All who were on this island were looking up at it.

At the fireworks show, the Great Tri fireworks were launched, and after a while it was over too...

As if a single shot of surprise was launched when we were getting back on track.

It was coloring the sky.

No, I ruled.

Yellow to orange, orange to red, red to black gradient.

It's like putting the book of the night together like a cloak, like a messenger carrying the night......

There was something driving through the sky.

It's shaped like a person, yet far from a person.

Cutting the sky in a straight line like a beard growing, black wings.

White wings, enveloping the sky with a soft curve.

Only the two opposite wings can be clearly visualized.

But his whole body was frequent darkness, as if only the shadows were floating.

People had seen beings who were not humans, animals, ghosts or monsters.

Everyone tried to describe its appearance, but couldn't.

How can we put into words something that has two conflicting elements?

What do we do with light and darkness?

What do you call life and death?

Where are those who can obey angels and demons......!?

Where is Osama with the girl's wings......!?

Where the hell is Osama?

From the base of the Wild Dog Coalition, the three Holly Doll sisters just happened to pop up.

My oldest and second daughter were like shells out and were being embraced because they offered too much prayer in a row......

From the Wild Tails who were there when the warrior shelling began from Sin Itomrau,

"There's still Osama in that mountain wearing a wild dog mask"

They asked me, and I assumed that must be my beloved Gol, and I was jumping out of everyone's way to stop him.

They were viewed as pokans by beings flying in the sky as pulling the dark.

And from nobody,


and twinkle.

Sole looked upon some beautifully, as if an angel had descended upon them.

But to some......

As the Reaper strikes, softly......!

My whole body was so frozen that I looked at it...!

"Nah......!? Nannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!?!?

Livolve, who was in the burning field, was shouting at the impending alien, unexpectedly.

That is not a life-friendly thing called 'Life and Death', etc.


No, 'death' itself......!

The anomaly extends an arm covered in black aura.

The muscle fibers peel out, and the hand grows like a wolf claw, stretching out all the way.

That's all Rivolve is,

... Dotsuya!

Liquid like a shot glass of bourbon was punctured in the groin.

And finally...!


As if the demonic bug plants prey on insects, the spread palms...!


Faith Hug............!!

... Execution (Punishment)/Start (Engage) Huh...!!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The man who was grabbed by his face let his hair snap like a flame.

It feels like a thick straw is plugged into your brain and aspirated.

Vision blinks to white and black.

The horse lantern that supposedly sees into the abyss of death rushes through.

It climbs over my head to be sucked in with a vacuum cleaner so that it plays backwards.

Like a tapioca, in a hilly mouth in the palm of a foreign form, with a choo choo...!

The surrounding scenery, which was a burning field, turns into a world of white and black.

The man was on his butt and stomping hard in the white realm.

On its toes, infinite darkness spreads, like a deep trench.

What was floating in the pitch black was alien.

The anomaly speaks.

... you no eyebrow no deep niatta sin department hasbethe sightseeing sita......!

Koleyoli Black & White (Kokubayak) Shimoshi S......!

From his mouth, the man leaked a cynical laugh.

... Whatever you want.

White or black or nah, I'm not interested in anything...

Creatures are only alive when they're in the middle of nowhere.

Because there is life (Sai), I feel the fear of death (Sai), and because I feel death (Sai), life (Sai) lives......

Light and darkness.

It's conflicting with each other, but when one of them is gone, it becomes a being.

I was always in the middle of it...

More than anyone, I've lived...

You know what this means?

No relief to heaven, no hell of a hardship, no emotion for me...

The only thing that gives me the joy of life and the fear of death is my partner (Revolver)...

The smell of iron spreading through my mouth when I hit my partner's muzzle is all I have...

I'm not scared of your "black and white" nazo...

... Now, try it.

Try your "black and white" and let me pay the fee Na......!

Then the boundaries between white and black, which were separated, disappear.

No more going back to the white world or being dragged by the black world.

They erode each other, melt, and the world eventually stains gray.

The anomaly had disappeared.

Only that voice crept into the man and didn't leave.

... You Niha... Hell no Cauldron Sura Raw Nurui...!

...... yotte......!

... raw kinagarani death ni...!

... Death Citenao Raw Kiyo......!

... forever (tokoshie) no narrow (hazama) nonakade...!

"Ugh!? Na......!? Nana!? Nanana, what the fuck!?...... na......!? Na, what the fuck!? Nah...... Nah, korrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!?!?