She has a monster-class face, like a white dragon.

Normally, in addition to his underwear and the dress of the Grand Virgin, he is repressed with a slum dog mart apron, but he was still rocking like another creature.

But now, only swimsuits.

And that fabric is extremely thinner than anyone else.

And it's the same as the dress, lace knitting......!

It was a swimsuit of specifications that served God but did not fear Him.

Only the area of the fabric corresponded, but it was suckersque.

I can tell with clarity even the miracle decameron detail covered in white braids.

On the contrary, if you narrow your eyes......

Even a little bit ahead of the thin pink strawberries, like being put on the top of a wedding cake......!?

Instead of hiding his chest, it is an 'embarrassing' outfit so much that he wants to jump in if he has a hole.

Yet she spreads her hands wide with Paa, osama and straight line as if exposing everything.

But the progress was completely slow.

She swung to her chest more than usual and couldn't help but go straight, walking baby whilst.

By the way, it was worse when I was completely naked, and when I bathed alone, I rinsed and fell many times in the washroom, so that Primla would accompany me for assistance.

Aside from that, the Virgin Mary, like holding a twin baby, finally confronts Goldwolf......!

I thought I would.


Did you aim for the usual natural, or did you aim again, the fall burst?

On Osama's chest, keep diving...!

A little bit separated by a thin lace, and a little bit on a scratchy chest plate.

... Tsung...!

on the verge of touching,

... Gassi...!

Osama, hug your thin shoulders and shut out the soft tsunami just in front......!

Mother falls all the time, by the way.

Goldwolf has taken it many times like a shadow, but never once touched anything but his shoulder.

Because when you find out that you've touched the body of the Grand Virgin, even if it's an accident, there are rumors that don't matter.

But even though I haven't touched my skin this time, it can be called a major incident.

Even Big Bang Love's first swimsuit is a top scoop, yet it is a special dane that far surpasses it.

Virgin, when you become famous, among other things, you have a decision not to show your complexion to the opposite sex.

Only the brave men who have sworn to accompany you for the rest of your life.

The Holly Dolls Virgin has bathed several times with Osama, but that is only an informal one.

Of course, security is tight on this private beach, and we can't steal from the outside world.

But if something happens that someone else would have witnessed by mistake, it's a big deal.

Mother showed off her first swimsuit until she took such a risk.

It is the yearning of all brave men, the Virgin of the Holy Doll family......

Half naked looking naked, not great brave......

Just to Osama, instead of showing it......

I can't believe you're even trying to hug me...

... Impossible!?

But it is possible.

Just for one day today, in "The Great Pudding Village"......!

Even if Osama hugs you, you'll want the breastplate that lies ahead of you, two tyrannical (boo-boo-boo-boo) bouncing.

Those around them were overwhelmed by the forcefulness of their digits, and bewildered.

A playable burst of laughter wraps the scene.

"Ha, ha, ha! Mother, what is that swimsuit!? I can almost see it!

"Hmm, it's just underwear"

"Oh, it's so beautiful...... Hmm, even I, the woman, could not help but see..."

"Wow...... If you look at it this way, it's very big. There's about a bucket of pudding I got at my landlord's house."

"You're not supposed to be big! It's the contents that matter!

"No longer in the realm of perverts."

Mother quickly took the subject of the beach, but she was unconscious in this regard.

"Oh, my mom didn't have a bathing suit, so I fixed the old dress and made it... Could it have been weird?

"Why 'maybe'! That's 'I knew it'!

"The Holy Dolls are unethical."

"But, Cho, you look great! Besides, there's no one here but Mr. Goldwolf, so that's fine!

"Hmm, then...... How come you're not there?

"Mom, I invited the Wild Tail kids to swim with me... Why didn't they come?"

"Why 'why'! That's 'I knew it'!

"I can't usually play on the beach with the Grand Virgin because I'm afraid. What's wrong with asking me out?"

"Oh, you did. But we all had nothing to shy away from..."

"But maybe you were right not to come! If I had come to a place full of swimsuit galleries, all the men would have been magical!

Big Bang Luv spreading his hand toward Paa and the sandy beach.

There, what...!

The girls in the swimsuit are wacky...!

I've been waiting for Goldwolf's body to be empty now or now...!

What I refrained from after the regular members were the eggs of the Virgin, who became the gatekeepers of the Holly Doll family, and the students of the "School of the Great Devil's Guide".

The number of people is more than 100. And beside it is the coastal school status of the girls' school.

They are all dressed in colorful swimsuits from 'Slumdog Mart' and exposed to eyelid limbs.

That is, nevertheless, like a flower garden spreading on one side.

No, it was like a flower fairy playing in a flower garden, it was beautiful......!