The man was tough.

I threw away my soft bed and didn't spill one stupidity, even if it wasn't on a meal I had exhausted.

The colour of the skin was dull, the cheeks sprinkled, but only the flames of the eyes never stopped.

If I let him survive at all costs, he swore so.

But...... my wife was different.

Bad hygiene and nutrition were important for childbirth.

Besides, I can't even rest my body slowly.

Because they are chained, they have to take them when they secure their meals, and even if the chaser finds them, they can't make a man an otri.

Nothing is more unfit for a fugitive life than a body of weight.

That was more stressful than I could have imagined, and it was on my wife.

The beautiful wife had no shadow left of it.

Hair, which was decorated like a fresh flower, withered away and fell out in large quantities just by hand.

The scalp is shallow and dark, with tenacious fleas and wrinkles.

The skin, which had a good cosmetic ride, was reddish and swollen with traces of scratching with black, dirty nails, and was beginning to putrefy due to skin disease.

My wife eventually cried at the man.

"Please, you......! Let's take the place of running away now......! I'm already at my limit......! Sprinkle raw vegetables with soil on them...! In such a stinking cowhouse, sleeping all over the straw...! On the other hand, I haven't showered in days. I'm losing my mind...!

"No. If you get caught, you're gonna be hit twice as hard as you are now."

"But I can't take it anymore... I can't take it anymore...! How long, how long will this life last!?

"A little more, a little more patience. If we can get out of the Evantaille countries where the 'Hunt for Falling Braves' is issued, there will be no chasers either"

"... lying! Just out of the Evantaille countries, I'm sure the arrangements will be handed out in the countries ahead as well! Because they must be the brave ones!?

He told me to blame him, and the man shut his mouth.

Because my wife was indeed right.

The approximate location where the man and wife are located, based on eyewitness testimony, is reported day after day by newspaper.

As a result, the current location is definitely overwhelmed by brave organizations.

Newspapers exist only in each country, so if you change the country, you will have rest.

But brave men's organizations are world-wide......!

Even if you just told your neighbor to flee, and 'The Fall Brave Hunt' is issued there......

Rest is only temporary and ends….

There's never more to a man and his wife than being targeted by a brave organization...!

The man had no choice but to hold his wife.

"It's okay, it's okay...! I'm sure it will help......! So a little more, just a little more patience......!

"Bullshit! We're gonna have to live like this for the rest of our lives! No more...... no more! What the hell did I do? I'm not doing anything, but why, why, why, why?!?!?

It didn't take that long for my wife's angry spearhead to be directed at a man.

"Speaking of which, it's not your fault either! If you hadn't done 'Gocon' this wouldn't have happened...!

"That's not all! I don't care what a wild dog mask is! I can't believe I can't kill one wild dog! What was it you said I was the strongest man ever!?

"It's not because of the wild dog mask that Lotus Lutz went crazy either! Ah, poor Lotus Roots......! I got my life screwed up because I had such a father......!

"I can't believe you didn't have that gun... yeah, where the gun was, you can't do anything!

...... Bassin!!

He kept getting scolded day after day, and the man finally hit his wife.

Then his wife whispered and wept.

"Please......! I don't want to be with you anymore......! When I look at your face, I feel nauseous...! If it's as good as being with you, it's better to die! Please.........! Kill me......! With that gun, you killed me. YAYYYYYYYYYYY...!!

... Gori...!!

The man couldn't believe what he did.

of my beloved wife... of being sworn to protect me even if I turned it into my life...

Pushing the muzzle on your head...!

The man fainted and fell as-is.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Then again, my wife cried to the man, "Kill me" every time.

Sometimes he tried to commit suicide, but the man stopped it by force.

Then his wife stopped eating.

Already malnourished and missing teeth and unable to eat properly.

The man shredded vegetables and fruits, turned them into soup and tried to make them drink, but not to lay hands on them.

My wife gets thinner and thinner every day.

His face becomes like a skull, his hands and feet as thin as branches, and he can no longer stand and walk properly.

Falling, bottom light eyes and….

Bloated, only stomach left......

Finally, I got a starving look.

The man was no longer in the extreme.

A being who wants to defend himself at all costs is denying himself and choosing a loose death.

How many lives have been thrown across the narrow...

I can't believe just one life can't stop me from going across the narrow...!

Finally, the man weeps.

Even if my brave companion, who can also be called my best friend, died, I didn't let a drop seep through it, overflowing it...

My wife gave it to me.

"Ugh......! Grrr......! Ugh! Please, eat this. Yikes...! Please, you have to live! Please! Please!

My wife, in the barn where darkness began to reign...

With eyes like eyes buried in dokuro, stroke your stomach with the hands of a dead tree, looking at a man...

Like talking to myself, I snapped like this.

"I knew... I should have left him..."

I... made a mistake.

If I had chosen that person at that time...

This didn't happen...

If I had chosen that person...

Surrounded by him and his two children by now...

More than anyone else, we should have had a happy family......

That's what I've been thinking for so long...

I've always loved him only...

... Yeah, it's not too late, we'll still make it...


The one in my belly right now is that guy's...!

...... Zgahhhhhhhhhhh!!!