When the Virgin of the Strawdor family was in a parade of shame......

The reborn legions of Virgin Mary were leaving the port of Killyland.

They board a 'Slumdog Mart' merchant ship decorated by Gold Kun and go for Greysky Island.

At one point, there were so many ships docked offshore that it seemed like a world war, but that number is also much lower.

Ships like luxury sports cars are more stuck now than they are today.

They were all cruisers of the brave.

With the end of "Gocon" and the defeat of Rivolve, some of the brave men went first for Greyskay Island.

The thoughts vary.

Those who try to make sure that events such as those reported by the media were really on that island.

Who now intends to take over the island in the absence of Revolv.

He who is in Sin Itomrau, who seeks to crusade the mysterious life form......

Either way, that island should have a rolling chance of birth......!

The brave men were burning with ambition and leaving the port, but even if it were their high-speed ship, they would be unable to make even as little progress as snails when they went offshore.

The same was true of the ships of the press.

Every newspaper in the Evantaille countries sends a special commissioner to that island, which is hottest right now.

But their ships, which were able to come and go without any problems in the middle of 'Gocon', were also held back by invisible walls.

Greysky Island, transformed into Treasure Island.

But there, you can come and go...

No longer, only wild dogs......!

luxury ships hissing each other, as if they were tangled up in a spider web.

Next to it, merchant ships, especially those without equipment such as this, pass by.

There's a wild dog painted on the hull...

There's an illustration of a wild dog lying all over the boat saying, "Take a break"......

Soothing, gracefully......!

Behind the Virgin's back, a scream follows.

"Become... why?!? Why just that ship!?

"We've been here for days now, and we can't move on!?

"My ship loaded with state-of-the-art guiding screws can't even go a millimeter...!

"How can a boat with a wild dog drawn like that go through!?

"Maybe if you're a merchant ship you can get through!?

"Look at that! Give me that!"

"Ahhh!? Gorgeous smart ship, too, is caught!?

"The finest, the king's ship can't go on......!? Why?!? Why, whoa!?!?

Were the brave men of pride or were they not intelligent...

I did not take measures such as this in particular.

But the media were either trying or failing to break through the invisible wall somehow.

First, explore the secrets of Slumdog Mart's ship, the only free pass.

But nothing like this was discovered.

Then, smuggling.

As the 'Wow Knights' once did, there were many people sneaking into the 'Slumdog Mart' ship.

But this is a shutout with the sailors' efforts.

Moreover, even if he succeeded in sneaking in, when he found out that the foreign molecules were scattered, he was held back by a wall that looked like no other ship.

Finally, the mystery calls the mystery, and rumors begin to whisper about whether there really is a God on Greyskay Island.

When I do that, I really want to go on the ground is called Humanity......!

But that island, which used to be a resort, has become no more distant than on the clouds.

However, it depends on some human beings, more closely......!

As for the inside of the wild dogs, it was as easy as going to visit the neighboring town, making it a place to stop...!

Now let's take a look at the island at the heart.

The island of Greyskay is headed by the Holly Doll family and restoration work is in progress.

Of course, in that shadow, Osama was leaping...

These series of tasks were once fought together as the 'Coalition of Wild Dogs' and the celebrities who are now returning expressed their full support.

Thanks to this, besides Wild Tail, a large number of manpower will be secured and things will go smoothly.

The first thing that went first was securing the living base of the Wild Tails.

Until now, their residence, which had been pushed into the foothills of Sin Itomrau, was built as a residential district on the western side of the island.

The foothills are all fields and utilized as vast farmland.

Until now, there was only a port on the north side of the island, but it was added to four locations, east, west and north.

The west side turned it into a harbor reserved for the Wild Tails.

And the fishing industry resumed.

Until now, Rivolve had banned anything by destroying the landscape as a resort, but it was completely banned.

Once the Wild Tails supported their lives in agriculture and fisheries, but completely revived them.

After they have the equipment they need to live from now on, the next phase.

Osa...... No, what Mother instructed was redevelopment as a resort.

But it doesn't make sense in my current gold hobby.

Osa... No, Mother launched, the new reform concept...

"A Resort for Parents and Children to Enjoy, Learn"......!

This had a great purpose.

Solving the misconception that 'Wild Tail is an evil man'.

The origin of wild tail oppression stems from the misconception that Siranosinyi is a heretical God.

If I can let you know that Siranosinyi is the same as the goddess Renalilis and believes in the same god in different ways in some regions......

If the idea were to take root in the children, it would eventually save the lives of wild taylors around the world.

In that regard, it should be noted that the prestige of the Holly Doll family was of great help.

Anyway, better than Osama taking the stage and teaching about this...

In the cathedral decorated with Lunariris and Silanosinyi together, it would be better for the Virgin of Mom to speak to me like this, which would be so stained.

Your friends have a lot of kids, don't they?

Tall, low, big voice, little, white skin, black......

There's so much more to it just because it looks like it, so much more in its heart......

That's a lot of things your friends think you like or dislike, isn't it?

Maybe something I hate, but your friend loved it......

Conversely, I hated what I loved about your friends......

That could happen.

Then you'll hate that friend too?

Mommy loves what Mommy likes, the kids she likes together.

Because if you're with that kid, I think you'll like that favorite thing more.

But my mom loves what she thinks she doesn't like as much as she likes it.

'Cause if you're with that kid, one of these days, I think you'll even love what you don't like about it.

Everyone likes your friends a lot.

Whether you like or dislike a child... whatever you dislike or dislike...

Guys, I want you to like me.

Because then, what's in this world will be something you love, Mi-na?

Surrounded by what you love, living... isn't that very nice?