No more angels, greysky skies.

Everyone was staring at the devil's departed Greysky sky.

As soon as one shooting star left in thin darkness...

Everyone returned to me as if the magic of 12: 00 had been solved sooner.

Let's start near the base of the Wild Dog Coalition.

"One, he was a beautiful bird, so I could see... More than that, sister, we need to find your uncle!

"Oh, yeah! Yes, I did! Ah, Gol is over the mountain, isn't he?!?

"By the way, go!

"Did you hear that? They say Goldwolf is in that mountain!

"Mr. Goldwolf, is it? There's no one like that. There are scabs in that mountain."

"Kami... kami sama? Could it be that I just flew out of the sky..."

"It's not. That must be Misato."

"Misawa...? Are you talking about the shivkami dough? Me, I had my first meal at the festival stall before this and I was so thrilled that it was delicious!

"Glass paleen, you say everything tastes good. At that rate, shouldn't it be a brick wall?

"Is that a brick wall? To tell you the truth, if you look closely, it sounds like chocolate. I've only tried it a little bit with Pull."

"I've eaten..."

"I have a wartime level of curiosity about food. The landlord's dog is in danger."

"Won't eat you. Because it's not food, is it?"

"Bricks aren't more food!

"Yes. The bricks, too, though not very much, couldn't eat it. Ah. Pull said it was delicious, but I was eating a burr..."

"'Cause I don't care what you talk about eating that gettestuff! Midnight sugar than that! What's" Misatsu "? Dumplings!?"

"It's not. The demon who dies when he sees it."

"Hih......!? Hino...! Does that mean we're going to die!?

"That's not true! It was probably a big crow or something that flew earlier! If I catch you, I'll smack you to the zoo! Anyway, Chesna, if you were a witch, you'd be familiar with that mountain too!? That's an order from the captain! Show me to that mountain!

And the piazza of the divine tip.

"We got stuck in unexpected events, but as originally planned, we're headed to SinItomrau more than this!

"Sassy! We need to find Mr. Goldwolf!

"Don't get me wrong! Doesn't matter, such as a hipster who never came out after all this fighting! Remember, our purpose is to hunt the remnants!

"Hmm. But you're probably not here anymore."

In addition, at the foot of Sin Itmulau.

"Bye! I forgot about Goldwolf! To find Goldwolf, we're going into the mountains!

"Oh, please don't, Master Basilis! This mountain is very dangerous! After all these armies turned to stone, some of them were flown around the bomb!? Once inside, what the hell happens......!

"Ku......! But......!

"First, explore the surroundings of the mountain! Lord Goldwolf may be there!

Each detachment of the Wild Dog Corps goes first and foremost for SinItomlau.

When I got to the foot of the mountain, there was a loudspeaker left by the braves, so I tried to fly Osanchor from around.

But...... there was no reply.

After that, they also came up with a plan to explore the mountains...

The mountains at night are dangerous, so we decided to do a simultaneous search first thing tomorrow morning.

It was hard to deceive the mother who came here and 'Gol Fever' had hit her, but I try to take the crying child to the dentist and force him back to the base half way.

Returning to the Holly Doll family private Toe Beach, the stronghold of a legion of wild dogs......

On the beach, tables arranged like a standing meal party and a treat greeted me.

"Welcome back, everyone. You must be tired. I thought I was hungry too, so I got dinner ready."

The person who welcomed me......

He was wearing a wild dog mask, a testament to "Wow Crusaders".

Its familiar and sinister voice alone causes some to panic.


After the Heroin Corps, a scream burst through his heart.

Everyone looks up to heaven as if the heavens and earth had been turned upside down.

Those who were on horseback will soon fall...!

The person was surprised, too.

"Guys, what the hell is going on?

He stated that he should shake......

Lightly, I took off my mask.

Then there...!

Some wait with thoughts of a thousand autumns, and some begin to dream...

Some even smuggled, and some even isolated the country, until the face they sought...!

One of the Grand Virgin and others even got too many withdrawal symptoms to ask for, that (●) face......!

That (●), big scratch on the cheek, scarface......!

There was an Epic Osama Face...!

Put together a Gold-kun apron from the top of worn clothes like the Wild Tails......!

A perplexing, usual smile......!

There it is, there it is...!!

... The next moment Osama, like a housekeeper, saw.

It's like if we don't get it, we won't survive, we'll be blood-eyed by the beach flag of death, the girls...

It's like, if you don't get caught, you have to spend the rest of your life naked, heading to the fateful bargain sale, the housewives...

It's like, if you can be the best, it's called 'Blessed Woman' and you can live your whole life on the left and right, open door divine......

Die......! No, I kill...!

No, no, don't even bother with your heart......!

With the impetus of rage, we are approaching......!

turned into one wildlife, the women...!

It was just in my eyes...!

... to me, Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Hard, soft shock sounds stick to the beach.

The wild tails and soldiers watching beside him, as well as Chesna and Glassstone, were donning as the heroines changed.

Until then, it was thorough, the Holy Dolls Virgin......

It was brave, Basilis or Kulalalaka......

I was full of energy, Charles Loot or Burning Love......

It was piercing indifference, Midnight Sugar or Blizzard Love......

I messed up my crying face even more, Glass Paleen......

Plus, the Virgin of "Slumdog School" and the female students of "The Great Demon's School" are added there......!

Shit or shit already......!

It's like taking one piece of clothing from each other, like the hungry ghosts......!

No more sloppiness...!

I surrounded one cat, like a bunch of big dogs who love cats......!

Just give me a second...!

I can't even scream one more Osama for this...

With a hand like the one that came out of the piggy bank, he asked for help, so he did his best.