Livolve's activated 'Gocon' closed the curtain for the first time in the history of the brave.

Oh my...!

Brave, defeated...!


Keeping 4,000 people out, only 400 wild dog armies have been devastated...!


In the perfect game, the Wild Dog Army has not delivered a single casualty...!

And normally, whoever sells a fight to a brave man will always follow a tragic end.

If it is meant to be, then brave men from all over the world are pushing to Greysky Island and starting a mourning battle......

This time, for two reasons, it did not.

The first is the physical problem.

No matter how many brave men ship out to Greysky Island, they can't make it off the coast for some reason.

Now there's no way to land on an island and make sure it's true or false.

And the second is why 'Gocon' is activated.

This time, Army of One was cited as a traitor to a brave organization, a battle to correct its injustice.

But when I opened the lid, I didn't give any proof.

Or the brave men who took part in the Gocon were defeated without mowing a single grass of Sin Itmulau, so they were finished without any evidence being adduced.

No matter how much suspicion there is, if there is no evidence, it's just wet clothes.

Moreover, because that opponent was the same brave man, it was only the result of being searched for a belly that was neither painful nor painful for the brave organization.

The anger of the upper echelons directed at Rivolve would have been immeasurable.

'Gocon', where it was usually the brave who were the great righteous, was the exception this time around.

In public opinion, it was supposed to be that Basilis, the princess of the Halbury small country, and Mother Reincarnation had stopped Livolve's rampage.

The position of the Hurlberry Small States in the 'Evantaille States' and the position of Reincarnation in the Virgin Community is the rise of the eel......

No, it was a dragon ascent, as if the carp that climbed the waterfall had turned into a dragon...!

Keep the story around there aside for one second...

Basilis and Reincarnation, both male and female, were involved in post-war processing on Greysky Island.

That too, in fact, was Osama leaping in the shadows......

First, in the announcement of the main management of the brave men, Fallen Heaven was notified to all the brave men who participated in this Gocon.

A total of about 4,000 people participated in the Gocon, of whom 600 were soldiers from the Evantaille countries.

That means 3,400 brave men have been disposed of all at once.


170 Unnamed Warriors ⇒ 3375

61 Unnamed Brave Woman ⇒ 62

113 Unnamed Braves ⇒ 316

167 Unnamed Guided Braves ⇒ 170


This is the first time in the New Brave System that such a massive fall of heaven has been disposed of.

It was one historic moment when a sand mountain named Brave Man was greatly shredded.

Of the fallen brave men, what survived was as many as 400 brave men buried on the beach.

They were divided into 100 persons each and forcibly repatriated by boat to the Evantaille countries.

In each country, the human beings of the brave organizations waited to set up an execution system in the name of an acceptance system….

What an offshore sinking of all four ships...!

All the corrupt braves have escaped swimming...!

The brave superior who takes a heavy look at the situation issues an unusual circular.


"The Falling Brave Hunt" Huh...!

Four hundred men hunted the Guru braves as their prize neck because it was hard to hunt them alone.

And it starts, hunting time...!

The prize money was high again, so the adventurers opened 'Brave Hunters' one after the other.

On the contrary, even merchants and peasants start hunting mountains with a solo van or sickle in one hand......!

"... there he is! He's a fallen brave man! Shoot the arrow in!

"Hih... Higging!? Uhhhhhh!

"All right, I did my leg!

"Hih...! Higi! Higi, higi, higi, higi!

"Damn, he's crawling and trying to escape! Don't let them get away with it! Use the throwing rope!

"Geez!? Yikes! Yikes!

"Yay! We got him!

"This guy is like a beast! You forgot the words too!?

"I guess so, this worn out body, it's been a lot of chases. The screws on your head are gonna blow up."

"He's finally paying his annual contribution, so if you stick him out, play for a while..."

"No, wait. I need to talk about more money than that."

"What's that?

"Now we're in the newspaper, so we can hold on to the topic of" The Falling Brave Hunt, "right? If one of you gets hunted, you're gonna have to deal with the top of the line."

"That would be right. 'Cause it's just like putting mud on Godsmile's face."

"So if you take a true picture of him torturing him and bring him to the newspaper... what do you think will happen?

"Oh, I see! So you're buying me expensive!

"That's what I mean, while he's alive and savoring hell, we're in heaven all the time!

"That's good! Let's torture him now!

"Come on! I'll make you plenty of money, so get ready!

"Too much higi!? Higi-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi!?!?

On each newspaper surface, the brutality scene was published day after day.

That grew more radical and made me want to cover my eyes too......

The number of copies doubled when it was painful for those who avenged the brave to be punished.

The caught 'fallen brave' will no longer be protruded with the satisfaction of the five bodies.

After being tasted with bitterness and screaming face distorted into a true photograph (shudder) and exposed...

Finally, he was dragged around the city with a rope around his neck.

But by then, he said, he was already like a dry mummy, unresponsive to being hit with a stone.

... Well, some of you may have noticed already...

The 400 men who became 'fallen braves' had been sentenced to 'minor sins'.

That's not just to be buried on the beach and slapped in the face, as mentioned earlier.


The innocents, whom they have called evil and hunted so many times...!

Those they have tortured with half their play and taken their lives with ridicule......!

And in the same eyes......!

No, tap any more ultra violences into their bodies, to the bone marrow...!

That was the plus alpha of this' micro sin '......!!