"Yay! It's a strike, Strike! Pull, isn't that amazing!?

"If I pull... as I've said many times, this isn't a game."

"Well again, you want to say that and try Luc too ~?"

"What? Luc is your sister, unlike Pull, so stick around..."

"If Luke doesn't do it, Luke's probably gonna do it too -!

"... I didn't say I wouldn't do it. I'll do Luc, too."


As if he and his parents had come to the festival, friendly Osama and the girls.

... No one, I wouldn't imagine.

No way, with such a family feeling......

3600 human beings, made to stone….

Besides, it was flown as a human bomb......

A castle fortress that turns many nations against their enemies will not frighten them...

I didn't know it was metameta by the time it was unrepeatable......

Nobody, nobody...!

... By the way, this' human bomb 'is considered the most minor of Plus Alpha's sentences.

Being able to explode in a half-life petrified state was probably an extremely easy disposition compared to the brave men ahead.

Aside from that, I'm on Greyskay Island, the local humans...

No, not even the people of the Evantaille countries watching through the screenings...

It was blurry, as if it had been mass hypnosis.

I can't help it.

When it comes to 'gocon', it is the same thing that we are at war with.

At least the Wild Dog Coalition men were coming to this battle with so much readiness.

They repeat a seesaw game against as many as 400 brave men and manage to win.

I thought this was the 'war' when this was the 'battle'.

But the acts now being carried out in front of them were neither of them.

Normally, 'contention' leaves deep claw marks on those who participated.

But the acts now being carried out in front of them….

Unilateral slaughter, slaughter, crushing......!

The brave men gathered were all elite and strong enough to be attacked and destroyed in any country.

They hunted groups like human weapons that fought as if they were hunting.

Besides... besides.

The figure of those who are causing it has not stopped in anyone's eyes.

Even though the mountains they stand on must have turned into scorched earth a long time ago......

It's strange that forest animals haven't escaped a long time ago...

Even that mysterious masterpiece, unusual, was standing.

Instead, the Negijo of those who were wielding Kui Wei as rulers of this island no longer had the shadow to see...!

Whilst, it was burning down, as if it had been attacked and destroyed by the Evil Hunting Brave...!

Yes... if you put this strange phenomenon in a nutshell...

"The Hunt for the Brave" Huh......!!

...... bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Another brave bomb was unleashed into the sky.

As such, some are like children chasing aeroplane clouds, while others are like children frightened by bomber raids...

I was just staring.

There was nothing more I could do.

Before that bomb, we knew that bamboo spears were identical, such as the weapons we had in our hands.

How can you crash that B29 with this bamboo spear?

How... this tragedy...

No, let the lives of the brave men regarded as absolute power be scattered like garbage...

A new future that is just being cut open now….

How do you know when you'll be visiting a new time?

How can you stop...!?

Before that 'violence', it was tantamount to a play of children, such as the power we were wielding......!

That's what everyone thought.

... Zuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

Luc's unleashed playlike shot was piercing the top of the watchtower where Rivolve was standing.

Livolve stares at a roof with a big hole as he leaves his hips out.

The face of a warped brave man, like a plaster that had been beaten before it hardened, was on the ceiling.

And his eyes and his eyes were open, and his mouth seemed to move like this.

...... tsu gi ha o ma e da......!!


Shortly after Rivolve's scream passed his throat,


A blast of flames erupted.

Debris pours down on Rivolve.

He was ready to die, but not so much pain, and he crawled out of the rubble, realizing that the five bodies were still moving.


I'll see.

There's a mansion full of memories with my family...

His skill as a brave creator and an absolutely invincible fortress packed with glory…

It's just a pile of rubble, and turning it into a pile of corpses...!

"Gu Ha...! Aguuuuuuuuuu......!!

He threw up blood reflexes in shock, tears of blood.

Squeeze out a bloodthirsty rage so that even life can be thrown away.

"Ugh...... whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!!!

- This is... this is it, this is it...!

This is what it was all about!

I've been killing a lot of people, with the Wild Tails...

I want to see the same thing......!!

Take everything away from my family, my people and where I live......!!

You want to push me into the middle of despair......!!

He's like a soldier cornered by enemy soldiers in the jungle...

He was kneeling, glaring at his body and looking to heaven.

Mouth open like a growl.

It wasn't crying that leaked out of it.

Clever, dry laugh......!

Crazy, thirsty...!

"Huh... come on...! Kukukukukukukukuku......! Miscalculation......! It was a miscalculation......! This feeling......! This feeling is what I was looking for......! The best narrows, comparable to the Rosinante Roulette......! But I don't lean towards' death '...! It's more of a' raw 'gift! Ha, ha, ha, ha! Ahhhhhhhh!

The Brave Bomb is not flying any more.

Because I destroyed everything.

But he's still alive.

... He assumed that this was all a disaster, brought to him.

He survived in the narrow space.

From a roulette called the bombing of a wild dog, it attracted the whole "raw."

That's the same as winning a big game, betting a generation.

By analogy, with just one lottery, it seems to have attracted a special prize….

By analogy, it's a Rosinante roulette with all the bullets in the reel, as if it caught an unexploded bullet......

I was able to get a miraculous chance...

I'm sure if it was him right now, he would have gone through avoiding even bullets.

Exactly strong luck. Exactly lucky.

If I can't kill him with this, how the hell can I kill him......!?

He 'didn't die'.

Now, and always will be, he will 'stay alive'.

That super luck, as long as there is...!

The sky, stained like blood, was turning red and black, like haemorrhage from deep guts.

A sea breeze with different smells of nitrous smoke and blood strokes his cheeks like a beauty's fingertips.

He was alone, wrapped in hard boiled air.

There, an out of place sound breaks in.

... I'm so scared!!