles than just many.

"Hey, what have you done, popcorn chaser......!

"I can't believe how many opponents take the princess of a country hostage, even though she refused to 'go-con'...!

"That too, Master Basilis was trying to help a popcorn chaser......!

"I can't believe you're doing something unintentionally similar to that pity backwards...!

"Still, not yet... still, if you could have taken my neck! Because they are enemies of the brave!

"I can't believe it's a light payback with those dirty hands...!

"And they're just kids!?

"That man is now, as the face of our country, featured throughout the 'Evantaille countries'......!

"And yet, with such a pitiful face, I held my groin and wandered around...!


"What is it, Eungi! Bye, die! Die now!

"Exactly! He's a mess in my country! When I returned home, I thought I should be sentenced to death immediately... but I can't wait any longer! We should wipe it out right now!

"I've already hit that hand! I instructed the soldiers I sent to support 'Gocon' to wipe out the popcorn chaser! Of course, it's like not showing up in a screening! By now, we'll be on the island!

"Well, that's... the ship carrying the soldiers is still offshore..."

"What!? Didn't you leave port a long time ago!?

"That's why the ship can't go any further from offshore! It's as if you're being pushed back with strange powers......!

"Behold, what the heck!?!?


In the square, forever......

A scream that drowned shame on his life was echoing.