Large cruiser, hung talap.

In the case of celebrities, a special tarap painted in red, etc., is prepared, but in the case of the prestigious Virgin, it is determined to be a white tarap.

It was also known as The Angel Ladder.

Again and again, in all the Virgin kingdoms, beautiful women flourish when their appearance becomes famous.

Coming down the angel ladder is always a brilliant beauty to behold with the goddess, greeted with a sigh of sigh...

… giri…….

the tarrap of the ship, and its presence, which came down,


Everyone was breathtaking, along with their drawn voices.

... giri, giri...

The men were not easy beings, such as goddesses.

Cloudless sunshine today, it was daylight now, so the port of Killyland was lit with sunlight by your...

As soon as they appeared, the sun was blocked by dark clouds and dark shadows fell.

... giri, giri, giri...

Angel ladders, too, when they stand......

It makes me feel like an abandoned school hallway late at night.

... giri...!

The identity is nothing else.

He would be the three sisters of the Strawdor family.


All I can say is, they were dressed up.

... from the neck up...!

No, in this case, transformation......

No, no, should I say I turned into a...

Mother Reincarnation wears an apron from above the Great Virgin's dress and serves customers at The Slam Dog Mart.

I'm puffy over there and loose over here so that my apron shoulder straps will swing to my popped chest as it slips off......

This is how Midnight Sugar described it.

"It's like my chest is walking," he said.

If she had stayed here, she must have said something about the Virgins who had just stepped down.

Horror's walking.


There is no "as if" or "as if", in a completely conclusive tone......!

The light inserted from the clouds illuminates the Virgin in question, like a spotlight.

... kah...!

Like an asphalt in the middle of summer, to a lit sole, behind the press.

I descended upon the earth by the name of Yi, Goddess......

No, the white devil...

He wore a pure white mask...!

'Mask' is not like covering your mouth only in the event of a cold, it wraps your entire face, but rather your entire head softly......

Finally, 'Eye Out Hat' eh......!

But it is not made of cloth.

Made of elastic material like rubber, it sucks onto the skin perfectly and has a beautiful nose and lip shape.

It's a tough one, and when it comes to gloss like enamel white... it doesn't seem bad...


It's as if a skull restored with plaster is breathing life into it and sitting there...

It's in the science room of the school building, like a skeletal specimen moving out and wandering at night...

From beyond the partially cracked egg shell, it was creepy, like peeking eyes and mouth...!

What was even more toddling was its number.

Normally, if such an intense character emerges, the market is generally determined by just one person.


Three (trio) Huh...!

More so, because all three sisters are the ones wearing that creepy mask...

A trio of fears......!

Hide your mouth elegantly with a fluffy fan, Zamar Termination.

Brighilla refrains behind it and smiles calmly.

Bainback being held in Zamar's arms and wielding angel smiles.

It was more of a goosebump thing, although it behaved as usual, as if masks and other things did not exist.

Even if the surroundings are donning, Zamar is not.

"... Alaala, guys, what's up, Chu?

To a word like the same Mother of Mercy, a lagging press force.

They were going to come down and blame the question, but they couldn't.

The yaji horse behind them was going to hit him with stones and rotten fish when he came down, but he couldn't.


Because I was so, so scared...!

I'm sure if Midnight Sugar had been here, he would have gone on like this.

"I have Misato here, too."


"If you see it, you die"......!

That's all there was to the Strawdor girls right now.

I want you to imagine.

There are only eyes like a moon with a face between the white enamel rubber.

The other facial parts are covered. Maybe, the eye-catching force is emphasized......

Just a glimpse, so powerful that the bladder is decimated, it's equipped...!

Oops......!! Wow............!!

It would be impossible for Harbor Ju to be wrapped up in such a rubbish.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The return of the Strawdor family was the most talked about in Killyland.

There were a lot of people gathering around to hit a throwing stone in an attempt to get a single shout and curse...

Everyone was giving way to that path, like a miracle of sea cracking.

Everyone was completely atrophied by the way they all changed.

Though they don't come together, they don't come any closer.

Like Engacho, he just stares at the far-roll.

The sisters made a mistake.

"Tututututu! He said he was just away for a little while, but I didn't know he could have a crowd anywhere..."

"Again, this little Killyland country needs the eagles and the Strawdor family."

"Bain Tan, it was embarrassing -!

Become even more popular, the upbeat Virgins.

Walk amongst the harbor in love on a flower path made of pedestrian hedges.

Everyone with their eyes,


and stiff as a frog stared at by a serpent, turning bright blue,

"Alaala, don't be so nervous just because Zama is a coveted Virgin. Chu. I don't know why you're such a jerk."

"The enthusiasm of the eagles, inspired by their friendliness, has finally blossomed"

"I'm sure in time, people with bouquets of flowers will surround you!

I don't even think that our appearance is pounding the people into a vortex of terror, fine dust.

But that wrong sense of superiority will soon be corrected.

This small Killeland country is famous as the Mecca of the Virgin.

So much so that the previous' Congregation of the Virgin 'was also executed in this country.

And this country also has the highest share of the Strawdor family.

In Zamar's liver, he had statues of the Strawdor family installed all over the place.

In the square outside the harbor, there is also a large statue of three sisters...

That's what makes us come, as if we've been waiting...

...... Zuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!