The third man was walking down the alley.

Until now, I can't even hold both hands, I've carried them in my shopping cart until now, I don't have any stolen possessions anymore.

Only clothes should have been drenched in them, but they were attacked by naked young people with burnt chili perms like burnt out,

"We're Shinsengumi! Give me those clothes, motherfucker!

And I wanted to stop by and he hit me, kicked me, stripped me, and took everything from me to my pants.

Neither is Afrohair, which I no longer attached the utmost importance to.

He said he was in an extreme defenseless state that exposed all of that, but along the way, he was attacked by a cock like a touch of his heart, full of wounds.

On the way, his face was swollen red like a balloon because he fell over and over again, gaining momentum and crashing against the wall.

Blushing, swollen eyelids almost blocked my vision, my nose crumbled like a boar no more, and not a single tooth left.

Your body turns purple with bruises, and your skin becomes swollen and worn out, causing blood to smudge from your wound.

He is such a full-blown creator, as he was born...

No, even if he was a newborn, he'd still 'have' something.

The joy of living or the hope of living tomorrow......

He was running crying, as if he'd even let it go.

So much can be called 'broken'......

Something you can call 'dead bodies' so far......

Would it have been in this world?

Besides, fate chocks on him, as if everything in his eyes were enemies, even if he takes away his last strength.

When I tried to jump over the garbage dump, I stepped on a piece of glass with my stepped foot...


Head sliding through the garbage like all the filth on this island has been collected......!

Besides, there's a barrel of sewage tank at the end of the slip.


He was bathing his whole body with sticky lumps of color that he didn't even want to depict.

The man doesn't even have enough energy left to pay for that filth anymore.

I just keep sticking around and crying.

"Ugh...! Ugh...! Ugh......! How could... how could this happen... Hiccup...!

- I just wanted to be smiling...

No matter how hard or sad it is, I've gotten through it with a smile......

Carrappo's, Cara, you can be fine......

Even for me with no contents, he said that if I even smiled on the outside, I could cheer everyone up...

That's what I think... I can't, but I've been laughing...

Why, why...

Why wouldn't Fate laugh at me?

It was a long time ago, when you had to laugh!?

In his head comes the face of the smiling goddess.

But when that face is wrapped in pong and smoke, it turns into the world's most abominable dog face...

...... sheesh sheesh sheesh sheesh!!

Pushing your mouth with your hands, annoying pulling laughter......!


The man falls seven times, all over undigested corn grains.

"Wild dog! That wild dog!! My life went crazy because after that wild dog came out, hiccup!! Failure, failure and failure continue......! If you think it went a little well and the ascent is in shape, you'll be thrust down head-on again!! Because of that fucking dog! Because of that fucking dog. Yeahhhhhhhhh!!!

... Za.

I feel signs of people, and men jump up.

With four legs, I barked suddenly.

"Uh-huh! Hi-ha-ha! Hi-ha-ha! If this happens, I'll be a wild dog too, Hiccup!! Come on, hiccup calling! If you can kill this hyang-hang-hang-hang-hang-hang-hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

The man's eyes were swollen, barely visible, and it consisted of who was in front of him...

To see from his voice, he was a young man who seemed so weak.

"Oh, um... Are you that rumor... 'Hyung-hyung Hari Hari'?

"Hyang Hyang Hari Hari" is just such a pronunciation because "Jiang Jiang Bari Bari" lost his teeth, which is not correct.

The young man in front of you is not missing his teeth, so he should be able to pronounce it 'janjang bari'......

There was no room for a man to realize that.

"What's wrong with that, hiccup! Hiccup!! I'm a smiling apostle, hyang-hahahahahahaha...! I've already made up my mind, hiccup! This is the last time I cry or get angry......! I'll be the last one with you, Hin! I throw away all my emotions except 'laughter' hiccup!! Until that day that makes the goddess laugh......!! Hi-chan, Ri Ri, no, no, no, no!!!

The man's readiness was real.

He wets his bumps and cheeks like a lifetime's worth of tears, distorts his face as if he were going to use up his whole life's worth of anger here, and roars from the bottom of his belly.

And... the Goddess of Destiny finally smiled.

"Mr. Hyang Hyang Hari, I'm a huge fan of yours! I've been looking for you ever since I heard you were in trouble on this island. Ah, dressed terribly...! Now, come with me! There's my ship in the harbor. There you will find baths and food! Plus if you want, I can get you off this island!

That's for a man, Buddha in hell......

It was a single thread brought from heaven.

The man was drawn to the harbor by a young man, like an old man.

A big cruiser will show you that the young man owns it.

So I cleaned up my body, got allowances, and even ate...

Did the feeling of being stuck loose, the man tried to poke at the table and fell asleep.

Next thing I knew, it was in a dark barn, trapped in a cage.

Thanks to the allowances of the young man, the swelling of his eyes had completely caught on.

In a clear vision, the man saw......

Stuck in countless cages, countless animals......!

And creepy, all of them, they were laughing...!

Allegedly no 'laughter' emotions, dogs and cats, foxes and tanukis, birds to reptiles, everything there is......

Niyanya and I were laughing...!

Besides, some of them are obviously dead...

Dead faces, with Niyaniya...!

"Hih......!? Hiya!?

The creepy little man is soggy.

Then, he touched something thirsty.

That's, what...!

A human mummy, like he dried it while he was alive......!

Plus, stick it like an iron mask, keep smiling......!

"Hih......!?!? Hii, good, good, good, good, good, good, good!?!?

Kathari and the barn door opened, and a young man came in.

And this is what I just said to the guy who was starting to leak.

... Oh, I knew it...!

The more you look at it, the more you look like Dear Janjan Bali...!

When I heard that Master Janjanbari's fake had appeared on the island of Greysky, I always wanted a chance to catch him.


Am I real, Hyung Hyung Hari?

I know, you're hyung-hyung-hyung, aren't you?

If that's all you look like, you know what it's like to want to fool Master Janjanbari's name.

I am the one studying medicine to make Master Janjan Bali smile. [M]

The animals around and the humans dying there are pretty much that experimental material.

The medicine I'm developing right now makes me smile intensely, but I'm going to die soon, right?

But you don't kill anytime soon.

Even if you die in the middle of an experiment, you will be brought back to life again and again with a resuscitated talisman.

Oh, my God, because you're the best experimental material.

If you guinea pig like Master Janjang Bali, you will surely get the best 'smiling pills'......!

You said you always wanted to smile at all times, I can grant you the wishes of Master Janjanbari...!

Oh wait, Dear Janjan Bali......!

Now it's my turn to repay you...!

It's your turn to make Master Janjan Bali smile......!