On the nascent island of Greyskay, a new cathedral was built.

Until now, the cathedral on this island was venerated with statues of the goddess Renalilis and Godsmile standing side by side, but that...

Demolish Godsmile and change to Sin Itmulau......!

This was an unlikely and fearless place of God in this world.

Sin Itomlau has been abhorred as a symbol of cult.

Until now, I've been like a hidden Christian. Let's not lose sight of it...!

If she is a concurrent Virgin, she is such a bee hitter that it is not strange to die in shock as it is.

Exactly. To this, the Virgins who came as gatekeepers were also turning blue,

"I think Mom's good. Wow," "I think I'm good, too," "Pie, too!

With the voice of the beautiful cranes, the decision......!

It is only a matter of time before this fact is uncovered externally.

And if he finds out, the braves must push him as a big election by calling him a cult hunt.

But the natives, the Wild Tails, were prepared after a battle in 'Gocon'.

I hoped to die crying out loud for faith rather than being killed by sequestering faith.

They were in a brand-new cathedral, in tears.

"Until now, I've just had the amulet of Master Sin Itomurau, and he said he was jumped in the neck......!

"I can't believe you're such a splendid statue and can worship Master Shin Itomurau...!

"While I was alive, I thought I could never...!

"Thank you, thank you...!

"The Holy Dolls have given us freedom of faith, not to mention their own bad position!

"After all, the Holy Dolls are reborn goddesses!

"Now those killed by the brave will not be floated!

"Even if the brave attack, we will fight with all our might! Protect the goddesses!

"That's right! We have Master Shinyitomurau on us! You can't beat a brave man!

The Wild Tails were ready to die, but the braves never attacked.

Because if you want to come, you can't come.

They are still held back by unseen walls on the ocean….

Passing like a wild dog walk, watching the 'Slumdog Mart' ship with his fingers crossed...!

Osa...... No, Mother strikes out into an even more daring hand at it for good.

That's the south side of the island......

Many wild tails were housed, became experimental animals and killed......

Livolve's Mansion......!

Its site has become like an island of dreams due to the brave bomb.

The pile of debris was removed and newly constructed….


In the construction of this facility, it was just as controversial on the island.

Evil followers are also a great sin in this world, but more supercrime (ultragilty) …….

If you do that to this level too, it will no longer be stylish.

You will undoubtedly turn the whole world against your enemies...!

Exactly this also had a hundred percent dissent erupting on the island.

The Wild Tails, who, on the contrary, prepared themselves for the gatekeepers, were also turning bright blue and stopping,

"I think Mom's good. Wow," "I think I'm good, too," "Pie, too!

With the voice of the beautiful phoenix, go to the vote......!!

The island of Greysky is thus reborn considerably from its former resort.

It was supposed to be a place for the braves to relax there on the thorny path for the braves......!

So what are they like......

Let's take a look at each and every one of them.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

It is possible to reach the nascent island of Greyskay from the ports of the Evantaille countries.

Until now, only rich enough to own a ship could go, but now a regular ship operates.

Tickets to get on that ship, by the way, are now passing platinum and turned into Dream Jumbo tickets.

Rumors have spread that there are tons of demonstrators on the island that have never been seen in the past, because of the arrival of people who want to take a look at it.

When you get on board with your precious ticket cut, you will be greeted by a captain with a dog tail on his body, a dog nose or beard on his face, and an attendant sister.

In a loud magic microphone, your sister greeted the passengers.

'Ladies and gentlemen, welcome today! This ship is Gold-kun's ship! Look, can you see the bow? You have a bow statue of Gold flying in the sky! This is also Gold-kun's punch, which destroys a fantasy named Brave Man!

From then on, you cum me, sister.

"This Gordo will take you all to your dream country now! The Land of Dreams welcomes you all! But... there are kids on this ship who can't get on! Who's that? It's... a brave man!

This is your sister's black joke, but it wasn't a mistake either.

The recurring ship is operated by 'Slumdog Mart', so it is naturally decorated with wild dogs.

There was no way the braves could have boarded such a ship.

Because even though the purpose is to get to how many islands, if you get on a 'gorgeous smart' rival store ship or something......

Because if any other brave man ticks you off, you could be branded a traitor.

The brave men are still eating their feet off the coast.

Some have turned their faces bright red and rowed with oars, but have not even progressed with Pickle.

Swans say they are butterflies under the water, even if they look graceful swimming......

They were the opposite of that.

A brave man, usually gracefully on a white horse or fast ship, desperately butterflies without hiding......!

Ironically, as part of the attraction, I didn't even know it was being used...!

Gold-kun's cruise ship passes beside the ships of the brave men.

'Ladies and gentlemen, look at your left hand! This is the first attraction, The Muddy Brave! The brave guys are howling like muddy pigs! They're going to hear voices like Buhibhi even now! I'm going to find out what those outrageous things really are about the braves, so stay tuned!'

There were many families aboard the ship, but at this point the dong pulls just fine.

Because this is the first time in a public institution that we have made grand and brave criticisms so far.

"Yes... now, that's a bad word for the brave, isn't it?

"Yu, what a terrible thing to call a brave man a pig...!

"I heard rumors, but what a scary thing to know......!

"How could a brave man be a pig!