There were three main types of 'punishment' this time.

First of all, a minor sin.

Buried on the private beach of the Holly Doll family, face slack sentence, 24 hours.

Second, misdemeanor.

It was executed just now at the foot of Sin Itmulau, to a great extent, but solemnly.

Petrification with cruel pain incomparable to Medusa or Cocatris.

The actual time to petrify is only five seconds, but the painful, physical sensation extends to dozens of hours.

In addition to this minor and misdemeanour, an additional sentence of 'plus alpha' exists.

The jewelry will become apparent later.

And this punishment had different characteristics than the others.

That... that no one but the brave is disciplined.

As the lead, the Strawdor family and popcorn chasers.

That popcorn chaser, just before he was brought to justice......

At the foot of Sin Itomrau, he was shown a variety of sights that only seemed to be flirting between angels and demons.

Around him are brave men whose bodies turn to stone as they are eroded by the plague...

He was stuffing his unfreezing body and scratching the universe...!

"Higi!? Forgive me! Forgive me. Yikes!

"Ugh...! Arms up......!? Ghhhhhhhhhhh!?

"What have you got?!? Hey, breathe! My breath!

"Oh no! I don't want to die! I don't want to die!!

Neighboring Shinsengumi crew members were gathered at this Gokon.

They are all well-known brave men who are hand-worked and know popcorn chasers well.

Such are the mighty men of war crying and begging for their lives...!

Everyone, towards the void......!

The fear was immeasurable because all directions of the popcorn chaser, 360 degrees as far as I could see, were like that.

The sight is as if other than yourself had been mass-infected by zombies.

He was shrinking his own popcorn, which would be crushed after this.

"Hih......!? Hiya!? Hey, what is it!? What, come here? Huh!?

A popcorn chaser that keeps its buttocks on and lags behind.

The roots of my teeth don't fit and my voice is speechless.

Sweat erupted from pores all over his body, and his skin was cold and sore, even though it was hot in his body.

I feel my skin and hair driing up in the chills crawling around my body.

For this time, the youth are getting older and older as if they were turning their time faster, even though they said they even had hair cuts and skin care.

Next to him, who is becoming a grandfather, was suddenly standing up to......

It was an unparalleled glass stone.

As other colleagues flaunted the projection device, she was the only one with the device even as she trembled.

She finds out.

That those who are here now are divided into all races.

One is a brave man.

They seemed to be turned into stone, all alone.

The second is those who are petrified except the brave.

It was the vast majority of soldiers and journalists.

They were all crying and kicked in by the brave.

"Yu......! Brave man! With the help of the brave, you can cure this petrification too!? Please, please, I'm with you...!

"Ugh... Shut up! I'm not in the right place right now!

"Oh, no! I've done a lot of wrong for you so far!? I will continue to help you, please...!

But not all of the reporters and soldiers were petrified.

There's nothing wrong with Glassstone himself or the popcorn chaser crawling at his feet right now.

Very few, but some of the soldiers and reporters are safe, and they are fleeing with the other body.

Glassstone had found something like its legality on his own in his mind alone.

- Could be... The brave and the ones who were made to be merciful are petrified together...?

She was brilliant, so suddenly she was poking at the essence.

But he was brilliant, so he was early trumpeting that possibility.

- Whatever it is, it's an unlikely assumption.

It is not the judgment of the Great King of Hell to discern and petrify the relationship of men...

... Apparently I am, quite confused.

Phew, and sigh.

By her side, she was already completely calm.

But a targeted scream erupts from his feet.

"Gi-hi......!? Ghiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Finally, a popcorn chaser who reached the limit of his sanity escaped with four legs, both roaring like a wild monkey.

"... Oh wait, Master Popcorn Chaser!

When Glassstone retakes the transmission device, he follows it.

She was ordered by her boss to cover Popcorn Chaser closely, so she follows it in discipline.

... the events ahead from here will no longer have to be explained.

A panicked popcorn chaser escapes by rolling down a mountain path and down a ramp.

Like the Ami Lottery, I also came and went to the main street, narrow passageways, and back alleys...

I ran into Basilis-led Wild Dog Busters.

The popcorn chaser hectic has always been emphasised, so you may not have noticed......

Looking back on what's been going on, Glassstone's liver balls are arguably quite out-of-popularity.

Even if the popcorn chaser took me hostage, I'm also surprised I dealt with it calmly......

Above all, the sight she saw in SinItomlau would be traumatic.

If you're a regular person, you'll grow old like a popcorn chaser, and you should cry out that you never want to get close again.

But she guided us.

Um, it's like a nightmare has become a reality, in the mountains where God lives (Sin Itomrau), again...!

And with Basilis, he was once again stunned.

After all, he said it wasn't a dream.

Like an ugly horse figurine......

Fighting, crying, staying agonized......

Finally, it's a stone statue, it's stopped moving, the brave ones...

I was just staring...!