Now, the brave men who have been expelled from Greysky Island so far......

That is, you looked at the backdrop of the men, but next, let's see what happened to the others.

First of all, I was unable to get off the island, many celebrities.

They were mainly divided into three categories.

Advanced celebrities, royalty and millionaires and others with the power to move the country.

Those who took part in the Gocon.

Intermediate celebrities, lords and millionaires, and others with the power to move the territory.

Those who sympathized with Basilis at the Greysky Island hotel and participated in The Wild Dog Busters Busters.

Lower celebrities. Townships, village chiefs, and those who are said to be small rich.

Those who have become wild celebrities and slaves, who have taken part in the 'Wow Crusaders'.

On Greyskay Island, he was treated well from the top in turn.

But if you open the lid, that's for the opposite result.

The senior celebrities should have returned home by now, single-handedly with the neck of a wild dog, bestowing a great victory in 'Gocon'.

I should have triumphed as the people made the arches of the parade and the paper blizzards scattered, like the Lord to Heaven...

They were still wandering through the eternal nightmare, still stoned at the foot of Sin Itomrau...!

Surviving safely and walking the Lord of Heroes was......

Intermediate Celebrities and Lower Celebrities......!

During "Gocon," they were based in the private beach of the Holly Doll family and fought hard against 400 brave men of "Wild Dog Busters".

It was a battle like washing blood with blood, reminiscent of Omaha Beach, but a brilliant victory.

But since there were no reporters on the ground with transmission (Den Yee) devices, it should not have been passed on to the public.

But the whole country already knew that they were heroes of the Redemption.

Because during the battle, the media ships docked offshore...

Because I was raging a fierce battle......!

When they returned to their country, they were immediately surrounded by journalists.

After fighting the brave, and not once in the past have there been instances of victories.

Besides, it's weirder not to be a top scoop because it's the celebrity whose name is sold that accomplished it.

The press thus wrote down their work.

It is an easy position to get beaten up by something called the powerful, but this time it was the other way around, so the effect was even worse.

Whilst, so that the bad boy is treated as a saint just by picking up the throwaway dog......!

Of course they didn't mean poor bareback, they were contributing plain to the region......

It blossomed once and for all and gained popularity with the common people all at once.

And this will have unexpected consequences later...

For now, let me start later.

Now let's take a look at the women.

First, a popcorn chaser.

He slipped and fell on the skin of a banana and died while being taken to the Kingdom of Sevenlux.

And the students of The Great Devil's Guide School.

Like the celebrities, their activities were also known to the Evantaille countries.

Thanks to this, the "School of the Great Demon's Guided Women" hopeful enrollment has arrived.

Although the school has hitherto been located only in the Halbury small country, Miglea, the deputy director of the school, is planning to open a branch office in another country.

The Big Bang Love, headed by the Wizarding Ladies, became even more famous as a model of justice.

They responded to an interview with the press:

"What, you weren't afraid to fight the brave? Zenzen! I've always wanted to give a brave man a big magic bee!"

"Hmm, I agree with you"

"Ask me more than that! Ah Shira, it's the first time I've peppered Mr. Goldwolf!

"Hmm, that's a crisp one"

"Nothing, sir! That kind of bristle. 'Cause he was peppering like a dog!

"That's... because..."

"But I was Ultra Lucky! It was a fantasy ticket that Mother suggested" Gol can pepper you "but made you bot! Even if I could, it would have been worth it to go to a fucking brave man's ceremony!"

"Hmm, good for you"

"I don't know! After that, Mr. Goldwolf and, sec......! Muggu......! Puha! Blitzy, why do you suddenly block your mouth!?

"Barr, they say you shouldn't say that,"

"Oh, my God, you shut up about loving me. That's impossible. No!? Mr. Goldwolf and I have a beach...! Muggu......!

Burning Love, Dangerous Backstory, Dangerously Polo......!?

What the hell happened...?

For the first time, we will discuss this later.

Okay, now, the Virgins.

In this one case, the incredible healing abilities of the Virgins of 'Slumdog School' were widely known.

This is also as per the Virgin's edition of the School of Wizardry Ladies, "Slumdog School" has a slaughter of school hopefuls......

I thought I would, and this effect was limited.

Because, as I have said many times before, the competence assessment of the Virgins is' Face to Face '.

In addition, the Virgin is organized under the leadership of the Grand Virgin.

This is the policy of many Grand Virgin, but while there is a Grand Virgin, a master, it is a mechanism that cannot be easily broken out of her feet.

The Holly Dolls, by the way, are totally free around there.

Those who come welcome like my daughter, and those who leave drop them off like the journey of my daughter.

And in the Evantaille countries, it was one of the great factions….

Yes, it is the 'Strawdor family'.

Their mansion is located in the 'Little Killyland Country', which accounts for the majority of the Virgin's share in the country.

The country is decorated with statues of the three sisters, and the country is mentioned and entertained...

Now, what was the impact of this one on that Virgin's famous house...

But they were still on that beach.