Zamar wandering around on a wooden crate with Dosunbatan all dirty.

The great evil that has afflicted this country for so long, and the Virgin World, at last......!?

But this, for her, was just the destruction of the weak spot.

It was like a tail that shook everything away with one swing, so although it was a huge pain in the ass to lose it...

But yet, there was still...!

She has her last hand......!


Flip your body in a motion you don't think of as a human being, in a lizard-like posture, staring down at the Virgins,


I thought I knocked him down. He was making a fuss about the nagging, as if Lass Boss had been resurrected in the second phase.

The open eyeballs are dangerously colored and viscous, and breath leaks from the edge of the torn mouth as if poison gas were leaking, psuepsuepsuew.


A drink like Hao Lei.

The Virgins were so diligent that they did not pull a single step, but they were finally lagging behind.

"I'll sprinkle it......!! I'll tear you apart. Chuh!! Temee et al's embarrassing true photo (shudder) is a tap over here Tu......!! If that falls apart, at the end of the day, don't let the brave man ever deal with you again. Chuh!! Temee et al. 's Virgin Life is over WHY TWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

It was, zamerically, just a saving blow to Skunk's Onala.

Because every Virgin in this world dreams of serving the brave.

Because if you have exhausted your affection for the brave, it is not even supposed to be existential in the first place.

The Virgins behaved like bullied children who had just begun...

You should just surrender completely to this trump card......!

But Lasbos didn't know.

History is already in motion, but only one, was imprisoned in the past.

The girls in front of them escaped the Virgin of Nice by meeting a true Virgin named Mother......

I woke up to something called the true Virgin and peeled like a sanagi......!

My heart was already winged like a butterfly, and from further heights, I was looking down at my mother...!

In the eyes of the girls, there was no longer any stray.

"I don't mind. Please, do as you please!

"Wha!? Nha so chu and oohhhhhhhh!?!?

"Mother said. True Virgin is everyone's mom......!

The Virgin continues with her eyes closed and hands on her chest, as she recalls then.

"So he said we should all be equal and share love. But only special love, you always said to have it in your heart. But the one who dedicates that special love is not the 'brave man'. The true Virgin is the one who offers true love..."

"Hang on! Anyway, say 'Dear Godsmile' so chu! Chu for what that female pig who is greedy is going to say! That's how that female pig is going to make me hope, but I'm going to have good thoughts on my own. Chuh!!

But the next thing spinning out of the mouth of the Virgins was not the name of the world's greatest brave man.



Used to be at the bottom of the world, wild dog......!?

"Oh... Oru?

Zamar is accidentally plunged into the void by the advent of a new character that is unexpected.

"Yes, Mother said, 'All the love of the Virgin leads to Gol'. I still don't know what it's like to be Mr. Gol, but it must be more than what Mother said."

Osama, no way in an exotic land, reputational damage......!?

"We go for the true Virgin, under Mother. From now on, I've decided to live not for the brave, but for Gol."

"Our visit to this port was on our way to the island of Greyskay, where Mother is located, to help rebuild the island. Now, I'm glad to hear your last greeting."

"Well, thank you for your help for a long time.... Good day, Zamar."

A bunch of white robes that leaves the pokant Zamar roughly as if it were a different wave.

The audience also forgot me for a while and watched, but threw stones as someone remembered.

... Gatsun! Gotun! Gun!

A stone hits the head of the three sisters, who were no-guards, bleeding from their foreheads.

It was dripping from the hole in the mask's eye, so their full of cursed dolls reheated all at once.

"Ugh!? Disgusting!?

"I knew it was the devil! He was a real demon!

"And it's not just about appearance! I can't believe you threatened the young Virgins. I just think of them as demons to my heart!

"Kill the devil! Burn and kill the devil!

Finally, even Matsuaki was thrown in, and the crate where the three sisters stood burned up.

Wrapped in a flame that burns, it rumbles around as if it had fallen into flames.

"" "Ghahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?!?" "

That's exactly the kind of witch that gets caught in the fire......!

Never wet clothes etc, was true witch whilst......!