Previously, he followed the fate of the brave men who had been sentenced to 'microcrimes' and 'misdemeanors'.

Now let's follow up on a case that didn't apply to any of them.

It's, "Three Men".

Let's start with one eye.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The man regained consciousness as the bubbles that emerged from the bottom of the sea slowly floated to the surface of the sea......

"... yeah, yeah... What... I fell asleep..."

I try to wake up and move my cloudy consciousness and body.

The bones all over the body squeal and there is no feeling as if my back had been paralyzed.

The area looks like a mountain that could also be his garden.

To observe from the pain of the verses, he apparently leaned at the root of a tree and had long lost consciousness.

"Heh... what the hell is going on... Hey, hey."

I manage to get up while I bring it to the tree.

My head is still clammy, my vision is kind of narrow, blurry.

As I stood up for a while, like a loose spring water, my memory came back to me.

"Speaking of which, did I take the witch's daughter and run away from the strange guy in the Shinsengumi group? Almost got hit, and the heavens came, and I..."

I realize hah and push my belly.

I should have been poking my sword with the momentum of my stomach, but my clothes didn't even have blood on them, and there were no holes in them.

"Heh!? I really should have done this place with my sword..."

The man slapped Pong and his hand, as the point was made.

"Heh, okay! This is because I ate 'Mirwalnut'! Nuts are all the injuries these days, they even fix clothes scratches!

The man suddenly gets better and walks out of his temper.

The mountain had the same wind blowing through it as usual with a leaky day of wood.

"Heh heh! Come on, let's go train the sword for the strongest brave man today! But before that, I was hungry, so in the settlement at the foot, even the rice would make me hungry!

Down the mountain road, it hits the rock shelf.

There were traces of incendiary fire there and a cave a short distance away.

"Speaking of which, where have those wild dog masks and daughters gone?... Well, yes. Speaking of which, they used to look down at the settlement from this rock shelf every morning and dance nasty."

The man I thought I was today, stands on a cliff.


"Ah!? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?!?"

From the settlement at the foot, a scream protrudes.

The man frowned.

"Heh! Damn, why, you're trying to make me say" Don't go into the mountain with God "again or something! This mountain is my garden! If you say so, I'm like a god! Why don't you worship me?

Screaming down, the Wild Tails, who were gathered in the settlement's square, said at the same time, "Ha-ha-ha! ♪ And fall down. ♪

The man jumped up because he reacted as if he were looking at a true God.

"Heh!? If you look at one face, it's like they only said a small novel, why all of a sudden?!?

And those who were grounded, all at once, when they lifted up their faces,

"Wild dog mask! Thank you for saving this island!!

He was looking up at the man with a face crying in joy......!

"Heh!? Hehe!? This is my wild dog mask......!? There is such a thing...!

Ba, and when I put my hand on my cheek, I felt the cloth, not the skin.

"Heh!? So, what is this? If you think your vision is weird, you're wearing something on your head!? Holy crap...! Take... can't take it!? What the hell, Colle!? It's easy to get rid of!? Funguuuuuuuuuu!?!?

The man rolled onto the rock shelf and began to smother like a cat taped with gum.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The second man, on a boat, was drifting through the sea plains.

The man said he was only a child, but his hair was white, his face was crusty, and he was like an old man.

On the crouched, trembling hands, two layers of parchment.

It was a finely written blueprint.

The man, like a Buddha in memory of his father's words, repeats in his head.

- Look, Lotus Roots.

These two blueprints are an important part of Dad's life.

I entrust that to you, my son, now.

The first of the blueprints is the blueprint for the pistol (revolver) that my dad always loves.

But there was a big problem with this.

If you try to resize it in the palm of your hand, there will be less gunpowder (higuri) in the ammunition and less power.

If you put a lot of gunpowder (higuri) in it to make it powerful, it won't get out of hand this time.

To manage both of those shortcomings, my dad has been working on research for years as a champion.

If this shortcoming can be overcome, a small and powerful flying tool can be created….

In my Death Dealer clan, where I have specialised in gun development, I can gain hegemony.

And finally......

My dad got the new technology that would lead him... No, he developed it.

This second blueprint describes a technique to enhance the gunpowder (higuri) you put in, keeping the size of the bullet intact.

When this case was over, I was going to go for practical use with my dad's own hands...

Just in case, I'll leave this to you.

Nah, I'm worried about Nah.

The wild dogs we're dealing with are not my dad's enemies.

It would be easy to twist and crush Na.

But the problem is...

With the guy behind the wild dog (Buck) and when it comes to doing it......

My dad might as well suck...!

So if anything happens to my dad...

You're the only one in the basement of this mansion, escaping the island from the emergency escape port.

If you get away well, as descendants of the Death Dealer clan, and as daddy's son......

Finish your dream pistol (revolver)...!

And with that pistol (revolver), pull out my dad's frown of vengeance...!

The man, shaking on board like a fallen leaf, bites away memories with his father and drips potatoes and Shizuku from his chin.

I wondered if that was a tear... it was just yodale.

The man was losing his mouth because of a huge wound to his heart.

The drooling tongue, the saliva dripping down like a leak, is like a dog that hasn't drifted.

"This is... with this blueprint... I can be more than my dad, I can be a great creator...

Shizuku, who pulled the thread, rests on the end of the blueprint.

When I rush off the wet paper, I notice the letters floating up that weren't there until then.

The man spoke the name, who would be the true maker of the blueprint.

"... goldwolf slamdog...?