It seems that Goldwolf also noticed the absence of that important figure.

At work, as a secretary, I stay by Osama's side.

I don't hug you like a mother, but I always follow you three steps back.

The extent to which you squeeze your courage even when approaching it and pinch the hem of Osama's white shirt a little.

When it comes to living with us for a long time, it also takes a first thought to speak up.

When cookies are baked, etc., they come and go in front of Osama's room to disguise themselves as coincidences.

But Pull, the eating girl, finds me first and eats it all......

Such is the presence of the ultimate wife girl......

It's usually like an option to be around if you realize it, but there isn't one now.

"Speaking of which, isn't Mr. Primla here today?

Osama snapped as he looked around at the girls' heads, spreading like a cloud sea around him.

There is no primary-like presence among the girls.

On the sandy beach, a short distance away, there is a luke of white one-piece swimsuit, waiting for the Great Tri and Sowa.

Beyond that, furthermore, a black one-piece swimsuit pull and a competitive swimsuit coolaraka were playing in a stick knockout battle at a wave beating.

The two are apparently competing for a hanging ticket on the treat and are passionate about it when Goldwolf comes and doesn't notice it.

Osama looked around the beach for a while and finally realized.

As if it were a hidden character, nestled across a palm tree, the presence of the girls.

One was wearing a hoodie, trying to cover his face with a hood, but the glowing aura was undoubtedly Primla's.

He holds a pine pack of swimsuits like bees on his chest.

Or he was hugging me like a stuffed animal, as if to cover his anxiety.

Pinepack looks up at his sister wonderfully.

"Oh, my goodness!

"Pa, Pine...... If you get any closer, your uncle will bother you. So today, here…"

"Yah! Oh, my goodness!

My oldest daughter also noticed the sisters starting to push questions.

"Oh, well. Primla, Pine, you were here. What's the matter with you? Don't stay so far away, play with your moms, Gol."

A primula that is called out and makes you wiggle your shoulders freaking out.

"Whoa, sister......! Wow, I'm fine here, so please, gentlemen, go ahead...!

I was trying to pull over the palm tree as it was, but the Knights, who were already close, grab my arm.

"Hey, I'm talking about something I don't know about! Don't hide. Come out now!

"That hoodie is amazing to the Knights. But without Primla, Mother's outburst would be worse."

"Wow, I don't like it without you!

"Mi, folks, you don't have to pull so hard..."

Not long after Glasparine stops, Primla is dragged out of the shade of the tree.

One hoodie on top, raw leg condition because nothing is worn on the bottom.

Pulling down the hem of the mould and hoodie made it clear that it was a swimsuit inside.

Just now, my mother's going to take it off.

"Oh, well. You're wearing your first swimsuit for this day, so you wouldn't look like Gol in your clothes, would you? Come on, come on, let's get stuck."

"Hey, plush!

"Ah!? Sister, Pine, please don't! My uncle has trouble showing me my swimsuit...!

"Oh my God, I don't think Mom would. Wow, Gol would love that!

"Oh, is it...?

"Ha, well, then, ladies and gentlemen, oh my goodness! It's Primla's first swimsuit!"

If the hurdles are raised that way, Beach Ju has to pay attention.

Where Mother had gathered all her gaze, she took away her beloved sister's clothing by one smell.

... bah!


A flipping hoodie, along with a fine, short scream.

And exposed under the day, the soothing limbs of the Holy Girl......!

I accidentally leaked a sigh of sigh on my sparkling white skin under the sun.

It was the kind of beauty that everyone would want to touch, but it would break if they touched it.

While still, it looks like fresh snow falling thinly.

All sins. But it's like you want to mess it up...

Even if you turn all your beings against your enemies, it's like you want to protect them...

It was the fruit-like beauty of paradise, as if it were a combination of pitiful, delicate, sacred and contraindicated......!

If this had been a normal beach, it would have been a big deal.

When a girl appeared exactly like the incarnation of a goddess, there would have been a fuss.

Instead of the beach, it was a mistake to monopolize this summer's topic...!

Even the girls around the same age can't help but notice how beautiful they are.

But the person was not aware of its value at all.

"Ah, um, soot, I'm sorry... here I am, showing you this ugly look...!

Is your face bright red to your ears?

Slightly pink dyed skin with that heat.

He shrinks his body so as not to contaminate everyone's eyes and covers his body with both arms.

Burning Love looked irresistible and took that hand.

"If you prick it, you look like a goddess! And yet why are you hiding it!? When I saw this, Mr. Goldwolf said even Ichikoro! Britches, help me!

"Hmm, I agree."

"Ah!? Oh, both of you, please stop!?

Next, primulas, including charisma model combinations and crumbs loose ends.

It was a miracle catfight that millionaires could hardly see through all their wealth.

Nevertheless, Primla will not be a battle against junior high school students and high school students Big Bang Love.

Lightly opened arms and finally everything about the Holy Girl, obviously......!

Until now, the beach has been an exhibition venue for troubled swimsuits, including bold bikinis, slingshots, and lace knitting.

But it was thought that no more radical swimsuits would pop up.

Because Primla didn't have that image.

To this talented woman, who is the only common sense person, in the conscience of the Holly Doll family......

Even the one piece swimsuit gave the impression that it was too much.

But large anticipations are greatly betrayed.

A round of girls blooming in the high ridges had a hell of a bunch of things in their bodies.

That's, what...!

"Seashell" What...!?