With the light sticking behind his eyelids and the feeling of being washed cheeks, the man awoke.


And immediately, the heavens and the earth are attacked by the feeling of being turned upside down.

Consciousness flows, as if it were drifting through rough waves.

- Ugh, it's the worst morning ever, Na...

It's like I've had a lump of cheap bourbon and it sucks to wake up...

It wasn't just consciousness that was bad.

Wherever I was always drunk, I would have always woken up in my own bed......

What the man was feeling on his skin was not the feel of the sheets, but the rough sand.

The yellow sun above, instead of the white sealing fans of the ceiling, welcomes you earlier than anyone else in the morning.

With its legs stretched countless times, it hurts as if they're stepping on eyeballs.

Hissing his hand and looking up into the sky.

The man thought it was a different color blue.

In spite of the waves that come in, when you stay asleep... you feel sick for a few minutes.

After a while, I finally woke up.

Then check the situation where you are currently placed.

The outfit was the usual tuxedo.

I always try to look crisp, but now it's tragic all over the waves and sand.

My skin was wet and tight, my hair smelled dry and tidy from my body.

- Like a drifter, Na.

When I stretched my gaze to my feet, I saw something in the gap between my pants and my leather shoes.

Try lifting your legs,

... cha.

And I heard a noise.

It was a black iron ring, embedded in the ankle.

It was chained, and that's what made the noise.

If you lift your legs further, the chains come out of the sand, like the potatoes in the field.

Sounds right. Follow that with your eyes...

There's something there that I wouldn't expect......!

"Ugh!? Na......!? Nana!? Nanana, what the fuck!?...... na......!? Na, what the fuck!? Nah...... Nah, korrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!?!?

Even if the bomb was connected, the man wouldn't have screamed so far.

At the end of the chain, what...

Man's Wife (Wife) Huh...!

He was in a maternity dress worn out by tide and sand and he was rolling...!

"Oh, come on! Hang on! Whoa!

The man changed his blood and jumped at his wife, slapping her on the cheek.

"Ugh... Ugh... yeah...? Oh, you......?

"Ah, good! You're safe!

"Mm, well... Bu, I mean, you're safe, I feel so bad... And here, where...?

"I don't know! I just realized that too, Na! Anyway, get up! It's not just a mess, I'm sure of it!

The man supported his body of weight and woke his wife up.

And make sure you're not hurt or anything.

An important body that, at any rate, prevented the birth of a second person.

The man rubbed his mind when it was difficult.

But as much as my hair and clothes were gobbly, there seemed to be no trauma, etc.

One reassured man finds out where this beach is.

I just looked around and got some info, and the guy was sure.

"Apparently, this is some beach in the Evantailles."

"Well, Evantaille!? Isn't that Greysky Island where we lived!?

"Oh, maybe Na. The position of the sun is different than usual. And the trash on the beach obviously doesn't belong to Graysky."

"Well, that it's been flushed!? But why!? And what's with the wheel like this prisoner!? Please, won't you take it off!?

"I didn't put it on, so I don't know if I can take it off..."

But I think maybe he has some kind of unlockable tool, and the guy wanders his body.

The cigars I always smoke, the handkerchief, weren't in my pocket.


...... Gottsch.

The feeling of reliability above all for a man was in his inner pocket.

"By accident, I forgot Na......! My partner has been around for a long time...!

Blackening it out, the man laughs a little.

The man never let go of this revolver.

As if it were my own half body, the toilet, the bath, even when I go to bed......

And he also accompanied him in this mysterious adrift.

But it's too early to be happy.

Tilt the reel to confirm the remnants.

Every time a man wanted to play "Rosinante Roulette," he often only had one bullet in him.

Still, if only one shot remained, it would have been your word.

But there...

There's not a single blank (blank), there was a reliable hip...!

In this revolver, blanks usually meant 'raw', but now they weren't.

This tightly packed bullet is the 'raw'......!

The man feels empowered by a hundred soldiers.

"I'm relieved he was left at the bottom of hell."

While also showing room for a light slap, I give up the muzzle to the chain that connects me to my wife.

And squeezed the trigger.

...... zgahhhhhhhh!

An ear-busting roar echoes on the beach.

My wife was used to hearing this sound, so all she had to do was make her shoulders bounce pickly.

"Even the Great Demon has a knack for getting out of a bee, what a chain like this!"

The man finally tried to lift his free leg,

... cha.

But the chain remained connected between the two.

"... crazy na? Did you take it out?

The man tilted his neck, now firmly lifting the muzzle and pushing the chain to the ground.

And now two shots in a row.

Along with the noise of a creeping explosion, the dust rises.

It would have worked this time, I thought......

... cha.

The chain didn't have one scratch on it...!