The scream of one man rocks the world.

Just the little finger on the right foot and the popcorn on the right is a pretty lavish set of sanctions.

If you want to compare it to fast food, 'Deluxe Set' on One Rank......!

There, when you add even your little finger on your left foot...

This is already a 'how dare you party set' with even crackers for dessert......!

"It's all over you. Wow!?!?

of a quick party, here we go......!!

But only this time, the popcorn chaser shows Han Qi (Ogi).

No, that face that sneezed its face and flooded it with tears and runny nose like a broken faucet...

He was more of a bully than a Han (cousin).

"Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Loose! I'm not loose! Don't bug Bogzin so far! Unzi unzi unzi! Hanaguzo hanaguzo hanaguzo hanaguzo! Hanaguzowowwwwwwwwww!!"

A bully who cramps his whole body with pain, yet strikes back at abandonment.

Waving one hand at the mess like a glue punch, waving a knife in tears.

The murder blade pours down like a hail on a female reporter.

Her white neck was crooked, about to be poked.


Soldiers trying to catch a popcorn chaser, trying to run out.

But Basilis blocked it with his hands.

"The curtain of the strawberries is gone."

Even though a female reporter was about to be killed in front of her, Basilis was settling down.

All of this pattern is shown all over the country through a telecast (Den Yee)......!

No matter how much the situation is, there may be some criticism of public opinion if we let non-combatants die......!

But, Shit......!

... Kiddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

The murder blade never even cleaved one thin skin.


Dobby! and a peeling popcorn chaser with tear bumps.

Basilis laughing niggardly.

"After all, was it! Journalist! The leather armor you are wearing is made of" neck cut guard "! There was an example logo at the grass folder, so I knew it right away!

A grasshopper is a skirt-like area that comes out of the waist of an armor.

In that place,


and attention.

There, the example logo......!

Leather craft baking marks made it silhouette......!

Thumbs up and laughs, a wild dog......!

The woman reporter dropped her gaze and stared at the engraving of her own armor, shivering.

"I was supposed to come to this Greysky Island to cover it, and I bought leather armor just to be careful. A clerk with a big scratch on his face said this would be a good idea if he was going to Greysky Island... I was half-hearted, but I can't believe it would be useful here..."

Remember/Wild Dog (Slumdog) Huh............!!

"Bubby Bubby Bubby!?!?

The pervert exploded against the shrimp, like a beast shot into a silver bullet.

"Holy shit!? What the hell!? Why, why, what!? Why do wild dogs always get in the way of boxin. Come on!? Always have been! It has always been!! Boxtin has gone crazy since he got involved with wild dogs!! Wild dogs are demons!! Demons, demons, demons, demons!! He's a demon. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

...... goshaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Shut up, it's just...

To vampires weakened by the cross, as the morning sun of Todome falls......

It swung down.

No, I was swung up, but would it be right?

"So... duh... duh... duh!

Screaming is no longer a voice.

A popcorn chaser that passes the severed demon and squeezes out disappearing lives.

His, in his groin......

The female reporter's backkick is JUST FIT......!

Popcorn Chaser, not only the right popcorn, but finally......!

To the left popcorn, popcorn......!

Pinky toes on both feet, two golden balls......!

No longer, full house......!

'Happy Set' with Hell's toys is here and now...!

Popcorn chaser cramping with bicum bicum with a glance, like a monster stuck to his body with all his weaknesses.

Peel off your white eyes, tears and runny nose turn to blood, and from your mouth blow out a bubble of nasty color.

Whoever saw it, it was a 'dead end'.

But he unconsciously twisted, twisted, twisted, crushed his lungs, and pounded out his last cry...!

reached out to grab the clouds, and was released. It was

"Psst... Daddy!!!!

I call my loving father, he was a voice like a toddler......!!

The voice had passed through the propaganda and reached my father as well.

But even that last cry never moved my father's heart.

Because my son is already out.

He passed the abandoned pawn, cracked a crack and was so used down that he didn't know what pawn it was, because it was a 'abandoned pawn'.

Woohoo (oh), popcorn chaser......!

He's got so many dirt spots he can't do any more...!

It's not so much about dots anymore, it's so black, it's so insulting...!

On the contrary, it can also be considered a national humiliation class, accomplish full body blackness (Kokojiku)......!

Finally, Knock Down......!


Swinging like a giant star crash, popcorn chaser.

But all he did was take a woman and child hostage, a despicable and extreme act.

And that ended in an attempt too......

It is as if you are a great stranger to a legendary hero, who withdrew a million armies with one life...

...... zdahhhhhhhhhh!!!

It was only for one man to fall down in the great script.