Glasspaleen's sister, Glassstone, was the opposite.

So much so that you may have been mistaken when you were born, your appearance and personality are the opposite.

Unlike my sister, who is only seen in elementary school, my sister is slim long.

If you are tall, momentum looms towards Kulalalaka, a high height among the women.

Kulalalaka is as disappointed as an amateur wrestling player, but this one is slender.

No one believes that my sister is a teacher, but my sister would have been convinced if she had been told she was a model.

My hair is neatly put together in one behind me, and even after fighting the thugs, there is no mess.

He wears brand-new leather armor, bought at Slumdog Mart, on top of a white blouse and a tight skirt.

If only there wasn't leather armor, a flair like 'Super Career Woman'.

Moreover, what is surprising is that you are always calm and calm.

My sister was down blowing to the bubble after turning her eyes when she heard that Basilis was the princess of Halbury.

But she doesn't move in front of me, and responds well.

Reproduce the wild dog protection technique you should have seen for the first time, without disturbing yourself even if taken hostage by a pervert, and repel it brilliantly.

It was exactly the 'Perfect Woman', combining exterior and interior, together with beauty and competence in multiple ways.

Even one of those elements, I can't help but think that if it were for my sister...

Incidentally, there was nothing in the appearance that could be described as common to the sisters.

If I were to insist, would it be about the point of 'wearing glasses'?

But even that, not my sister's cracked big round glasses, little round glasses with no cloudy, rather than cracked ones.

My sister had dropped glasses all the time, so I couldn't let go of the slum dog mart glasses strap, but my sister's glasses fit cuttingly like part of her face.

The woman with the perfect glasses, along with Basilis, was walking on to Sin Itmulau while doing public speaking and so on.

"… I went to Halbury from Rondowl, a company, to cover the enlistment pattern of Shinsengumi. And from Halbury Harbor, we came to Greysky Island."

"I see... On the way through Halbury, you bought leather armor at Slumdog Mart."

"Yes, I was told that Greysky Island is a very safe place as it is a resort. All the reporters who accompanied me said they didn't need armor or anything, just in case. Besides, I knew by letter that my sister, as an instructor, worked part-time at 'Slumdog School'. I just wanted to see what kind of store it is. It was a very pleasant shop."

"Well, well, well. Oh, my sister and I are coming to this island now."

"What, my sister?

Glassstone shows his surprise emotions for the first time when he hears his sister is on this island.

"Oh. I fought with us as a 'Wow Knights'. When I found out, he was gone, but by the time the battle was over, it looked like he was back in base. I'll show the soldier later, so you can ask him where he's based."

"My sister is directional tone deaf, so she goes to a hell of a place if she looks away at all. But you seem to be in a safe place right now. Good."

"That would really calm me down. Oh, yeah, well, I forgot it because it was so relaxing, but what the hell happened in SinItomrau? Something terrible seemed to have happened because of the popcorn chaser's rush."

"Yes. Something very difficult has happened," nodded Glasstone.

But the tone and expression are pale.

"... it looks more like a Midnight Sugar family than a Glass Paleen family"

"What? Midnight sugar?

"No, it's nothing. So, what happened?

"Yes, I don't think you'll believe me for explaining it, so I think you should actually look at it. As we climb up this ramp, we can see the foothills of Sin Itmulau."

The boulevard of Greyskay Island connects from the harbour to Sinnytomrau.

The tighter the slope of the road towards Sin Itomrau. But a row was going down that last ramp.

Beyond ridge-like ramps.

A brick-and-mortar road is turning into a mountain road along the way.

A mountain covered in high and soaring greenery, at the top of it was a rocky shelf like a fresh water stage, with clouds like crown snow over it.

"Ho, wobble is the first time I've ever been to this island, but it's just called 'Mountain of God's Residence' to make me feel like a god"

Basilis was looking up at the mountain with his hands like hives.

Second, I noticed the discomfort.

"But 'Wild Dog Bastards' has talked about sieging and attacking this SinItomlau... then by now, it would be odd if this mountain wasn't engulfed in war. Yet I didn't know you could hear a single commotion..."

... hello, ambush!?

I thought so for a moment, but that doesn't make much sense.

Anyway, the opponent is as large as 3600 legions.

An ambush is an operation that a few do against a large number of people.

If a coalition of 200 or so wild dogs were opponents, even if all armies combined, they wouldn't have to bother to ambush or anything like that, they would be able to destroy it with a mountain hunting sensation.

When that happens, it is possible to….

After already catching or killing the wild dog mask that stands on Sin Itomrau......!

Having a bad feeling, Basilis ran up the ramp all at once, shaking off his men to stop him.

And what she saw was...

It was also a convincing, dreadful sight for a popcorn chaser to have fled in madness to death......!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Time, just a little back.

That was just when Basilis-led "Wild Dog Busters Busters" broke into the private beach of the Holly Doll family.

The mountain of God was surrounded by many brave men and soldiers.

That number, 3600.

Hitting each other, they are armed with the latest equipment from the original 'Gorgeous Smart'.

On the contrary, even a large number of siege weapons, such as those used to attack the castle, were seated and targeted towards the mountains.

In this world where Godsmile had proclaimed and calmed the 'New Brave System', it has never happened before that so much power has been mobilized.

There have been several times when organizations of Demon King followers (Sanitasts) terrorize the world, but it is only small.

It was all suppressed at the level of the guards and gendarmes within that terror zone.

But this time terrorists are a huge organization that can't compare to anything like that.

Anyway, the back has the upper management of the brave.

The opponent is Shinsengumi Director, Army of One.

He is such a Ultimate Fierce that he is called "One Army".

There must be Ujauja among the SinItomrau, the hand-worked braves who turned around about him, as a flea on a wild dog......!

And Rivolve thought.

He doesn't know yet.

To the mountains that will now be so fiercely attacked that they will put all their efforts to work and make it even more...

That there is only one thing that flies the flag against the brave.

3600vs one osan......!

That battle power difference, 3600 times (as it were)...!

Speaking of numbers alone, the battle, which is no longer passing through despair, was about to begin exactly now.

Livolve was watching the situation, using a telescope.

From the terrace of a fortress-like home, a study like the Temple of Heaven, like a grand general.

"... it is a little disturbing that the great nation Bonbon is leading the army... If it turns out to be Isa, I tell her to ignore the order, so she'll be fine. Oh, well, then, suppose I put some sugar on that mountain and I'll eat you nah...!

...... zdahhhhhhhhhh!

An artillery instead of a signal rocks the sky of Graysky.

Popcorn chaser, the local general.

By his horse, a large number of journalists are pointing at the teleportation device.

He waved toward one of them, his favorite, the lens of a female reporter with glasses.

"Daddy, I'm watching - what!? I'm going to show you the full range of boxin activity! Fly wild dogs and traitor braves with this sword of boxin '!

A brave, heavenly popcorn chaser with a sword drawn from his waist.

Let the reporters take that cool pose, and I'll give you a golden cut.

"Total Attack, Start No No No No No No No No!!!!

If it is a normal battle, here the soldiers respond with a whisper.

If that had been 3600 people, it would have been so roaring as to rock the earth that even the mountains would have shook.

But... I didn't respond.

Popcorn chasers scream around at people's waves.

"Hey!? What are you guys doing? Come on! If the general, Boxtin, says" attack, "say" war! "I really don't know what a fight is!!

He was swelling his cheeks, but it, it squished quickly.


He said, "Look."

"Huh... Huh!? Or, physically!? My body!?

"Ugh, it doesn't work!? Don't move!? Why?!?

"Or solidify!? Consolidation uuuuuuu!?

"Fuhhhhhhhhh! Ah... ah... ah..."

Like the rings of Saturn, the soldiers that were unfolding around the mountains, one after the other...!

My whole body is wrapped in gray catamari as if it were icing......!