Running out in a hijacked carriage, the Strawdor three sisters.

This much crime is just like an afternoon tea a little early for them.

Until now, however, it has been done secretly so that my legs don't stick to me, and I am ready to go...

I came here and the taga was completely off.

There are two reasons.

The first reason is that they have been placed in extremes for a long time on Greyskay Island.

That experience was unprecedented, even for those of them who had wandered through many training grounds.

And when a man wanders the frontier of life and death, a certain readiness arises.

I wish they too would have reflected on the evils they have done so far and been reborn into a true Virgin......

But the coin of fate thrown,

Behind your back......!

The Curse Doll Three Sisters got a more powerful curse and came back to life......!

I have unleashed this chaotic world as a witch that stirs even more......!

And for the second reason,

...... Already, yakuza......!

They have lost everything in this' Killeland Small Country ', which should have been their home country.

Status, honor, my men......!

I'm sure the mansion in first class would be in big trouble by now.

But their loss was quick.

We didn't show each other, but we were already determined to get out of this country.

This intellectuality, or this one rocky, is an advantage not found in the Holly Doll family.

There is no longer untrained in this country.

Whether you're scared with a fear mask or running down the street in your underwear......

And whatever it takes, whoever it hurts...

Across the country, acquittal......!

Everything resets............!

Of course, this is not the case with ordinary criminals, but they are the prestigious Strawdor family of the Virgin.

If that was the case, there was no such thing as wiping out a criminal record in the country to which it was going.

The carriage carrying the cursed dolls blasts the boulevard with our faces.

Destroy dewstores one after another with Brigira's wild ride technique.

Bainback grabs the bouncing flying fruit and unpacks the passing horse.

Zamar elegantly divides the loot that accumulates in the carriage one after the other….

What a curse on those who chase and those who go on the road...!

They don't have anything to be afraid of...!

Invincible as if you got a star.

Those who could stop this most fearful trio no longer seemed to exist in this world.

... but to tell the truth...

All these crimes, Kara, were just fine.

After a total defeat to the Holly Dolls, this is how I was just trying to get the Usa Clear and forget everything was taken away.

And they see.

An abominable object that reminds me of a nightmare, a hateful enemy that has been tormented for so long...!

It's been here forever.

Ringing gotgoto and cobblestone, I've been moving on from the front, a big carriage.

What it was towing, what...!

Burying on the beach in Ganimata, imitating the three girls, statues......!!

That was clearly what inspired the three Strawdor sisters' insanity on Greyskay Island.

The only thing out there is the lower body, so I don't know who it is, but the plate under the statue says,

Virgin Nise, the end of the Strawdor family, who has suffered this country for a long time

To avoid repeating this tragedy again, exterminate the Virgin of Nice!

After the nomenclature, too humiliating slogan wanting......!!

To see from the direction the carriage was headed, it was obvious to head to the harbor.

In the heads of the Virgin of Nice, the sight follows.

In the square of the harbor, to the statue of the Holly Doll family, everyone in this country kneels….

Set next to it, on that statue, there's a mockery...!

No matter how untrained this country is, it is not generous enough to see such a no-future......!

The girls were angry, like instant boilers.

"" "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

That's just two cars, riding themselves out of the carriage they're riding, trying to get around.

The distance was about one lane away, but to them turned into a ghost brake, it would not be any obstacle.

Anticipating when the carriage will pass, fly away......!

"" "Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!


It wasn't just reason that was off.

They will now be in more pain than anyone else.

I saw it in a stop motion while I was flying half-naked.

Another carriage approaching at a fierce speed from the opposing lane...!

"" "Shit......!?

It was too late when I shouted.

No matter how much 'walking horror' they were called, they can't escape in the air or anything.

... Gwahhhhhhhhhh!

I was bounced off by a carriage that ran into me with a horizontal giraffe, rising like a leaf of a tree caught in a gust of wind...!


With the impact, the underwear I was wearing flies a thousand pieces.

Girls naked in fear masks, circling and spinning in the air.

Would there ever have been a service scene so unhappy......!?

I don't say no to happy happenings, such as "Lucky Skebe".

If you dare crown this unpleasant event,

"Unlucky Horror" eh......!!

Those on the road who have been shown that moment turn away unexpectedly.

But luckiest of all, it wasn't them.

We will now be more distressed than anyone.

I saw it in a stop motion while I crashed naked.

Impossible GOOD...... NO, BAD TIME...

Another carriage approaching at a fierce speed from the opposing lane...!

The carriage was towing, not the statue.

For the girls, it was supposed to be the biggest humiliation.

But there was such a bump that such a thing was going to be summery...!

That's, what...!