Thanks to "Slumdog Land," Greyskay Island was reborn in large measure.

It used to be a place of violence and killing, gold, desire and weapons swirling, brave magpies, wild tail sage......

Now it is the land of the brave sage, the wild tail magpie, where gentleness and smile, sincerity, hope and Gold swirl...!

Osama, the shady actor.

I've stayed on the island for quite a long time, but now that I'm done rebuilding, I wonder if I'm going back to the Halbury small country......

"I would like to move to this island of Greysky"

No way, declaration of move......!

Osama now resides in the Holly Doll family mansion in the Rutan Vesta territory of the Hurlberry small country.

I once tried to make a move to Halberry territory, the king's capital of the country, but I didn't hear that the sisters of the Holly Dolls would follow me, and it ended up being a fluke.

This time, Osama's determination was real.

But you can't shake off sisters like a hell of a spoon, who can't leave even when struck by a thunderstorm...

In the end, for every Holly Doll family, move...!

During the last move disturbance, the territory of Lutanvesta made a fuss.

Anyway, the absence of the Virgin's fame is a great pain in the ass for the territory.

Besides, this time it meant leaving the country, so it became a noise coming all the way to the king.

Especially since the next king, Basilis, thought he could take in Osama with the power he had in his hands, so he disagreed greatly.

However, it was hand-held in "Tickets to Hear Anything Gol Says," which is the highest rarity of Osama tickets.

Basilis just exercises the voucher and tries to appoint Goldwolf as a housekeeper.

But good.........!

Osama is better......!

In the corner of the ticket, there was this sentence.

"This voucher is void for" pleas "contrary to public order, public morality"

Further underneath, in letters like chewed up rice grains,

"" Please "in relation to the administration is void"

A sentence of further shock......!

"Become...!? What the hell is this?!? Treating straw exchanges in the same line as public order and morality is undeliverable! Oh... you goldwolf. Yikes! Why can't he just do what he wants to do?

Osama, finally emigrating (imitating) after shaking off all the obstructions...!

The wild taylors who accepted this were also so surprised that they were consuming their souls.

Whatever Osama is, even the Holly Doll Virgin will come to our island......!

Already for them to live with their goddess-alike girlfriends, the fuss up and down...

"If the Holly Dolls hadn't come to this island, this island would have stayed in hell... Those who brought it back to us as our paradise are not the Virgin, whom Lord Silanosini has also acknowledged! I can't let you live in any stranger place than you watch over me and the others!

The Wild Tails unite to begin building a new home for the Holly Dolls.

It was built in a hell of a place.

Oh my...!

of the mountain where God dwells (Sin Itomrau), at the top......!

Cut through the mountains and make a great path, like the path of the sanctuary….

On top of that, I've created a great mountain yard...!

Marble palaces are common when it comes to the residence of the Grand Virgin.

But all its mountain yards are wooden.

Plenty of platinum maple, the finest wood growing in the mountains, and not a single nail.

It was an artistic building that could only be done because of the clever wild tails at hand.

Climbing down the road, a pure white cathedral greets you, like a fresh water temple surrounded by greenery.

Among them, of course, Siranosinyi and the Three Sisters Statue......!

Plus, huge enough statues to look up......!

It was the moment of the birth of a new site on the island of Greyskay.

This major undertaking was being pursued confidentially by the sisters who were returning to the Halbury small country to prepare for their move.

And it was finally the day of the move, and now it was their turn to disappear.

Three sisters guided inside the cathedral.

They looked up at their giant statues, resting in a clean, quiet space, of white trees with no creeps.

Primla, the conscience of her sisters, finally realizes the stickiness of her wide open mouth, holding her mouth with both hands, shaking her face in disgust.

"And... hell no! I can't believe you let me live in such a splendid place...! This is more of a cathedral than a mansion anymore......! If the Virgin is going to live here, I can't believe people like us are going to live there...!

"Brilliant Virgin" refers to a person who, in a politically united state, concurrently acts as Queen and Virgin.

Incidentally, the royal family of "Killeland Small States" is the family of the Brilliant Virgin.

For the record, it is Zamar's position that he wants to die.

Zamar dreamed of taking control of the whole country and making sure he only worshipped himself.

But ironically, they got ahead of me......!

More so, I wanted to kill him to death, to my rivals......!

Though Mother, the tenant herself, was also surprised to say "Oh well"......

I immediately tangled my fingers together in front of my big chest and laughed nicely.

"Mom, like the statue we have here, I dreamed of getting annoyed. 'Cause when you grow up, you can gut everybody, right? That's why I've been asking the stars for so long. I wish I could be bigger. I can't believe we're all really good kids to do Mom a favor!"

Mother pulls her hand and hugs the Wild Tail children who have guided her.

"Pie, that's how you get annoyed!

The pine pack, shouldered by Goldwolf, is very excited about his statue, which is more than ten times what is in front of him.

Whatever it is, Osama set this island of Greyskay as a new base.

Is that why......!?

And before that......!

Osama was in "Pudding Village" for some reason early in the move.