When Osama is being sentenced to Pelopelo's sentence again...

The sea between the island of Greyskay and the 'Evantaille countries' was still hit by heavy traffic.

The Evantaille countries glancing at the Hurlberry small countries received a reinforcement request from Livolve and accepted it.

Anyway, the pattern of "Gocon" is relayed by a telegraphic projection (Den Yee).

Ketching cooperation with the brave in one of the major events watched by all citizens, including the allies, does not give a good impression from the people either.

If the soldiers dispatched on the contrary are very active, they will also get a great deal of support from the people while they can sell their gratitude to the brave upper management.

The kings of each country are tempered, and thus form an army.

Using the Tiger Son's military ship, he was dispatching to Greyskay Island.

In terms of national power, it is supposed to be the Kingdom of Sevenlux that will be the best in force, but surprisingly, it was the smallest of the Evantaille countries.

The ministers and generals were motivated to put in all the regular armies, but the king of Sevenlux stops it.

The ministers disagreed in the general outing, but they remained merely pushing it off and sending out soldiers to an extent of their apologies.

As I mentioned earlier, the king of Sevenlux foresaw the failure of 'Gocon'.

But no way would I have guessed that something was happening that could not even reach Greyskay Island.

Every country's ship left hours ago.

But for some reason, every ship couldn't move on from offshore.

Strangely, there was nothing wrong with Graysky in the opposite direction, for example when turning back to the port.

For some reason, trying to get to Greysky Island will make it impossible to move on from the coast.

There must be some fast ships in this world that fall into the fastest category...

No matter how much rowing, no matter how much magic you use to turn the screw......

Not even far enough for Namekuji to crawl, it doesn't slightly advance......

It's as if you're being held back by an invisible wall......!

As a result, a rare sight was unfolding in which a large number of military vessels twinkled like sea bathers.

And some of them, they were there.

"Not at all... it's been days, but don't move at all"

"I can't help it, dude. I can't even break through on a military ship. There's nothing I can do about it."

"That kind of gunhound superior is totally in the resort mood,"

"I can't help but scratch your feet, all the time. You're the one in the sea bread."

On deck, Gunhound enjoyed fishing at night.

I look sideways at Gatai's good men, who are in a considerable and preparatory movement.

"I'm not playing. We are going to swim and go for Greysky Island. If we leave now, we'll be there by tomorrow morning."

"Huh? You, you know how far to Greysky Island is? Even the Virgin with the screws off her head doesn't think that way, ever."

"Because I, I am good at swimming. Oh, maybe Superior Gunhound can't swim?

"Is that why, ever? Get dressed faster than that. Around this evening, I have to turn back to the harbor."

"Turn back to port? Why is that? The water and food have just been refilled the other day and there is still plenty of them? Oh, could it be that you missed your unwavering bed?

"Is that why, ever? I'm sure they'll come. He did."

...... kakooooooooooo!!

Then something like a little wooden barrel came down like a shooting star and jumped on the deck.

Sauccan rolled at his feet. I picked it up and opened it inside......

"Ah!? This is the throw of the Demon King's Believer (Sanitast) Ajit!

And when he lifted up his face, a gray cloud like a nebula was floating in the night sky.

Gunhound wakes up his body and puts his hat back on.

"I guess he wants to tell me to put up with this, all the time. Look, Saucony, you're not boggling, so move your ship."

"Is it good!? Whatever you think of this throw-in, it's a positive move to keep ourselves off Greysky Island!

"You bet, all the time. But I can't go, so let's go. This is my kang, but it should be awhile before we can get to Greysky Island. Where I can go to that, after everything is over on the island already...... There's nothing left like what we're hoping for."

"Oh, no...! Then Superior Gunhound, in order to get this throw-in...... Was it deliberately stopped to spill?!?

"Do you have that kind of wacko, dude? Who would have expected to be stuck like this in a place like this? But now I'm clear. This is what he's doing...!

"What!? Does that mean Goldwolf is stopping the ship!? What the hell, how!? Anyway, if it's just this ship, we're not going to be able to advance this many military ships. I can't believe it's not even a god of the sea! For normal humans......! Oh, no way!?

"That's right. He said he was a more powerful, devil possessor (Delibish) than we thought. Not the god of the sea, like the devil of the sea......!

"That Goldwolf is no longer a demon possessor (Delibish), but a real demon......!?

"That's right. So once this place is pulled up. I think I finally need to sit down."

"What, what do you mean...!?

"Yes, we're on our way."