Osama and the Saint Girl's "Lover Connection" had more than a shell bikini impact on the beach.

But sooner than someone can imagine it, the mother moves.

With a white ribbon I removed from nowhere, I tied that hand that was connected to me cuddly and made it a bow like a gift.

"Now Gol's hands belong to Primla all day. Whatever happens, don't let it go."

"What?" said the astonishing primula, Mother taking Goldwolf's vacant hand.

Now Mother herself made a lover connection and said as she turned her attention upwards to Goldwolf.

"Gol shouldn't use your hands all day today. The right hand is always Primla, and the left hand is all connected to the vermouth."

Goldwolf was looking down at Mother.

That was a horrible angle, like seeing everything but the important thing about Mother first......

I snort back at such things without snapping at them.


Mother turns to everyone with the permission of the main guest of the party today.

She said to her daughters, who couldn't wait for the treat in front of her, as if she had become the mom of a large family by being young.

"Then guys, let's play with Gol a lot earlier today! Let's all sweeten Gol a lot and spoil Gol a lot for everyone!"


An honest reply that pulls out like a clear smile and limb, blue sky.

And then paradise begins.

Goldwolf spent the whole time with his right hand holding Primla's hand and his left hand being replaced every ten minutes by a different girl.

First, The Beach Volleyball Games.

The anomaly rule is that they are 3-for-3, and both teams stay hands on each other.

A fluffy flying ball was used like a chavon ball because a normal ball could not be caught up with a hand tie.

Still, it's like having two tripods, so if you haven't been able to communicate, you fall right over.

Sutten over there, colorine over here, a smiling, hilarious one, and I couldn't stop laughing from the audience.

And every single point Osama went through a thick crumb of loose ends, like a couple who failed in a Twister game.

After you move your body, go to the Barbecue Games.

For grilling charcoal fires for seafood caught offshore, usually also served on the food court of 'Slam Dog Land'.

It's Goldwolf's turn to cook outdoors, but my hands are blocked today, so the girls did it all.

On the contrary, eating also gives me flowers with both hands......!

"Mr. Goldwolf, the squid over here, it's already cooked! Yes, uh, yes!... How's it going? Delicious?"

"Yes, it's delicious."

"Seriously!? Ah, I've never cooked like this before, but I can't help but be a good daughter-in-law. Say!?

"Bar, you're getting too well. It's not cooking, it's just baking."

"Britches, uh, and Mr. Goldwolf are love lovers, so they're jealous! Just barbecue! Ha, ha, ha!

"Hmm, ghost Suberi"

"Well, say that! It's Brie's turn next! Mr. Goldwolf and I have a lot of twats!

"No, nothing... But because of that... Mr. Goldwolf, what do you want to eat?

"Okay, scallops next, please"

"Yes, scallops. It's so hot, it's so hot."

"If you bristle, you're a cat tongue, so this is how Ah-shi always hoofs you! Mr. Goldwolf, it's seriously super rare to have a burrito hoof!

After my stomach's full, I'll be at the 'Watermelon Split Games' for dessert.

This is also an anomalous way to hold hands.

Primla and the girl each hold a stick with their empty hands and make a circle to do it, holding hands with Goldwolf.

Of course, all three of them are blindfolded, so the difficulty was several times that of the normal rules.

At first, he repeatedly fell like a return to the Beach Volleyball Games, but a tactic was knitted on Charles Lunlot's turn.

"That's right! When you leave, your movements fall apart, so you just have to stick to Goldwolf's body, like a pine pack always does! That way, we'll leave the move to Goldwolf! Here, Primla, just do it!

"What!? If I did that, I think your uncle would be heavy and hard...?

"This is how fine Goldwolf would be! Hey!?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine."

"Oh, really? Okay... so, now, if you'll excuse me. Oh, you know, I'm a bummer, but please..."

"What a tough and painful greeting! Hug me now!

"Ha ha!? Shh, excuse me, uncle! Isn't it heavy?

"Don't worry so much. There's nothing I can do. Hold on tighter than that."

"Ha ha ha ha!

Primla is no longer a watermelon split, but this tactic made the watermelon stunning.

After eating dessert, swim in the sea.

The hand tie was already around and back to Mother's turn.

"Ugh, Gol, Primla, let's swim a lot"

"Um, uncle, sister. Actually, I'm new to swimming and I don't know if I can do it well..."

"Then don't worry about it. My mom can't swim, but somehow she floats in the water. Think of your mom as a floating wheel, and let's get together."

"So to get used to the water, shall we swim in the shallow water first? Some people want to introduce you."

"" I want to introduce you, who...?

Osama whistled, approaching the haunted sisters.

It's usually a finger whistle, but with a whistle because my hands are blocked.

I was watching that behind me, angels and demons crushed.

"Oh, my you (My Lord) ……. You are finally calling me"

"If that kid comes to this place, it's gonna be a big deal... I wonder if he's gonna be okay?