"... Na. Why? Na, why don't you eat him and cut him a thousand? Chains made of iron don't break a thousand..."

As the man twisted his neck with the chain in his hand, he said, "Whoa!?" The voice shook her ear.

Seeing it, two local fishermen stand at a distant wave strike.

"Look, that... could it be..."

"It was in the arrangement, wasn't it 'The Falling Brave'!?

"That's right! And he is, isn't he?!? General of the fallen brave!

"Oh, hey...! Ten people bowed to Master Godsmile!? That means you're a big shot!

"Oh! If I catch you, you'll get a prize just to play and live to the last generation!

The man didn't know what was going on outside the island.

I thought "Gocon" was still going on......

The fishermen's conversation was not the attitude of those who dealt with the brave, knowing that the man was a brave man.

Plus, I'm quick to say, I'm setting up a mole for hunting, running around the white sand, and it's hitting me.

"Mmm-hmm!? What, those lower bitches...!? I'm scared, dude...!

"Back off, Na"

The man turns to the muzzle as he covers his wife.

They were poor people to see, so they decided they wouldn't have a problem killing them.

Place the iron sight between your eyebrows and squeeze the trigger.

The sound of a lion barking.

At the next moment, the population of this planet flies one bounce.

... was supposed to be

...... Bacah!!

It was the tree in front of the fishermen who were running that was dancing in the universe.

Collapse and stop the fishermen.

"Whew!? Oh, my God, now! If you think something sounded awesome, the tree is falling!?

"It was in the arrangement! The Admiral said that just move your fingertips a little, and the power of the blazing magic will fly, and you have so many weapons!

"Blast Magic!? If that's how it goes, it's a bump in one shot! Only the Admiral should have a hell of a lot of money!

"But with the current attack, it was clear that he was the general! Let's go back to the village and call for backup! Even if we all catch them, we get enough money to play and live our whole lives!

After the fishermen looked at each other and nodded, they began to return to the path they had come back on their heels.

Not good for being called in, the man turned his back and fired two or three shots.

But it doesn't hit......!

In dealing with his partner (cancer), the man was proud to be one of the best in the world to get into the ten fingers.

In the first place, guns are not common in this world, and there are about ten people who use them as weapons or not...

Besides, I never took it off before.

Yet... I've taken off seven shots.

- Na, why? At that distance, you should be able to butch through your eyebrows at your leisure...

Na, why didn't you hit a single shot?

Could it have been some kind of distortion when you drifted?

The man was too shocked to realize something.

- Wait, more than that...

"Seven shots," removed...!?

Rotating pistols (revolvers) are six in a row.

It's a number that's stained my body more than I was born with, so I can't go wrong.

The man opens the gun reel again with a snap reload.

I leaned up and tried to pinch the plates, but they didn't fall.

I was suspicious and tried to remove the medicine pod with my fingers...

As if it's united with the reel, it won't come off......!

"Na...... Na what? What the hell!?

"Nmaa!? Ah... what the hell happened to you? All of a sudden you shout out loud..."

"Oh, no, nothing. It's more dangerous to stay here than that, Na. Let's just get out of here, can you stand?

The man lends a hand and wakes up two bodies.

My wife was floating the color of her anxiety.

"Hey you, where the hell are we!? What are we going to do!?

"We don't know where we are yet. But don't worry, I'll protect you no matter what, Na. Let's go."

The two took their hands and walked out fast.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The man was found to be in the 'Gankpflu Small Country' of the Evantaille countries by sign of place names and so on.

And from the newspaper article I picked up, "Gocon" ended in failure, and the brave men who were on the island were subject to "The Hunt for the Brave"...

Turns out it's exactly the 'bounty neck'.

I wasn't sure about my memory before I lost consciousness, but I should have been on Greysky Island indeed......

When I realized why I was in a place like this......

Besides, why are you being made to dress like such an island breaker...

Nothing, I didn't know.

And what was more incredible to the man than anything else was the anomaly of his partner (cancer).

First of all, I couldn't put a scratch on the chain, even if I tried to cut it off.

Then I hear rumors and gunshots, and 'The Falling Brave Hunt' gathers...

Shooting at them will never hit you.

But the power remained the same, so it could be restrained.

Rumors of a man's gun have already spread in newspaper articles.

Still, the bounty hunters attacked me with "There is no such powerful weapon" and were dispersed in fear of its explosion.

And... the most mysterious thing was the bullet.

No matter how much you shoot, it won't go away.

To remember the number of gunshot remnants, the man had a crush on counting the bullets he shot.

As a result, the count in my head naturally increased......

Around 600 rounds, the man stopped counting.

The man leads the days of escape with his wife.

Attack an unpopular store on the outskirts of the city and threaten with a gun to take food.

He attacked the private house, tied up the inhabitants inside, and fell asleep.

But the M.O. also spreads, making it impossible.

Then you can no longer be luxurious.

He snuck into the field and stole fruits and vegetables, found abandoned houses, etc., and cleaned the night dew.

My wife has suggested I surrender, but I couldn't do that.

Because if you get caught in the 'hunt for the brave,' it's obvious you'll be miserable with yourself.

That's all I had to avoid.

Because the lives that are here today were so precious that they could not be substituted for anything.

If caught, his wife could be poked with a spear and every belly child killed.

Parents and children together, they could be set on fire.

Even if God forgave me, I could never forgive that alone.

The only way to kill 'life' that should be in charge of the future is by playing half, resolutely......!

The man was under oath.

Whether my limbs are pulled out, my five organs dragged out, or my six hearts devoured...!

To the starving ghosts of hell, give yourself up but......!

Only this' life 'can be absolutely defended......!