If you are a concurrent person, you are no longer on holiday.

It seemed inevitable that I would be doomed to burn to death like this......

They are 'Curse Dolls (Strawdolls)' …!

As for the cursed dolls in the horror movies, there's no way they're going to die to this extent with their grudginess guts...!

... bah...!

They kicked the crate and flew in unison.

Stick to the statue of the Holly Doll family that was right behind you and you crawl up like a cockroach escaping the fire.

Even though it was Shaq who could help his rival sisters, who hated him as much as he wanted to curse him, he couldn't replace his belly on his back.

On the way up, Zamar was spitting on Mother's face, Brigira on Primla's face and Bainback on Pine Pack's face on purpose.

When each vertex is reached,

... bah...!

and take off the burning robe.

Instead of the Virgin anymore, they shouted in their underwear that they had stripped down to their pride as women.

"Saah, pave the way, Chu!

"There's an oil bottle in this robe!

"Hihihi......! If you throw it, the square will be a sea of fire......! Damn!!

...... waaaa!?

On the thrown robes, the folks jumping out in unison.

that moment of skimming, and with open hedges,

... bah...!

Fly again!

The presence of an oil bottle was a complete haphazard.

Don't be afraid of such a bold lie in this earthen pit, even though we haven't shown it together...!

But by the time people realized it, the sisters had already left the harbor grounds.

In relation to the entry and exit of many carriages, the street in front of the port is a boulevard where several carriages can walk together.

A lot of carriages were still going and a lot of people were walking on the sidewalk...

"Become, what the hell!?

"Heh, are you a pervert!? No, it's the devil!?


The people who stay together flee.

I can't help it.

Because women in underwear are walking in tears of blood, wearing creepy masks.

No way. Everyone wouldn't even think about it.

I didn't expect the famous Virgin of this country to show up dressed like a twisted pervert who went insane on his way home from war.

Besides, he wasn't even a Virgin because he no longer had a robe.

Complete, perverted demon......!

The demons were already stained with evil to their hearts.

Due to events on Greysky Island, the switch to 'Grand Ceft Virgin' also lasted a moment.

I find a carriage that seems to be ridden by the rich, so it strikes me with the feeling of a fumble stop.

There was a man sitting in your seat...

Brigira takes out the mini knife she had hidden in her pants and threatens to take its seat.

Zamar and Bainback, who boarded the carriage, kicked it down the alley as they took the handbag from the well-dressed old lady who was inside.

...... Gusha!

"Gahhhhhhhh!? Boneless!? Bones ahhhhhhh!?

towards the old lady, who is fractured and smothered,

"Alaala, Zama, Zama. I eat meat all the time, so my bones get weaker. Sometimes I have to eat fish. So tu! Tutu, tu, tu!"

"It was a good morning to die! Baba's legacy was given to you by Bain Tan, and you will die in peace as it is!

Leaving behind a discarding dialogue that only seemed like a livestock, the carriage drove away.