To a giant telescope ladder that could see everything in the world, what Rivolve was seeing was......

It was an incredible sight, like nowhere else in the world......!

Near the top of the mountain where God dwells, a giant tree grows to rush through heaven.

This is considered so sacred a tree as to be called 'Michigi' by the local Wild Tails...

Around its roots were one big shadow and two little shadows.

The strange shadow pulls the end of the branch of the mighty tree and spills.

There, two little shadows brought the petrified brave man all the way over to give him the big shadow.

The great shadow put the brave man received on the crown of the branch that was squeezing.

And besides, as soon as the big shadow let go,

... I'm so scared!!

And the branches return with so much momentum that they are likely to hear the sound.

Shortly afterwards, he was shot out with enough momentum to leave a remnant of the


With no more despair and fear on his face and screams, he is imminent......!

| Bravery, People, Explosions, Ammo "Dirty Bomb" eh......!!

It landed at the main entrance of the fortress, which had already continued to be bombed and had been shaken by Bekobeko.

Its iron walls, which were dusty enough to bounce even as the Magic Guide train penetrated,


Off with the explosion, falling in......!

"Wow!? to, run, run!?

"Getting crushed!? Getting crushed!?


It involves many Shinsengumi crew members who were under it...!

...... dobba...... shahhhhhhhhh!

After the sound of a flock of ants being trampled, the blood, as if several water balloons had been torn, wets the front passage as the waves pushed over.

At the end of that whole firing, and to its tremendous power, Rivolve was stunned.

- Nah... Nah, there it is...

Ki... with a tree branch, I just flew in...!

The original shape of a big old stone thrower, Teena, in such a primitive way...!

Na why... Na why are you flying so far?!?

Even the most sophisticated siege weapon developed by me and the Brave Men doesn't fly so much...!?

Na why... Na why?!?

Besides... the aimer is also nasty...!

Na how can you shoot in so accurately!?

Rivolve plucked his eyes with the sleeves of his jacket many times so as to scrub and wash them.

I don't usually do it at all, I also tried to follow my cheeks.

But the nightmare never ends......!

Like forever, continue......!

Beyond the lens, a tiny shadow was jumping.

"Hey my you (My Lord)! I did the pull too - Yikes!

"This is a pull, this is not a play."

"Already, if I lurk, that's all! Hey my you (My Lord), about a little bit!? Oh, my God!

"Okay. But only one shot."


Hugged by Goldwolf, the shaggy pull is as if it were a challenge even to the shooting of a nightclub.

Pull the Devil's Catapult with a small hand and set your aim ahead......?

... I'm so scared!!

"Higi no no no no no no no no!?!?

Screaming gets me hooked up a lot.

The warhead, as soon as he sensed his point of landing, raised the roar of rejection with all his body spirits.

"Ya...... no no!! Not there!! Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop!! Stop it!?!?

Where he scatters, fulfill...!?

... Dogasuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

At that moment, I was close enough to be sanded...

I am now at the foot of Sinn Itmulau, operating in a different direction from "Wild Dog Busters Busters," "Wow Crusaders"......

A group led by Kulalalaka was just there.

It was a symbol of this island, in its sacred square.

I was witnessing a brave man who stabbed brilliantly at the symbol of holiness.


The bullet released by the prankster is the most antagonistic on this island......!

I was shooting out the Godsmile statue...!

Incidentally, the scylla was still stabbed by the sword the statue stood on, but it was already petrified to integrate with the statue.

The giant statue rocked about, and then, like a chopped down giant tree,

...... Zuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

I lay low on the ground and was crushed.

A reporter accidentally caught it on a teleportation device, so come on.

The world shook at the tragedy of "The Square of the Divine Spirit (Shinsen)," which was reflected up in the Evantaille countries.

"Hih... Hih, Hih, Hih, Hih, Hih!?!?!?"

Anyway, the man who presides over this world is equal to God...

Even though the statue fell and fell on the ground...!

On the contrary, they say it's a sacred statue, punishable even if you just touched it without permission......

Just leave your neck, fall apart......!?

That happened, if it were a country, it would have been a scorched earth without question......!

The mischievous child, who should be Ten Himself, approximates the trembling world...

"Yay! Strike!"

He was flying around with his hands up, as if he had won a shooting luxury prize.