When Goldwolf whistled towards the sea, it was slightly hectic across the horizon.

And then white wave muscles like laser beams fly towards the beach.

No, it was in the ocean and I didn't know what it looked like, but it was so incredibly fast that I just thought it was flying.

I can see that something nasty is approaching at that point.

A disturbing blur wrapped the beach.

"Oh, you're finally here... He's so called" The Sun God of Water Heaven "...!

"Ahhh, Pull, what if - never!

Whenever he was a solemn and usually floating angel and demon, he seeped something like anxiety, albeit only slightly at this time.

The impending torpedo momentum has a disastrous triangular reverse.

"No way, is that...!?

And someone screamed.

Yes, it was, 'No way'......!

...... Za, aahhhhhhh!

A high blister like a geyser strikes heaven in front of the girls who were playing at the waves.

The girls watched as the sparkling Shizukuishi poured down like stardust.

Bright water colour, as if the rainbow was coming out of one colour.

I need a body with round curves, like a boomerang for kids......!

Naughty couch, crushed eyes.

And as a todome,

"Cut, cum, cum!

An adorable squeal, like seeking my mother......!

The girls on the beach were inadvertently leaking their voices as if they had been tickled with their maternal instincts.

"Heh...! Cute, good, good, good, good, good!!!!

The man said it was a comma seconds after he showed up...

I grabbed all the hearts in an instant...!

After he identifies the girls from high altitudes, he cleverly twists his body in the air.

And towards a certain person, a sudden descent......!


"Mom!" But he seems to be screaming, along with the sweet chirp, jumped in...

Dantotsu's on this beach......

No, even globally, I would be in the top group, those breasts......!

A tumultuous face pushes through the huge valley (Big Valley) and buries it...!

"Oh, well? Is this girl Gol's friend? I wonder what your name is?

"Yes, it's 'Little Sun in Water'"

"Bye, 'Me'! Nice to meet you, Mee! Good boy, ugh!

After suddenly appearing, Mother seemed happy even when she was jumped early.

He strokes Nico's head even when his chest is wrapped around like a cake and his body is rubbed with gringlin until the bra's shoulder straps fall off.

The pine pack that was clinging to Goldwolf was also just touching the pepper.

"Mi-tan! Mi-tan! There he is!"

Primla was surprised.

"Oh, um... Is it okay for this dolphin to touch it?

"It's okay. I'd rather touch you, so touch him a lot."

Primla reaching out roughly.

Mee just jumps into that chest.


"Ha ha!? Mee!? It tickles!"

In Primla's arms, Me bouncing like a caught tuna.

All the girls were new to seeing dolphins.

But when I find out that I'm safe and so personable, I reach out to me, too.

"Ah, I've never touched a dolphin! Seriously, not just tsuruzu slippery. No!?

"Hmm, you're cute"

"Hmm, dolphins were so cute"

"Something funny to touch. It's uncomfortable!

"I have gentle eyes!

"Hia!? Don't sprinkle the water. Come on!?

"I didn't know you miss me so much, wouldn't you be better off among Goldwolf's pets! I like it!

"Why is no one surprised that you're used to dolphins?"

Mee was letting her body wander across the chest of the girls on the beach and rubbing her body against all of it.

After enjoying a touch, I began to show off my Dolphin Jump and other arts.

Have your reward throw you a feed or something and get on with it even better.

Every time I jumped up high and circled, I was surrounded by yellow cheers and applause, which made me totally popular.

The angels and demons who were away from the dolphin show were totally shuddered.

"Ha... The Little Sun in the Water, formerly known as The Great Evil God of the Sea and which has made many ships algae chips of the sea, has also completely changed..."

"That girl, thanks to you (My Lord), looks like she loves girls!

"If that's all, it's still good. Because nothing has been stained with human secularism but that one. But against humans, I can't believe they get food to show off their art... Luc and the rest of us are foul of the demons."

"Yeah! I don't want to be that!"

And, uh, from nowhere.

"Look, Pulch is a jump too!

With the caller, marshmallows were thrown away.

Then Pull is as quick as a spinal reflex,


When he leaps full of energy, he catches an arcing marshmallow with his mouth.

He was spinning in the air with a crease, kicking off a brilliant landing.

"Me too, but when it comes to marshmallow catches, you're still a pull!

"Pull, do you want more marshmallows?

"Yeah, Tataru!

Big Bang Luv turned his head and fed him, and Pull had a smile that he could play.

The more the shoulder straps of the one-piece swimsuit come off, the more stunned they are.

"Pull... you too, are the face of the Heavenly Devil..."