Down in the square of the port of Killeland, the Virgins were eloquent.

The eyes are constantly moisturized, sometimes floating a jewel-like Shizuku on the temple......

The gesture was as beautiful as swan wings, and the worrying sigh made him feel self-sacrificed.

That would have been good if it had been so far.

Everyone nodded yeah and some of them cried for it.

At the end of the day, a courageous army had been formed to unite and defeat the Virgin named in the Jade...

The hot blood tide didn't even burn up like this.

And this time, ironically, it turns out to support gossip.

No matter how many newspapers are published with true photographs….

The people of Killyland felt less of a "mistake".

There are many famous Virgins in this country, but when it comes to the Strawdor family, it is the most popular Virgin Gate.

The presence that we have so far worshipped, like a goddess's replacement...

I didn't want to believe you had such a gross nature to hide.

But the stories told from their mouths are not all the same as what was written in the newspapers......

It's just that the two Virgin families were replaced...!

If so, which will the people believe?

It is more definitive evidence that there is a true photograph…!

Do you know the phrase 'eloquence is silver, silence is gold'?

The Virgin of the Strawdor family has so far won victory by eloquence.

I have kicked the blind Virgins down by the dressed falsehood.

The audience, if always, say their words….

Even the diamonds listened to me as if it soaked up.

But on this occasion today, what spills out of their mouths...


Instead of creeping it up, it's also obnoxious to put it in your eyes, the end of being able to turn a dirty gaze......!

Three sisters have so far demonstrated their natural puffiness in a different way, but they are finally beginning to realize the discomfort.

First, Bainback moved.

"What Zama is saying is true! The true photograph of the evidence is also here! Everybody saw it! I saw it. Huh!!

... baaa...!

and among the people who received the rose-scattered true photographs, a sorrowful voice leaks.

That was once all cut out with a convenient angle, like a fierce overhaul of the two Big Bang Loves.

"Ya... I knew what was written in the paper was true!

This worked......! and three sisters who nibble.

"Alaala, it looks like you finally figured it out. Tu hey. That's right, Chu. Oh, the Holly Doll Virgin was such a bad boy. Chu!

"Those people had founded a school that would be a 'slum dog school' and they were collecting eggs from the Virgins. So, he was sneaking up on his weakness. One Virgin and others are threatened with making their parents incurable, unable to cure them without the power of their mother, etc... another Virgin and others have been robbed of their clothes and found putting pats in their bras, threatened with not wanting to be rose by the brave..."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! How can you come up with such a devil thing!? Bain Tan, it was frightening. Uh-huh!

The act became a toddler, and the audience's firing line caught fire.

"... don't be ridiculous! You must be the ones who were doing it!

"The Virgin, who was threatened by you, came back from Greysky Island and accused the newspapers!

"Whoa! Look! In the picture, there's a mix of burglaries of the Virgins dressing!

"Shit... it was! Wrong, I sprinkled roses!," Bainback spilled, "became a decision hit.

"Damn! These guys, they're goddamn Saints!

"You look cute, and what you're doing isn't good...! It's like a demon!

"That's how you've detached so many sins so far, you've been in sins that don't even exist!?

"I believed you...! I believed it might be a misunderstanding...!

"My daughter was targeting you! I'm in shock now!

"They're not famous or anything anymore! Do it! Do it! - Whoa!

In the meantime, the rumble of rebellion grows.

Throw the stones and rotten fish you want in your hands at the dolls of the curse with hatred.

"Ko, this is a misunderstanding and tu! The female pigs in the Holly Doll family must have bought the newspaper, Chu!

"Ugh! You said you bought it!

Bye! and an ancient newspaper can be thrown at you.

Zamar put it on his face. He peeled it off and looked at each other white to make sure.



Terminator, once again...!

All that was on one side of the newspaper was a definitive scene that could no longer be missed.

A terrible shape, Zamar sets up a crossbow towards the sky.

Brighilla presses a knife against the neck of a wild tail child.

Bainback laughing at Nitanita with such a vicious face as she revealed her true nature.

And... all three of us do a headspin and bury ourselves on the beach...!

At the end of the day, they made a big mistake.

Shouldn't have been eloquent to stop and pierce, but silence......!

You should have asked for more money than diamonds...!

If I didn't say anything, I might have been impressed by the 'feeling of believing in the Strawdor family', which remained only slightly among the people.

At the end of the day, just greedy......

At the end of the day, I just aimed for a one-shot reversal......

They have caused the worst in history......!

Yes, that's......!

"The Virgin Hunt" Huh......!!