"Na... Na, what...?

From a terrace in a study like the Tengoku, Livolve was watching Sinnytomrau using an installed telescope, saying so.

He was slapped in the eye with a throat up.

Like a monkey in the jungle overflowing a sea of fire, like a kelp in rough waves......

3600 soldiers, possessed like crazy...!

As the old paper twitches and burns, the skin turns gray and solidifies.

It was just a nightmarish sight.

But no matter how many times you review it, whether you rub your eyes or review it, the reality remains the same......!

Rivolve finally couldn't hold back what was coming up,

"Nah...... Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah!?!?

He exclaimed in the pose as if he had been freshly poked with a knife in his belly.

- What the hell happened to Na!?

Did those wild dogs in Sin Itmulau do it!?

Yes, no... no matter how many nas, it's possible!

It's a good place for ten people to say how one can be petrified that they've brought Cocatrice and Medusa...

Even if you use great magic, it's a good place for a hundred people to be petrified anyway!

Besides, petrified magic is alongside instant death magic, less successful magic......!

There's no way he's in this world, Na, who can surely kick that to as many as 3600 human opponents without even showing up...!

Even if Army of One were in that mountain, it's impossible!

No, even if he was a brave man above him...!

No way...... no way!?

No way, no way......!?

Dear Godsmile......!?

If it's Dear Godsmile, that much is......!

No... calm down, calm down.

That's more likely.

Because this island already belongs to Master Godsmile...

Even in this world, it already belongs to Master Godsmile......

You don't even have to do this on purpose.

If I am the command of Lord Godsmile, I can drag and dedicate even the baby that will be born.

... Ok, when I think about Master Godsmile, I'm getting a lot calmer, Na.

There must be something tricky about the mass petrification that's happening right now.

In any case, I'm going to need to look into it, so I'll go directly now...

No, wait! That's crap!

Instead, it's what they think it is...!

Right, did you...

They use such tricks to drag me out, the General...!

This mansion where I am is built assuming that the Evantaille Alliance has been turned against the enemy.

Even if you're dealing with five countries, you've got more defenses than you can defeat.

So as long as I'm caged in here, they'll never get their hands on me......!

You're doing such a handful of things to drag me out...!

If I don't come out, they should be in a hurry.

Because at the same time as the issuance of the "Gocon", the countries of the "Evantaille Alliance" are asking for reinforcements.

And apart from the Hurlberry Small States, they're sending their own troops.

If Soitz and the others arrive, there won't be 3600 more......!

Over 10,000, super big army......!

The army ants who eat up Shin Itomurau like a pile of sugar push it away for a while...!

Their aim is to settle before...

I'm going to get my neck, the general...!

Critical. Critical.

I'm upset. I almost got on with their operation...!

As long as I'm here, I'm absolutely safe...

Even if they had a siege weapon, it would never arrive from Sinyitmulau.

This mansion is the narrow space for me......!

Raw and dead, be 'raw'......!

... it was just after he summed up his thoughts so.

... it was just a matter of time after the Basilis and their arrival at the foot of Sin Itmulau.

… it was in the midst of the coolarakas that were expanding throughout the city, staring at the brave men who were petrifying everywhere in the city.

Now everyone wondered if what was unfolding in front of him and them was a nightmare at first.

I can't help it.

One stone after another as the brave men are knocked down by the whirlpool of the snort.

Without knowing the principles or anything, on the contrary, there was not even the figure of the operator or monster that caused it, and only the victim was there.

It's too merciless, one-sided......

It's as if there's an extraordinary force acting on humans...

Everybody in their hearts, they had thoughts, but they didn't put them in their mouths.

God or the devil, here he is...!

Eventually he and they were finally accepting that this was an inescapable reality.

It is an unexplained paranormal phenomenon, but it has happened, I was forced to dwell on my stomach.

I gave it up, it was supposed to...

For a moment...!

Again, they slapped me down......!

From the bottom of my belly, I was dragged out......!

Give me a snort call......!!

"What...!? Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep!?!?

It was coloring the sky, like fireworks in the middle of summer.

It was freezing people to see, like fireworks in the middle of winter.

He and she both......

Men and women, children and old men, all the way to dogs and cats......

Like the moment the meteorite at the end of the world flew in, my eyes, my mouth, my lips...!

On the contrary, let the armageddon open even the pores all over your body......!

He was scratching...!!


From near the top of the mountain where God dwells (Sin Itmulau), there is a sound of firing that will become.

It was the stone statue that was shot out.

solidified with an expression of agony. It is


Thrust through the sky like a rocket, sounding hard like a long-tailed comet, screaming and wind-cutting.

Ugly. It painted a beautiful arc, on an orange campus.

From around the lower abdomen is leaking something like water, glittering in the sunlight, creating a rainbow-like seven-color trajectory.

Long-range flights as if they were longitudinal across the island.

That landing destination is......

of this island, ruler......!

That, knee............!!

... the first time, I just got back on my feet, Rivolve.

I thought it would be absolutely safe to be here. On the arrow tip, I jumped into his eyes...

Sound speed approaching, the screaming of the breaking demon.

It was a war-torn shell that made me stick a zombie-like look on my throat...!

"Nah...... Nah, Koolyah!?!?

Two brave men......

No, one and one brave soul shroud staggered in the sky of Graysky.