Since the enlistment ceremony of Shinsengumi, Greysky Island has seemed so rough that it is unlikely to be one of the world's leading resorts.

And its chaos finally flies out of the island and infects neighboring countries.

In particular, the Kingdom of Sevenlux, the leader country of the 'Evantaille Alliance', was extremely confused.

Anyway, because someone who went on their own behalf was making full use of the screen of the relay to shame it.

"Ahhh!? Yikes!? Ugh!? Eh!? Ohhhh!? Die, die, die, die, die!? Die uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?

I've been half-destructed of an organ that directs a man, so I don't understand the pain of that exaggeration...

If the cause is cool at least, sympathy may have gathered, but what...

Despite an unintentional assault on a young girl and a position in her absolute favor......

It's like twisting a baby's hand, a light return......!

This would also make it impossible for the criticisms of the audience to arrive.

"Oh, my God, he! I don't know if he's one of the king's sons!

"What's dying! Keep dying!

"This disgrace! You're not coming back to Sevenlux!

Everywhere in the main square in Sevenlux, there were goats and rubbish flying around.

At your knees, Sevenlux Castle is no exception.

The vast space, usually the Piazza della Vie, was packed with many folks, all shouting loudly for the death penalty of a popcorn chaser.

It was the ministers of this country, who were on the lookout.

If they were dissatisfied, too, the spearhead had already moved from a pop-coach chaser to a king.

"Not at all......! When it comes to enlistment ceremonies for Shinsengumi, it's an important place to make connections with the new brave...!

"If it was always, the prospective successor to the throne of our country should have been the representative, why only this time!?

"That's the king! With the crane voice of our" King Bitzrabbits, "we somehow decided to be a popcorn chaser!

"He said in his earlier 'Joint Quest' that he had just committed the Great Failure, why!?

"I don't know! For the king, isn't the popcorn chaser, especially cute!?

"The king was not such a personal companion in national politics... he has changed since he was called to his old age!?

"This time, I'm sure the opposition will make a scene! Luckily for them, they're going to be pursuing their appointment responsibilities hard!

"Totally... what I want us to be after!

"The history of Sevenlux, which lasted for generations in this country, is probably about to end..."

Next to the throne on the lookout table, the ministers gossiping with Kosovo.

On the throne sat Bitzrabbitz, the king who promoted the popcorn chaser.

My men slapped me in the pussy and I wondered if he was feeling saggy and narrow shoulders too...

Instead, he was just doyour-face, flirting.

He... he was the only one who knew.

What the ministers and the people of this country do not understand.

On the contrary, it was the only thing that anyone in the world could tell.

A certain Osama and only this Osama...

That this' gocon 'will end in failure......!

That's why I don't dispatch my precious son, who will be my own cauldron...

Even if he died, he chose to represent him in such a foolish way that he wouldn't have a single sigh of sigh...!

To use it up as an outing and throw it away as it is......!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Okay, let's get back to Greysky Island.

The popcorn chaser, who had been crushed popcorn named Golden Ball, had fallen all the more.

"Ahhh!? Dying, dying, dying, dying, dying!? If you die, you die. Whoa!?

How much pain did it hurt, and no one worried about Balizis or the soldiers...

Only a certain person approached him to care.

"Dear Popcorn Chaser, are you okay? I'm not sure about the woman, but when a man can kick it up there, it sounds very painful. Let us know how you feel right now"

The female reporter wondered if she was worried and just went to ask her how she felt about crushing her balls.

towards a falling popcorn chaser, as soon as he crouched,

...... there is!

The female reporter was suddenly caught and feathered tight......!

In the hands of a revived popcorn chaser as a pervert, once again, there is a knife......!

"There's these poopers! How dare you! I won't forgive you anymore!

"... Master Popcorn Chaser? What the hell?

"Shut up, shut up! All you have to do is keep letting the females go all over the country while you take my hostage! One play-beaten boxin fooled me, I just need to show off my dumb ass!

Apparently, as painful as ever, it was half serious, half a play.

"Everyone in Sevenlux, watching!? Hey, Dad, I did it! Boxtin, I did it! I framed you for being such a busty female as poop, going to the great power of the boxins! I'll punish them now. Oh, look at that!

The female reporter's propaganda system captured the Basilis, so the popcorn chaser is not visible.

But with a knife that could be seen as a flicker in the corner, his excitement peeked.

"Saah! If you don't want this woman killed, do what Boxin says! Right...... take off your clothes first, female kid!

At last, even the demands become creepy.

"I'm going to flush you all over the country! If they make you look so embarrassed, you're no longer a princess, not a queen! Hyahahahahahaha!"

If they take the civilians hostage, they can't even fight back......!

Basilis, the biggest pinch......!

... I thought the princess who was asked for child pornography looked like "Where do I go from?"

"I thought you were an unfortunate man everywhere... but I didn't think you were an unfortunate man this far. Why do you think a lightly torn hand would work twice?

"What the fuck!?

It was a blind spot from a popcorn chaser feathering a female reporter, but it was visible to Basilis and the soldiers.

The tight skirt turned up, and the black stocking thighs became dewy, so much so that a single knee lifted high.

That foot is the opposite of the pinky finger on the foot that Basilis just crushed......!

"... Yikes!

A sharp temper flashed, a kakato of boots swung down like a hammer......!


Shatter your left pinky toe like a dead leaf......!

Moments, popcorn chasers that glare at your whole body for even this.

Yet, as if a pervert who has stacked outrageous sex crimes touched God's wrath and was shot by lightning...!