The 'Killeland Small Country', which is considered the land of the Virgin.

There, one of the prestigious, the Strawdor family was making it wide.

There was always a statue imitating the three sisters in the place where men gathered, so much so that the breathtaking diocese was decorated with their religious paintings alongside the goddess.

However, when the reverse indulgence on Greyskay Island is reported in the country, the statue is defeated and the painting is made a mess.

Still, the people were those who believed in the Strawdor family for a long time, so they had their last pity.

It was public opinion that if the sisters returning from the island acknowledged the factual relationship and apologized, or made a firm rebuttal, let them.

The sisters said they had held an emergency meeting until they returned home and gathered a large crowd in the harbor square...

What popped out of that mouth is not an apology, not a rebuttal...

Just a lie......!

This was a great mistake on their part, called vitamin C for a hundred foxes in cunning.

If I had known beforehand that the Killyland small country was making such a scene, it would have been that I would have been returning home with a stranglehold on a completely criminal lie that was odder than the novel.

But hate......!

I didn't know......!

This is simply because there were no sources on the abandoned island of Greyskay.

Either way, they stepped on it.


In the middle of the square in the port of Killeland, the folks who had gathered to surround the Strawdor family......

He was shooting flaming curses and throwing stones like shredded pieces...!

"How dare you fool us before!

"How dare you cure my illness, I've been making donations!

"I wanted my son's illness cured, and our family let go of me to the house, and I just kept working!

"Just take it away Take it away, not enough donations or anything, even give me one of my prayers. I didn't quit!

"I'm sure they didn't have the power to heal people!

"Shit! You're kidding me! Die! Die! Die!!

Three sisters descending from all directions, in stone and filth, shrinking.

We're crumbling to shield each other.

"Huh!? Don't push Zama, Chu!

"Zamar is the representative of the eagles and sisters! It's always the best time to get out front and feel delicious, so it's useful at times like this!

"Gigi!? We have to shield Bain Tan. Oops!!

The look of it goes without saying, fought over leftovers, dobrats whilst drenched in dirty water in the sewer...!

But to them too, the light of hope plunges in, as if the lid of the manhole had been opened.

It sparked the crowd and appeared like a white wave, a large number of Virgins......!

All of them are stewardesses of the Strawdor family, some of whom accompanied them to Greyskay Island.

If it was for the three sisters, it was the elite (Dray) in the water in the fire...!

Numerous whites, which appeared to repaint black.

The anger and stone-throwing that was flying across the square stop perfectly.

Zamar, drenched in a slime-like liquid, clung to them from the top of the crate.

"Yes......! You're in a good place. Chu! Hurry up! Get rid of these people quickly, Chu!

But they shook their heads left and right with a resolute look.

"No, Dear Zamar Termination. You cannot obey that order."

"Because we're no longer your doorman"

"Ah......!? Alaala!? I suddenly say that. How dare you, you bad boys, chu!? If you take such a defiant attitude...... I know what will happen. So chu hey!? As much as I lose my place in this country, I know. Chu, right!?

Guillotine and peeling zammer.

For a moment the weak Virgins were so perplexed that their gaze alone seemed to drain their blood.

But I say it back in style.

"Damn...... that's okay! Because we are going to be taken care of by the Holly Doll family!

As soon as its name came up,


Zamar has skipped threats like a freakin 'bird.

"Go to the Holly Doll house and tu......!? If you do that......! Don't ever heal your loved ones illness again, Chu!? That's okay, Chu!?

The Virgins stretched their bodies much stronger so that they could endure the withering of wood.

And like seeking spring sunshine,

"Yikes...... that's okay!!

I bound my fine voice and said it back diligently.

"When I told Mother about my sick mother, she cared like she cared about me... she gave me this amulet!

In the girl's hand there was a small stuffed animal with a strap.

"When I get home and let my mother have this... My mother, who's been asleep for so long, is ready to get up! As if a bad curse had been broken......!

"So did our brother! I've always been fine, but one day, all of a sudden, I got a huge injury to my leg...! That didn't heal at all, and I couldn't walk! But if I give my mother the amulet she gave me, I can't walk yet, but I can stand...!

"We, we got it! My family's wounds look exactly like what Zamar did to Mother on Greysky Island!

"Zamar was injuring our family and hanging" Eternal Force Back Beauty "after Absolutely Immutable!?

"I'm going to cure that wound, 'cause it's been turning us into puppets...! But I already figured that out, too! Zamar said that even if he had the power to hurt him, he didn't have the power to heal his wounds...!

"The fact that you did not heal the brave man on that island of Greysky is more than proof!!

"Zamar! You are out of love!!

And the girls held their voices together bravely.

"I know I would love to have your free time for a while to come!!!!


Zamar has been poked three and a half lines with no gutter sound.

Finally, I was abandoned to my last hope......!

More than losing a doorman, the Strawdor family loses their prestigious status.

On the contrary, it is only a matter of time before we lose our position as Virgin more than we have found out that we suffered innocent people...!

...... Bishi Bishi Bishi Bishi Bishi...!!

Along with the sound of cracks entering, multiple blood vessels emerge on the neck muscle under the mask.

That goes without saying, the last moment of Las Boss......!

Hibi cracks, explodes, 5 seconds ago ugh......!!