The Primla swimsuit, which appeared at the end like a strike and pulled to CM level, was worthy of being full.

No, it wasn't even a swimsuit anymore.

Anyway, there wasn't even a string.

Oh, my God, I just pasted the shells caught in this ocean onto my body......!

Instead, he said he had a pure face, and he said he was still in middle school......

The white shellfish covering her chest to an extent of sorrow shivered as if on different waves......

More emphasis on the abundance of the so-called Mother Sea…!

When you drop your gaze on your lower abdomen, a longitudinal navel, worn at the center of a loose tingle.

That's too healthy, too smug.

Makes you feel beautiful and irresistible guilty, as if you've woken up Princess Kaguya sleeping in the bamboo.

Those who saw it were in the mood for another lifetime of indulging in beauty, but their eyes were no longer nailed.

For the Virgin...... no, flowers for the girl also enter the forbidden realm of shame.

There, too, white seashells.

At the apex of the tight diameter, it sticks securely like snow falling at night......

That's exactly like the crowned snow of upside down Fuji on the lake......!

If there had been a singer, he would have been so Ya (Miyabi) that he would have accidentally twisted one sentence...!

The wind blows and the girl's hair flows saggily.

A cubicle like a heavenly river swings sparkling and disappears like a fairy scaly powder.

It was no longer entirely, a single painting.

There will be only one more title.

"Birth of Venus" eh......!

The beach, where a girl like the incarnation of beauty descended, only the tide was echoing.

The first person to break that silence was still that guy.

Burning Love chuckled out like he had cut a weir after swallowing gokuli and raw spit.

"... ahhhhhhhh! Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha! Wow awesome prick, not super bad no!? I've never seen such a swimsuit before!

Primla, who remains nagging, says back in a mosquito-like voice.

"Damn... is that right...? Oops, your sister told me and I tried to make it..."

"And here I am, not almost naked from the side! Not until I make it, I thought I'd wear it a lot!

"Damn, no...!

"Hmm, you're totally mappa"

"Oh, um... excuse me, I'm so sorry, but could you please just keep your hands off me...?

"Just looking at the outfit makes me feel strange and thankful, even though I'm a de pervert. If I touch it, I'm going to live longer."

As Midnight Sugar strokes the crease of her hips in place,


Primla is a piqun! and let him wiggle his shoulders.

"Ha, ha, ha! If it's prickly, it's sensitive! Plus, it's super subbes of skin and stuff! I don't want to touch you forever!?

The girls surrounding him all crawled their hands on Primla's soft skin.

"Ah!? Ahhh!? Ah! Yes, you shouldn't! Oh, please don't! That's more than that......! Ahhhh!?

A primula that twists your limbs so you can escape from your tentacles.

My eyes are moisturized and my face is perfectly upbeat as if I were flattered by heat.

Leaks troubled exhales from moisturized lips, occasionally glancing frighteningly.

That's an unimaginable eye blessing. It was a glow beyond human intelligence.

"Um, folks, Mr. Primla is shy, so hey..."

Osama's voice runs bitterly, as it extinguishes the drifting pink air.

And the angels were fooling me, Venus remembers.

There is now an admirable Uncle on this occasion.

As soon as I found out that they saw me like this,


Boom the best silk tears in Primla history and wiggle the restraints......


and so much momentum that it seems to sound, it disappears into the mansion.

By the way, I didn't wear anything behind me, so my pretty ass was round.

Until then, Mother, who had always been a bystander, finally moves.

Release the chest that was entangled in Goldwolf's arms,

"Gol, go after Primla for him. Primla has been worried about what to make her first swimsuit for today. That's why my mom advised me, but it seemed like it was too early for Primla. But that's also because I wanted Gol to be happy. So take Primla..."


Goldwolf nodded, running through the hedges of a broken female body and following Primla.

The mansion door was not left open, but closed properly.

Even if you have forgotten me with shame, the door you open closes properly......

It was a primular-like escape mark that really grew up well.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Then an hour or so later, beyond the entrance door left open, a shadow appeared.

The girls on the beach, who waited all the way out of the way, drank a nice, solitary spit, as if a star player had emerged from the athlete's entrance aisle.

It could have appeared that...

Holy Girl and, Osama......!

Osama was dressed the same way he was before the chase, but Primla was a cute white one-piece swimsuit, from a seashell bikini.

Swimsuits like Goddess of Beauty were good too, but this one definitely suits her better now.

"Thank you for waiting. I was choosing another bathing suit with Mr. Primura."

Osama says that refreshingly, but Primla wasn't more like that.

It's boiled. It turns bright red like this, and the steam is about to rise from my head.

I've been nagging for a long time, causing myself to hide behind Osama.

The reason for this was immediately apparent.

My God, the two hands were so tightly connected that they tangled their fingers together...!

To date, Primla has never even touched Osama, except by accident or coincidence.

Even though he squeezed enough courage to jump off the fresh water stage, he remained until he pinched the hem of his white shirt.

Yet here I am, just a 'lover connection'......!?

Primla's wife knew her surroundings, so naturally she twirled.

What the hell happened in the mansion...!?