The ship circles around Greysky Island.

That is the second attraction, Grace Sky Cruises.

'Ladies and gentlemen, now look at your right hand! The dolphins are welcoming us! Look, Jump!

A passenger hails a dolphin flying across the water in conjunction with his sister's call.

This was all the more so because the concept of domesticating marine habitats is not yet available in this world.

"Wow! The dolphins are really jumping!

"Dolphins, you know the human language! When you look at it like this, it's so cute like a dog -!

"Look! If you look closely, you're hearing dogs! Ha, ha, ha! I'm a wild dog to this point!

"Hmm, you can't fool me like this!

After we circled the island, we finally landed on Greyskay Island from the port on the east side of the island.

The tourists (guests) who also bid farewell to their sister and finally set foot on the rumored island.

First and foremost, you welcomed them...!

"Slumdog Land"......!

Slumdog Land has all sorts of attractions.

"Gold-kun's Brave Hunt"

"Pirates of Gold"

"Big Thunder Chocolate Factory"

"Sin Itomlau Mountain"

The cast is all wild taylors.

At first the guests are surprised by them with the image of being called the Wicked......

In fact, when I dealt with it, I found that it was a warm, people-connected race, the opposite of the barbarity I had heard of rumors.

"Gold-kun's Brave Hunt" appears as an extra, bravely confronting the brave with guests......

"Pirates of Gold" appears as a fellow pirate, performing cheerful songs and dances......

In The Big Thunder Chocolate Factory, you behave like this' Gold Kun Chocolate 'with exclusive nuts from Greysky Island......

In "Sin Itomlau Mountain" you can go around the mountains and discover their devout side of nature......

Intercultural exchanges through this attraction quickly made visiting guests like Wild Tail.

This is also the sum of Osama.

As once wild celebrities dispelled that image by dealing with the Wild Tails….

First of all, he tried to get rid of the distorted image of them by letting them make contact.

And this was a great success.

"I heard that Wild Tail is a barbarian who can't even speak, who attacks humans and sacrifices evil gods..."

"Absolutely, not normal people!

"Very kind and warm......! I've always misunderstood you!

"Hmm, you can't fool me like this!

And these attractions were particularly popular with guests from the Hurlberry Small States.

Because there are already Slumdog stores in the country, and they are well known.

There's no way you won't push yourself if you can immerse yourself in Gordon, who has become a popular national in the country.

Moreover, "Slumdog Mart" on this island sells exclusive Gold-kun goods, which are not available in any other store.

Step inside the store and fans will be greeted by a pile of treasures...!

"Oh, it's an exclusive version of the Graysky, Gold Kun Strap!

"Koch has an exclusive chocolate flavor! Not great for a souvenir!

"Ahem! All of them. We all want this! Let's buy them all already!

"Phew... Phew, you're not going to be fooled!

"Slumdog Land" is a major theme park that uses half the area of the island, from east to south of Greyskay Island.

In addition to playing with attractions, the beach, which until now was considered only available to celebrities, is also fully open.

Vacations were also enjoyed in the sea of emeralds, not seen in the Evantaille countries.

And after a lot of playing, naturally, I'm hungry......!

So 'Slumdog Restaurant', one of the specialties of the same Land......!

This is a food court with a variety of food stores and stalls.

And they're all incredibly delicious...!

"Wow, I've never seen such a big scallop! Plus, it's puffy and sooo yummy!

"This squid grill is great too! I can't believe it's so good in a stall!

"Frankfurt is awesome too! Meaty, juicy!

"Huh... Huh, Mogu, you can't fool me like this...!

"It's so good in the street, it would taste better in a restaurant..."

"Ah, the menu is decorated in front of the restaurant, let's see what it looks like!

"But we can't do it on our budget. It's a miracle that only celebrities came to this island... how much they would take if they entered a restaurant..."

"Hmm, you're right! Botak anyway...... Ri no no no no no no no no!?

"Ugh!? Why is it so cheap!?

"Much cheaper than a local restaurant!? This is a tourist destination!

"A restaurant that usually looks expensive in places like this is expensive enough to pop out eyeballs! It's a little more expensive than the tavern!

"Heh, heh! One digit... no, two omitted! You won't fool me...!

In this world, "restaurant" is one of the flowers of the high ridge, alongside "jewelry store".

For the common man, there was common sense that having others cook was in itself something that only the rich were allowed to do.

Occupational patterns, adventurers who supposedly don't have boarding houses, etc. use liquor stores, but that is an exception during the exception......

Anyway, "Slumdog Restaurant" has a hairy budget in that tavern that gives you a celebrity mood...!