"The Evil Exile Memorial Museum of the Brave" Yushiza Kumkin "......!

It is the pakri facility of the Yushi Shinobu Kinkinikan, a memorial to Brave Pure Achievement, which exists all over the world.

The main house displays the feats that the brave men have never gained, but this Pacri one, the true opposite.

Exhibition line wondering if the evil deeds of the brave men so far are still this...!

Beginning with a forcibly castrated and corrupt crimson teager, Diamond Richnell worked many wrongs.

To Midnight Shuffler, who exploited it from many workers, Genocide Daddy, who was a 'legendary salesman' niceties.

Loaded with corners where you can feel how terrible those evil deeds were......!

By the way, as for the Midnight Shuffler corner, let's put in the effort that Midnight Sugar cooperated fully behind.

Needless to say, the first exhibition in the world that dealt with the brave men in a negative way.

Step inside the facility and unprecedented sensational shocks will greet your guests.

This facility where everything shocks and eyeballs pop up on everything.

However, there are two eyeballs in the eyeballs and one in the Hurricane eyeball class.

First of all, a projection device and button are connected to an underground labyrinth (dungeon).

The monitor shows a corner of the underground labyrinth, and when the brave passes, the button in front of the monitor glows.

Push it in good time and the trap is activated.

The foot of the brave man who was walking down the hallway opened with Pacan,


Along with screaming like a video game, upside down......!

There were six buttons in front of another monitor.

Each is split by a button that separates the interior into six places, and when you press the button, you turn it around.

...... GOON!!

Magic Giant Skeleton hammer is swinging down......!


The brave man who was directly underneath, along with a mole-like scream that ravages the field, to Pechanko......!

Previously on the exhibit, the guests who were saving Hate for the Braves dissipated greatly in this game.

"Yay! We've put the brave men together and dropped three in the hole!

"Look, look! I've crushed ten of them!

"So the brave men who are flipping like cockroaches, they're all famous, you know, maybe it's a real thing"

"Hmm! That's why! But one day, I'm gonna kill you for real!

By the way, if you do an excellent job in the game, you get a magic device that can hear you scream when you tap it.

Guests who beat up brave men in the game enter the next eyeball.

The next thing you'll welcome is the Real Braves, more than video games......!


More than 3600 statues of the brave...!

An overwhelming scale, which can be described precisely as a horse figurine in this world.

Moreover, they were exquisitely made, and each had a sense of dynamism as if they had lived until then.

Normally, when it comes to this statue of the hand, it has a brave look and appearance burning in justice......

On that point alone, the opposite was true.

All of the statues are awfully cool and frightening.

A statue as if it had been stoned in the middle of an evil act, a statue as if it were in the middle of being executed......

For one thing, there is no decent statue.

'Good' and 'respect', as in the image of the brave men of the world, were not even dust there.

'Evil' and 'Contempt'......!

Furthermore, it is usually NG to touch or photograph this hand exhibition, but here it is all OK except for photography.

On the contrary, you are free to graffiti and it is totally ok to flinch......!

Exactly to the ugliness of the brave, see, hear, touch, hit, throw stones...

I can use my body to feel it, a new sensory attraction......!

That's what

"The Evil Exile Memorial Museum of the Brave" Yushiza Kumkin "......!

The emergence of this world's first facility really shook the whole world.

In the nations informed of their existence, even though they are not in the neighborhood, so much so that all those there trembled and a great earthquake struck.

Not so long, most fearful......!

Not so much, I don't know anything scary......!

Because this is completely, a declaration of war against the brave......!

No, no questions asked preemptive punch......!

This is too much just because you are the Grand Virgin who is so dearly loved by Lord Godsmile......!

Instead of standing a middle finger toward heaven, with its middle finger, it's like canchoing to God...

No longer if the face of the Buddha has also said it several times......!

World War Invincible Challenge Letter......!

This, Greysky Island......

"Slumdog Land" had one concept.

It's a resort for parents and children to enjoy and learn from.

This was listed as part of an emotional education for children who visited the island.

But behind it, another concept was hidden.

That could never have existed in this world before......

No, even putting it out in my mouth was something to be provoked by...

Bold and innovative......!

Anarchic and Sensitive, Educational Revolution......!


"The Brave, Absolutely Evil" eh......!!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆


One ship left the island of Greysky, wrapped in orange light.

The ship that followed the wild dog.

It is the same ship that headed for the island, but only two wild dogs were on board to go, the Captain and Attendant's sister.

But I was on the boat home...

Fill all your seats, wild dog hordes......!

All of them, body and mind......

On the contrary, even the idea was stained with a single colour of 'gold-kun-ism'......

Exactly, it was becoming a 'Wild Dog Apostle'......!

"Oh, I had fun today!

"Yeah, I was wondering what would happen at first, but I've had the most fun going out so far! We'll definitely come back!

"But I can't believe the braves were doing such a terrible thing... I didn't know..."

"Neither did my father! In one day today, I feel like the way you see the brave man has changed dramatically!

"Hmm! Those guys that are so awful, they're not worth living for!

"Well, if this girl... Until now, I've always said it was my dream to be a brave man..."

"Hmm! You're going to be a brave man already! When you grow up, you're going to get the job of killing the brave!

Inside the guest table were those who breathed, as if after they had finished watching the Nintendo movie.

Your sister turned to those guests to unhypnotize......

From dream to reality, lead slowly......

Whisper voice and whispered to the passengers.

… The ship will arrive at the port shortly.

And when you get off the ship, you will return from your dream country to the country where you live.

...... don't forget.

Now that the world you all live in is dominated by the brave.

That dissatisfaction or discontent with the brave is a world that makes you all unhappy.

So if you're feeling it right now, when you get off the ship, just relax in your mind.

Promise this me that it is only in this dream country that I will put my hatred of evil on the table.

That could be regrettable. It could be painful.


It's patience until more people feel that way.

People all over the world, everything......

No, even a fraction of it......

If only you had the same feelings about Gold as you all do...

That's what makes Gold so energetic.

The power of everyone can help Gold to make the brave man eat a punch.

And it's going to be a big blow, a wind hole in this world.

Gold is always in everyone's minds.

And you're promising me.

Someday I'm sure......

Let me make "A World Without Bravery"......!