- Through the long corridor, it was the village of the Great Pudding.

If the literary troupe had seen this sight...

I'm sure he wrote this down.

Osama was in the dressing room of the mansion, co-located on the beach.

In the room where the door is lowered with a room plate called 'Women's Dressing Room', one of him.

The only place in this mansion is the women's dressing room, so I had to change here.

Remove the clothes from the locker, feeling the enthusiasm and leftover incense of the maidens, remaining mummy in the room.

What was inside were shirts and shorts with Gold Kun pattern, sold at 'Slam Dog Mart'.

Osama always wears tuxedos, whether he's at work or on holiday.

When I was adventurous, I wore an easy-to-move Spirit (Point Man) suit, but it's been a long time since I've worn such a rough outfit.

Finish dressing and leave the dressing room behind.

Proceeding down the long corridor and out the front door, that's the private beach of the Holly Doll family.

It was a place where we once fought a fierce battle against the brave, but after that we continued to be secured for the Holly Dolls.

If you admit what Osama looks like, two girls just rush over scattering sandy beaches.

"Bye! Hey, Mr. Goldwolf, what about your Shira swimsuit!? It's special today! Ah Shira has never even been a swimsuit at work!

"Hmm, super rare"

"You both look great," Osama replies unmistakably.

It was the usual reaction, but it was a threat mental force.

Anyway, high school girl charisma model 'Big Bang Love' has unveiled a swimsuit she has never shown.

A slight fleshy burning luv wraps a deflected, fruitful limb in just one thin cloth.

This bright red bikini with Gold Kun illustrations across the chest is an exclusive addition to this island of Grey Sky.

The shoulder straps are stretched with peans like a suspension bridge, supporting a quantum chest with just a tiny area.

Gold in the illustration was peppered like he was crushed by a big rock, but he looked happier than usual because he was only a heart.

Blizzard Love hasn't lost either.

I wrap my slender body in a water-colored Gold-kun bikini, but I usually unveil the hidden hips and thighs at all costs.

Cuddly creased, slippery and supple legs like vases were sure to nail even men and women.

"Oh, thank you for inviting me today. President."

Coming along with a troubled exhale was Miss, one of the executives of Slumdog Mart.

She's also such a nice buddy that she can't beat Burning Love, but the swimsuit was even bolder.

What a slingshot of a curtain-like cloth......!

It is a V-shaped swimsuit with two cloths stretched from the shoulder and connected straight to the groin.

Only two thin muscles, like light passing, cover the entire body

That's just hiding my chest like it was going too far down the street, so I was in danger of getting morose with a little detachment.

Besides, the v-shaped cloth covering the groin is cut to the extreme so...

What's hidden behind it, even critical......!

"Miss Miss, Cho, dare you! Depending on the angle, I can almost see it! Ha, ha, ha!

"Hmm, you're almost mappa"

"Oh, hey, was that weird? Ah, if Maseria isn't this much of a swimsuit, Gol... the president's eyes won't be attracted... I didn't mean to..."

Miss, shy as hell.

There, a cheerful voice jumped in.

"Ah! You're finally here, Goldwolf! We're gonna have a lot of fun today!

"Hello, Mr. Goldwolf. That's a very nice beach."

"Thanks to you, too! Thank you, Mr. Goldwolf!

The next person to show up before Osama was the Wow Knights.

Charles Lott, Glass Paleen, Chesna.

All three of them are wearing matching school swimsuits.

A fourth person who slowly joined him there snapped as he looked around at everyone's swimsuit.

"Except for No. 3, Yakitori... My Knights are in a state of devastation. The mighty opponents you refrain from after this are no match for you."

"Midnight sugar, you're probably the best in the field! And Atashi just sprouted! Because this is getting bigger and you're gonna get past number three in no time!

"Oh, don't rub it. No!

"Chesna, when you grow up too, at least be this much! Otherwise, the Knights are disqualified!

"Wow! I don't think so. Soo!

I was distracted by the usual doozy and everyone was delayed in noticing me approaching.

... nooooooooooo...!


... Gogogogogogogogo...!

For the emergence of things that seem to look good, such as phonetic sounds......!

That was only what No. 2 described as' further mighty ', clearly out of standard with its previous existence.

Simply step in with Shishi.

...... Bo-mi wow!!

Ringing in the rough waves, like an overflowing drum, ringing...!

Moreover, in this land called the beach, there is no clothing.

So every step of the way is an overrun.

One foot at a time is overdrive.

...... Boo, Boo, Boo, Boo!!

Vicious as a great sinner untied of restraints, our facial rampage......!

Making all things past, like the Great Demon King of Fear, its overwhelming presence......!

And envelop him, and he shall be suffocated easily.

Moreover, the murdered side would also have a tranquil death face like a great stranger.

Yes, that's true silent killer......!

Instead of being stuck in your throat, it's enough to wrap your entire face around it to suffocate you......!

Way up the cake, mirror cake...!

So, who is it...?

"Oh well! Gol, could you get dressed alone? Mom, we were just about to go to Gol's dressing room!

Mother Reincarnation...!

The woman with the worst breasts...!!