Just outside the port of Killeland, work was under way to replace the statues of the Strawdor family.

That's about a two-story house, and it was a monumental presence in this port...

Right now, the three sisters with a loving smile are roped multiple times, as if to tie the very bad guy up...

The workers pull the end of the rope, along with the O.S.O.S. and the hanging voice….

...... Zuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

The statue that was defeated at the front was shattered...!

That's what we saw.

Besides, with the best seats for fragments to fly...!

Moment after moment, this became the center of the world.

"Become...!? What are you doing to me?!?!?

And the audience has seen it.

Running out like crazy, cursing dolls......!

Its impending force froze the square.

The workers will be unable to move as stoned.

Anyway, a white rubber mask hit the presence of a bloody eye like a red moon.

Besides, the outfit was a luxury robe that everyone could see, so the gap narrowed.

Flipping the hem of the robe like a night fork, the looming thing grabbed the chest barn of one worker with a gut.

"What a bad boy and chu to defeat the statues of the Zamas!? Don't die instantly, Chu!

"What a bee hit! What right do you have to do such a heinous and outrageous thing!?

"I was scared! I was scared! From this uncle, he smelled blood. Uh-huh!

Workers stuffed from screaming dolls don't fit the roots of their teeth anymore.

As he was thrown out on Winter Mountain, with a beep and teeth, a blurb and a trembling hand, he showed a standing sign.


"Place where the statue of the Holly Doll Virgin is to be founded" and….

Next to it, a large object like a snow mountain hung with a white cloth......!

It was obvious that it was a statue waiting for the dismissal ceremony...!

The three cursed sisters now challenged the statue, and took away the cloth.

There are still enemies of uncluttered heaven......

He smiled like a goddess and was laughing...!


The squares are filled with screams as if the blood of the whole body had been blown out by the curse.

"Why Chu!? Why are the statues of these female pigs in this place? Chuh!?

"The only way these female pigs can be statues is in the lower body!

"I was scared! This is a demon statue. Shh! Knock it down! You knocked him out! We all joined forces and defeated this statue. Uuuuuuuu!

Always, if Bainback cries out, trying to get the angel's smile back as soon as possible......

Many adults turned to me, right and left.

But now, who doesn't move as one?

Everyone just stares away like a tide, spilling cold sweat in a tall way......!

"Kukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!! Then zamas do it. Chuh!!

Say it quickly, but grab the rope that was at your feet, and catch it on the Holly Doll family statue with the capacity of the throwing rope.

Then the audience moved just as well.

"Hey, what are you doing! Please don't!

"Hey guys! Stop the Virgins of the Strawdor family!

"Everybody, protect the statue of the Holly Doll family!

When the statue of the Strawdor family is defeated, the folks who did nothing......

But when I found out there was a crisis in the statue of the Holly Doll family, everyone was desperate.

I didn't really want to touch it because it was going to curse me when I touched it......

I can't help it. The men wind them up.

The women don't want the statue to fall, they don't want to risk falling.

The bully strikes the heart of the Strawdor family.

No, I'll beat it.

Because the people who give their lives for themselves (garbage) are what they wanted the most...!

"Even if it's a statue, I can't believe it torments the Zamas...! Ku......! Kukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!"

A scream of jealousy strikes heaven.

No longer do they have any Virgin elements that storm to the point of losing their self.

To turn red stained white eyes upside down, blow bubbles from the edge of your mouth, and cramp your body tight......

Completely, it was a living horror.

But even in such a state of todome-stabbed curse puppets, it is they who evil wisdom works.

"... Mi, we're all fooled, Chu! Three inches to the mouth of the Holly Doll family, so chuh!

"That's right! The eagles are on Greysky Island, and we've seen them! The true figure of the Virgins of Nice!

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! I was just scared to remember. Uhhhhhhhhhh!

Sisters of the Strodor family seized.

They said they were going to tell the truth while pretending to be grown up.

Escaping the restraint with a mouthpiece, he raised it on a crate containing materials, which was at the statue construction site.


From his ripped mouth, which emerged from the white mask... 'The Truth' was spun out.

But there was nothing about the content.

That they were the private beach of the Holly Doll family on Grey Sky Island, that they were...

Just switched positions just like that, a bright red lie......!

The three sisters used the statue of their rival sisters as a backdrop to the famous performance of the utilitarian.

"So Zama said, Chu! What a terrible thing to take a child hostage...! Children are the hope of the future......! Even if he was a child of the wicked, he said it was not a good thing to kill...! Instead, I give Zama's life. With Chu!

"Oh my God, Mr. Primla said so! Then this knife will tear you apart the best beauty in the world...! Always a gentle smile, Primla, with a demonic face......! I'm sure this is what Mr. Primla is all about, and the eagle thought!

It was inherently so full of chopped emotions that everyone believed it.

But the audience's reaction is cold and cold.

It's as if the front seats connect the venues because the arrival of the popular laughing artists is delayed...

The frustrating mixed Silakemood dominated.

... they didn't know.

Everything that happened on that occasion has been ravaged by the newspaper reporters......

It's already typescripted all over this country, that it's shared...!