From the horse, the popcorn chaser had witnessed.

Impact footage enough to forget to stick your cheek, with those eyes......!

Hissing like a great river, a group of silver armor was thought to be enemies until near the edge.

Until definitely a few seconds ago, it was supposed to be the strongest army in the world.

But their armor is only slightly blunt, losing light.

And like the wrecked soldier to be executed, he suffered.

And the wind blew down from the top of the mountain where God dwelt, and burst forth.

Rising dust burned up as if with a fern phenomenon, flames......!


It was like the fire of judgment, which God had unleashed to burn down an unclean people...!


The horses, who were grown up, did not raise their forelegs high, and shook off the generals they were riding.

Then he kicked the soldiers and ran up the mountains one after the other.

The popcorn chaser has also fallen, but no one can reach out to me.

His childlike eclampsia was also hissing all the time now.

Because it's too spectacular.

The crying child is shocked to death.

Expanding in front of me, sight......!

"Ugh......!? Wow ahhh!? Or, physically!? My body uhhhhhhhhhh!?

"Consolidating!? It's stopping moving!? Why, why, why, wh-wh-wh-wh!?

"Yes, it's getting stoned!? What the hell happened?!

At first, like the bonsai of hell, the soldiers were heavily tended, but their movements slowed down gradually.

Skin, clothing, and even armor were covered in gray without light, and the area could not move at will.

Eventually my leg stops moving like it was glued.

Barefoot standing on a burnt iron plate, the screaming further depletes his throat, as if his skin had been burned.

Slightly freely rotate (epilepsy) the upper body to peel away the solidified body.

Everyone was looking to heaven for the clap.

Then... the scream that was screaming so much disappears as if the quiet of the night had descended.

The soldiers opened their eyes firmly and gazed into the void.

And... screaming mornings come again.

A childlike nasal cry scared Kaminari erupted all at once.

"Hih!? Higi!? Chu...... floating in the universe!?

"Become, what!? What are you!?

"Over there! Get away from me. Eh!!

"Don't come, don't come, don't come! Don't come. Awwwww!?!?

It's like, even a ghost......

Soldiers who begin to be frightened, as if even angels or demons had seen them.

The popcorn chaser didn't see the sole.

And... I had a teleportation device next door, even on the glass stone.

What the hell did they see...!?

"... that's rude, like an obnoxious luke..."

"Ugh... Ugh!? Become... what!? What the hell, you are!?

"Doesn't it matter about Luke? More than that, little by little, how do you feel about losing yourself?

"Gurgi......! Oh... you're doing this!? Don't do it now! Otherwise......!

"Otherwise, what are you going to do? All of your people don't seem to be that close."

One soldier was staring at the girl in the white dress, floating saggily.

Though he was temperamental at first, he looks around and is stunned.

For my companions around me were also losing colour, as if they were being plagued.

"Gi...... gi!? But in the main battalion where Master Rivolve is, there are well-armed Virgins! This, as' petrified 'as this, should be easy to cure!

"Petrification" is one of the state anomalies in this world, alongside "poison" and "paralysis".

My body is stoned, and I can't move at all.

When it does, it's the same as dead, but one way or the other, it's frozen alive.

If you use the prayer of the Virgin or an item to release 'Petrification', you can be resurrected with five-body satisfaction.

This petrification is not very popular because few of the monsters use it.

But with powerful monsters, only visibility can be high.

And as this soldier says, if it takes an army of Virgin Marquises held by the Shinsengumi, they will be able to disarm it, although it will take time.

If that is' normal 'petrification.

The girl put it on a slightly shuddered sigh and spinned ruthless words.

"... does that look like 'petrification' to you all? Five-class petrification, used by Medusa and Cocatrice. … First, the petrified area will be hot as it is twitched and burned. It's about the joints of my fingers right now, so it's going to hurt as bad as they're slashing my fingers off, but when I reach my wrist..."

At the same time as the girl's dialogue, even the base of her hand hardens numbingly.

"Grrr!? Fuguuuuuuuuuuuuu!?!?

The soldier was holding his hand, hardened like a plaster statue, by the hand that would still be free, and letting himself twist.

A pulse that disappears from his wrist suffers from severe pain as if it has been refluxing.

For each heartbeat, it was as if he was hammering his heart.

"Agoo!? Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa!?!?

He pressed his chest as if he had a seizure and tried to collapse.

but the back of my leg was already solidified, so I couldn't do that either.

If we cannot lift the kakato, man cannot put his knees on the ground.

The girl knew it, so first, she petrified the soles of her feet.

"I'm tired of seeing you fall and suffer like a cockroach. And it's still the first neck, right? And yet, even if it hurts so much, when it was on your real neck (● ●), don't you go crazy? … while you were at it, your next neck came."

"Grrr......!? Higgyyyyyyyyyyyyy!?!?

The girl was seeping into her eyes the pale, but slight, joy of one brave man in agony.

It's like... watching an insect skewered on a pin alive punctuate a limb even though it will never help...