Popcorn chasers and the three sisters of the Strawdor family were not eligible for The Falling Brave Hunt.

The reason is simple, because they were not brave.

But as mentioned earlier, the popcorn chaser had become a hater by naming the country.

In that case, it would be that the treatment of the Strawdor family, which exposed itself to the same ugliness, would be decided on a nasty basis.

The three sisters left the island at the end of the day among those returning from Greyskay Island.

For whatever reason, it was buried in the sand the whole time.

After the 'Gocon' settlement, the brave men who were buried on the beach next door were dug up, tied up and taken...

They were buried further away than that, so they were completely forgotten.

In the sea of the night, where no one came, the water blame at full tide inflicted on them pain that was nowhere near 'plus alpha'.

The pain of seawater staining deeply choosen facial wounds and exhausting them to the brush tongue, even though the waves can't breathe when pushed at all.

The pain and fatigue seemed to overlap, causing my consciousness to fly away, but I am forced to regain consciousness because of salt water.

Salt, more ancient than Tai, was also used as a reminder medicine during torture.

Even after the execution of Yashikudaki, they continued to suffer from natural drugs.

Wandering through the abyss of death, the three sisters cried.

He was crying out to the sandy beach where no one else was, only as food to avenge the Holly Doll family that made us see ourselves this way.

That, the cry of the black soul, as if it had gathered all the resentment in the world...

Like the Taoist god of hell, ooh ooh and forever and ever......

After a few days, the Yashikudaki came and dug me up.

They crawl out of the sand, like female ghosts resurrected from deep wells.

And when I grabbed Yashikudaki, who was by his side, I grabbed him...

I'm supposed to be the benefactor of my life, and I'm gonna rip it apart...!

It was as if the dying mountain grandmothers were desperately seeking life.

But he wasn't dead. Rather, it was full of precision.

Only flipped red eyes......

Like the moon of Reaper, it was gleaming...!

"... mi te le ga y y de tu...!

"... co no u la mi...! ha la sa de o que be ki ka de go the y ma s......!

"... te n si ii a wa se te ya le de sch...!

Female pigs of the Holly Doll family......!

It's the fly that hits around the bodies of Temehe and the others...!

Lead Temehe et al to Hell, Angel......!

I'll give you the 'death' you deserve...!

This, even if you turn it into life......!

Even if he was killed nine times, he lived ten times...!

To the mansion of Temehe and the others, I will grow you a pencil grass!!!!

The three sisters, who had risen from hell, rolled out to the city after that.

When you take off your worn robe on an empty boulevard, you break into the boutique naked and rob the Virgin's robe.

Instead of being cautious, the store owner said, "Yikes!? Bucket thing!?" he crawls away.

In that reaction, the three sisters recalled once again that their faces were transformed.

Steal a parked carriage after you've done a "recap" in one of the stores.

The carriage was shrinking, but I dragged him down.

Heading to the harbor, he hits the biggest of the remaining cruisers.

Inside, there was a family of celebrities who missed escape, but threw them away in the ocean.

Those series of maneuvers were so vivid that they did not seem to be the Virgin Family.

If I were to give them a new name, yes......

Grand Ceft Virgin......!

The Virgins did not hesitate to breathe, but naturally exhaled, to the daring offense.

It was like skin care for them to strain and moisturize their skin.

Thanks to that, finally a full resurrection......!

There is Negijo (Ajito), a small Killyland country...!

...... three lets go! Three religors......!

Before me, no enemies......!!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

A large cruiser appeared in the sea of Killeland.

It is a hull as white as a swan, approaching the harbor, leaving a graceful wave of uncluttered traces.

To the hunch of the arrival of the big man, the press, who was stranded in the harbor, rushes out as if they had found their prey.

Cruiser is on his way.

Everyone in the harbor was convinced that it was the Virgins of the Strawdor family who were inside.

There are still three sisters of the Holly Doll family on Greyskay Island, so there's a possibility of that......

The Holly Doll family ship is decorated with a hectic Osama face, so I found it to be different with one eye.

If it's the Strawdor family inside, and the Yazi horses come together one after the other.

They all had stones in their hands, rotten fish, etc.


At the hands of the harbor staff, a tarrap was applied.

I stepped on it, like a red carpet, and it showed up...!

Unexpected, big guest......!

No, it was a monster-class presence, beating the unpredictable 450 °...!!

Oops......!! Wow............!!

It's as if it's full of laundry, a twirl of sorts dominates the spot......!

That was indeed a threesome.

And there were three of them...!

It was a swan-like dress, and the graceful legging was the same......


Just one, just one......!

I felt so uncomfortable......!

That's just one thing to say......

There is only one difference in the search for mistakes...!

There was too much, it was uncomfortable...! Ballying............!

Like the book Find Mistakes Quiz, in which all pages have become different from each other too much of a deciduous......!

Because of just one of them, it ruins everything......!

There's only one answer,

"It's all wrong"......!

An unprecedented prestige, transformed like such a ramen topping, is here now......!

Killyland's harbor was more devastating than ever......!!