As many as 3600 human beings live in the mountains of God surrounded by a miraculous experience of petrification in an instant (Sin Itmulau).

Even then it was no longer the end of the century, but something even more incredible happened to keep putting it up.

If you dare to title that event......

"Brave Man, Flying Roll"......!


A petrified, unnamed brave man is shot out with strange force...

Towards Rivolve, I peeled off my gray fangs...!

"... ahhh!?

The kiss of a bent encounter, yet the approaching gray lips, Rivolve turns wild to death.

The stone statue of the brave broke through the window glass of the study, and also destroyed the study door, jumping from the hallway into a guest room across the street.

"Na...... nah, there is...!?

Rivolve mouths a dialogue for the third time as he crawls onto the terrace.

But it was an object that could only be said to be so.

And soon after a breath, all I can say is yes,

... kah...!!

It flashed.

...... zdowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

An explosion of flames erupts from the back of the room along with a bloodbath and returns to the study.

"Ugh......!? Wow!

Livolve threw herself off the terrace at once, but was stirred by a blast and danced through the universe.

It was the flower beds in the courtyard that fell, and it was a shame that the soil was soft below.

"Na what, ah......!? Nanna what!? What the fuck!?

It's an unusual thing to say that a brave man just petrifies, but I didn't know it would explode after it flew out of the mountain...!

If you dare to title that event......

"Brave Man, Be a Human Bomb Volume"......!

That, too, was one... no, it wasn't just one...!

Looking up at the sky, Rivolve saw the sight possessed by the dreamer.




The brave bombers flew in one after the other, dyeing the blood-stained sunset sky with even more screams...!

Even just one shot, Sole, who was the power of the nuclear explosive class, one after another...!

He was poking at the main circle where Revolve was...!

The second shot lands on the roof, the third on the front door and the fourth on the garden pool.

That alone made a big hole in the roof, the entrance shattered every door, and the pool raised high waves.

So much damage that I no longer want to hold my head.

It was the first time this mansion had so far been ravaged at will by the hands of others.

... No, there was once only one time.

When the body of Shinsengumi floats in the pool...

Though there was no physical damage at that time, it was the moment when the shadows were cast on the fortress of difficulty.

Behind Rivolve's brain, unpleasant memories come back to life.

And to the pool I watched, I was hacked.

The stone statue of the brave was there, as it was then.

It is the colour of the skin that is different, head down, legs exposed from the water, open to the ganimata….

Like the Devil's Tatari, he was poking at the pool......!

"No way......! At that time, he was like this...!!


The culprit in the "Dog God Case" did not bring the body into the mansion pool......!

Do this...!

They were throwing it into the pool from the mountains......!!

Rivolve was finally given the truth.

And the flames...!


...... Bagooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

...... Zubashahahahhhhhhhhhhhh!

"Grr!? Uhhhhhhh!

Heavy double-open entrance doors dance like paper scum and strike along with a piece of glass.

A roof hits an avalanche and pours down, and a blister raised high from the pool becomes a rain of blood and hits his cheek.

With only four Brave Bombs, the Heavenly Palace is a sea of fire...!

On the contrary, he was shot one after the other into the fortress, where soldiers fled around and were blasting.

Zune! Zune!! and the ground dust, trembling at my feet.

The fortress I thought was a difficult one is no longer a paper fort.

No more Hell Pictures......!

"Gu......! Ugh! Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!

Rivolve had escaped during the bombardment, falling and twitching.

On the way, he escapes into a small stone building.

There was a large telescope, a reconnaissance room.

A telescope of such high magnification is installed that even the Evantaille countries can be foreseen, and if anything happens, we will ask about the mainland from here.

Livolve fled in here for a temporary evacuation, but he came up with something and caught on to the device.

Rotate the telescope like a cannon and point it toward SinItomlau.

This is not a turret, so I don't have the ability to attack.

But I wanted to know.

What the hell is this fortress and Sinn Itomlau doing to get the Brave Bomb this far when they say the distance is so far away that even a siege weapon can't reach it?

Increase the magnification of the telescope to capture the top of the mountain.

And to the sight that popped into my eyes, even once again...!

"Nah...... Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah!?!?