From the barn surrounded by night and darkness came lights like thunderclouds and explosions like lightning strikes.

It was an instant event, but long enough for a man to feel like eternity.

The man, beyond the blinding light, watched.

Like the Great Buddha, a wife with a restful face.

Between those brows, the lead balls slowly touched and buried......

Like a white millimeter, slightly lingering, like that...

In a world without sound, just shuddering.

Shocked, so much that his wife's neck was about to lift, plumped in the back.

The remaining lips seemed to move like this.

... Ah... Ri... Ugh...


And break Kakun's neck.

Until near the edge, I buried my face so that I could cushion my belly, which kept my precious life...

I knew it, it stopped working.

... Gashari...!

The man never let go of his partner for a moment, take it off.

Then he opened his legs to eight letters and lay down on the ground so that they would collapse from his knees.

"Gu......! Whoa......! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

The man cried even more.

Scratch the ground until your nails peel off and punch your fingers until they bend......

Squeeze out the passion, along with the dead voices.

Even though I spit blood out of my mouth, I still didn't stop.

Still, it wasn't enough, hovering around like a mite, eating dirt.

I cried as I roared.

I cried to twist.

I kept crying so I could cut a thousand.

Whether we welcome the next morning or even more nights, forever and ever......

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Only one day did a man lose his mind, and one day again, he woke up.

This is a dream, and I wake up.

And I didn't even wipe my muddy face, I prayed.

This is a dream...!

But in front of him, when he admitted to being immobile with his belly in his arms, he leaked another whimper.

"Ugh......! Uggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!

- I thought he chose me, not him...

I thought I'd forgotten all about him...

No, maybe I was feeling it somewhere, too.

That's why I tied what happened around me to him...

'Gocon' or something, it may have been activated......!

But no way......

Where I don't know, I was repeating myself...!

The man gave me another thought.

- No...

Maybe he was lying...

I want you to kill me...!

I want to end this fugitive life...!

The man looked like he had given up, picked up a gun that was rolling nearby and stuck it in his mouth.

- Let's get this over with...

I don't know what it means to be alive anymore than he's already dead...

I don't care about him anymore...

The art of ascertaining the truth is no longer good...

The man pulls the shooting iron.

... Gakin!

To the sound of it, as if the heavens had descended...

The man opened his eyes.

- No, there's only one thing...!

My belly child, was it my child or not...

Ask him…!

There's no point in doing that more than he's dead.

But what I tried to defend with my life was a real thing or a fake thing...

Even if you make sure of that and then die, it's late nah......!

Not if you're desperate, that might even be what he's after...!

I'm still alive...!

Survive, the truth......!

I'll make sure of 'love'......!

arrowheads that the man thought so,

"Ugh... uh-huh...?

A familiar voice happened from his feet.

The man slowly drops his gaze.

And I saw each other.

With my wife......!

The man is so surprised that he's about to fire the gun he was wearing.

Throw it away in a hurry and crouch.

"You...! He's alive!?

My wife's face was as muddy as a man's.

When I paid him with my hands, my skinny cheeks laughed powerlessly.

"What, you're alive... Don't call people obnoxious...... Still, it's finally morning...? It's like I've been having a bad dream for a long time..."

"Whoa...! Oops......! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!!!!

The man hugged his wife and cried again.

With tears that I thought were dead, overflowing like blood.

And I swear.

- I don't care if it's my child or his child...!

I was lost in Na...!

What ever happened was a dream God showed me to put a drink in me that I was lost...!

Otherwise, I almost ruined what I've always cherished with my own hands...!

But I've already woken my eyes...!

I'm lost...!


I'll try to protect you......!

And you two......

No, surviving with the three of us is also revenge for him...!

For the first time in a long time that day, the man put an arm pillow on his wife and laid on the floor.

"Hey, you... have you thought about the name of the baby you're going to have?

"Oh, of course. and the amazing one na"

"What do you mean?

"That's a secret. When you announce your name, we're throwing a big party, Na. We blow up one Wild Tail settlement, and that's where we get the name."

"Mmm-hmm!? Then, as soon as this child is born, you kill all the villain settlements! How lovely!

"It's my trail, so I have to give you a gift."

"Ugh! I love you...! After all, I'm glad I chose you...!

The wife leaned over and hugged the man.

"Dude, don't move too much. You'll touch your body, won't you?

"Not bad, about tonight..."

Something stuck to the man's face on the clap his wife had rubbed against him.

Pick it with your finger, it's...

It was the size of a grain of rice, and it was a howling worm.

"Oh, my God, isn't that Uzi?"

Until now it was all fleas and silk, but it was the first time Uzi had.

"Come on, I think I'm gonna have to take a bath, Na. Next time you attack a private house and take a bath? It's been a while, so it'll work."

"Well, true!? You're taking a bath!? Glad to hear it! I haven't been in here in months!

"Oh, because that beautiful face has always been ruined, Na. Look, there's still dirt in the deco."

The man gently plucked his wife's forehead.

And... breathtaking.


There, there it is...!

Bullet marks......!

Between his wife's eyebrows, a hole worn deep enough to reach her brain......

And deep down, there's a blunt glow, a bullet...!

... In a dream, it wasn't...!?