The brave man was sure. The soldier was sure. The man was sure.

My guts are pounding and my stomach fluids are killing me.

The cerebral cord is paralyzed and the skull is in such severe pain that it wants to come from within as the shackles are removed.

At the time of his death, the horse lantern, which is said to be seen as ru, became too much like a runaway train.

I was so convinced of the unprecedented suffering that I was passing by, such as the crisis in my life.

This is' petrification 'that you will never be able to go back to......!

He no longer had any standing, honor or pride as a brave man.

Little by little, the skin that is still raging takes away sanity.

He cried so much as he could be himself.

I can't even be an angel and a demon, to a girl......!

A girl in her junior year of elementary school or so, descended fluttering her dress like a light wheel.

Towards his dreamy eyes, as if he were showing fluffy cotton candy in his eyes, the man complains in tears.

"Ha, Tam......! also, no more, stop...! What the hell did I do...?

The girl moves her lips like a parrot.

"'What did you say you did'... That's a word you brave men often say now. Kill a lot of wild taylors, and you say that."

"Oh, that's...! They have a cult...!

"I know exactly how you feel about that. Luc kills insects a lot, too. Whatever the reason, right? Rather, it's more fun to kill for unreasonable reasons than to shake up a big name, isn't it? Because I was right in front of you, or something."


"So no matter how much merit you humans pack, no matter how many sins you commit, it has nothing to do with Luc. For Luc, my lord (My Lord) is everything..."

"Ma...... go away!?

"Yes, this is how Luc is able to love humans because of forgiveness from you."

The man grew gross.

Because the girl really seemed to be dealing with bugs.

It doesn't matter if the words you're uttering make sense.

Like a child crouching on the ground, catching a runaway ant, and cleverly holding hands and feet.

Don't kill me after I make it Dharma, just like you abandon me on the ground.

Just like an ant who lost a limb stares at his nappy like a potato worm...!

It wasn't the pain that made the man lose his sanity.

"Hih......!? Higi-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi!?!? Agggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg......! Hiya!? Hiya!? Yikes Yikes Yikes!!!!

Fluid that humans can eject from their bodies is ejected at once.

Sweat, tears, runny nose, yodale...

Blood, medullary fluids, even urine and seeds, at the top.

... Doba Shiu...!

A serious, one-sided glitch rises.

But that's not beautiful blood when scattered......

It was as dirty a liquid as it had blown from the fattening of the mind.

"Up......! Damn......! Too much higi......!!

The whole body becomes heedless, as if sin to date had returned to itself as a sticky mass.

Even the overflowing tears have been shittily decorated, man...

Looking up to heaven, he was pounding his mouth like a pond carp.

Every time I move my mouth, Cahuca Hugh and the sound of a tiger falling whistle leak slightly.

My face was already blue and white and the blood vessels in my face were surging in surprise to see if I continued to lack oxygen.

Though the petrification reached his throat, once it was over there, his airway was halfway clogged.

If I were to parable that bitterness, it would be like being strangled all the time with a cotton......

No, it's like a golf ball is stuck in my throat all the time......

It was a distracting feeling, much like being annoyed by a crisis in life that was usually supposed to end in an instant.

I won't die for long.

The suffering, when it was thought to last forever,

"... co... colo... si... te... colo... si... Tanom, Kara... Mo... Human Omoini..."

The man chose to die himself.

Like Alinco with his limbs, let his unfettered body climb hard.


The girl finally gave me a cheek.

You've heard my wish, like an angel.

"... a... ariga... tho..."

The man weeps with joy, as if he had been saved, seeping out of the depths of his heart.

But the dimensions,

"Doesn't it make it easier for a brave man to die?

No longer did the words make sense.

Only unilateral notices come down.

... Luc's 'Petrification' will be over in about five seconds.

By the way, it hasn't been a second, has it?

Humans, when you feel pain, you feel 3600 times your time, don't you?

What you're feeling right now isn't where hot water is, so what about 36000x?

Making it faster is easy, but that would be boring, wouldn't it?

Tasteful books are just as easy to taste one page at a time, to the point of the mistletoe, rather than reading it quickly and finishing it.

And then I'll tell you another thing.

Normal 'petrification' eliminates consciousness and sensation during petrification.

In your words, do you mean 'state of provisional death'?

But Luc's 'petrification' will remain both conscious and sensory.

Now, my ears and eyes are petrified, but I can see and I can hear you, can't I?

In your words, do you mean 'plant state'?

But don't worry.

Because only the five senses and the brain are free.

Cells are petrified, so you can't move a step on your own......

Instead, you will not die of aging.

... you can live forever from now on.

As a 'specimen'......!

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A voiceless scream bursts.

The girl was already on her way to the next 'book'.

"Ah, Pull. Don't take mine. On the north and south side, we divided it by 1800."

"Oh, my God, it's only 1800, it's an instant! It's over, give me one mouth!

"Anyway, I guess I've done it all together. If you do one at a time like a luke, you'll enjoy it for a little while..."