Guests visiting Pudding Village are surrounded by unspeakable emotions of the type they have never felt before around here.

It is a complex emotion that is close to anxiety, but cannot be expressed in such incessant terms.

By analogy, it's like a cat has disappeared from the world......

No, it's like the world has been ruled by Gordo and he's the only one who can call himself humanity...

It would be nice to find a statue of a goddess buried by the sea, a sign that mankind was on this planet….

Even the face of that goddess is as if it were Gordo......

It feels so overwhelming that it gets crushed......!

If you dare to name it, you will be dominated by an overwhelming 'golden sensation'......!

Dizzy guests are greeted with an enthusiastic welcome from Gold.

Already they had the collapse of Gordon, not Gestalt.

Then strangely, I should have been in a slight pull until then......

Everyone makes their eyes tron and begins to twinkle like intoxicated.

"Gold kun...... ok......!


A plain Gordo finally arrives at such a guest.

That was watching from the shade of a tree at the entrance to the woods, Gordon's dressing guru......

For the guests who were having the collapse of Gordon, they couldn't wait to be relieved.

Even those who didn't even know the name of 'Gold-kun' until they came to this island jump to Gold-kun, trying to compete ahead, as if they had met a global star.

"Ahhh!? Gordo! Gordo!

"Yay! I can't believe I'm seeing you, Gordo! No thanks!"

"Ahem! I'm so happy, I'm dying already!

"Hmm, they won't fool you anymore! This is Gordo the real thing!

Gold leads the guests to their homes by dragging them along.

Whereas the stains on the walls look like people's faces, everything on the walls behaves in a room that looks like Gold kun...

Special pudding......!

It's finally something like "Pudding Village", but it no longer looks like "Software Gold" to the guests who caused the collapse of Gold.

This pudding was made from fresh milk and eggs picked at "Mother Ranch".

As for the flavor, it's origami, but all the guests who ate one mouth kept their mouths together.

"... it tastes like Gold...!

"Whoa, really! Looks like he's eating Gordon!

"Wow! This is what Gold tastes like!

"Hmm, you won't fool me! This isn't pudding, it's my favorite Gordo!

Most people come to this island of Grey Sky looking forward to vacations, shopping, attractions, etc...

Some of them thought, "Let's put some ass on him, and if it's a terrible attraction, let's ram him up," etc.

But they too, by the time they leave this' Pudding Village ', will be reborn into an avid fan of Gold Kun.

This effect was not anticipated by anyone involved in 'Slumdog Land'.

Incidentally, Primla, the producer of this attraction, had rounded off about half of the image she initially held.

The inhabitant of "Pudding Village" in her original head was not Gordon, but Osama.

I want you to imagine.

All the sights of Mr. Gordo Rush in the village earlier are turning into his uncle Rush.

Before the construction of the attraction, one of the officials shown the image illustration was crushed like this.

"More of a demon village than a pudding village."

"It's like a dream I have when I'm having a fever."

"The man who thought about this is missing somewhere in his brain."

It was a lot of ratings, so Primla changed Crying Osama to Gordon...... there is a whisper.

Let's give a round of applause to that associate who kept Primla on the brink.

Now, when the guests soaked in Gold leave 'Pudding Village', what's next...!

"Gold Kun Official Shop"......!

This is a special 'Slam Dog Mart', which deals only with Gold-kun's related goods.

As soon as I see this store, all the guests get sucked in fluttered as if they had had had a menstrual phenomenon.

And once again scattered......!

"Ah! It's Gold's ear!

"There's a tail over here, too!

"I have a mustache too! If I wear all this, I wonder if I can be Gold!

"Hmm, you bet! All this, please!

Guests spit out of the store were no longer what they could call guests.

Now we're totally 'golden followers'......!

This Gold-kun official shop was knocking out the number one sales in all the shops, even though "Slam Doggland" said it was pretty deep.

This, of course, is also a delightful miscalculation, which the parties concerned did not make an anticipation.

With such a body and mind that they are ready to become Gold, the guests finally enter the final attraction.

That's the south side of the island......

Many wild taylors were once housed, became experimental animals and killed......

Built on the site of a mansion in Rivolve.

Instead of those involved, the Wild Tails turned bright blue and opposed, that (●) problem facility......!

This is an alarm for mankind......!

Purification from space (catharsis), a meteorite class stone, was to be thrown into this world……!

And its name......!

"The Evil Evil Exile Memorial Museum of the Brave" Yushiza Kumkin "Huh......!!