Ruk and Pull, "Rusty Wind," followed by "Sky Wreck (Murray)," Goldwolf's family......

The name in the demonic realm is "The Little Sun in the Water".

Terrible sea monster that shines like the sun in the ocean and swallows all that passes over it.

In the human world, it is better known as the 'Sun God of Water Heaven' than in Tai Ancient, and seaside countries and others are worshipped as sea gods.

Past records say what an island you've swallowed.

If he cares about it, it would be plain enough to acquis, such as Greysky Island, to disappear from the map.

But it was a long time ago that I was wielding fierceness.

It was now an epic being, like it wouldn't come out without stringing history together.

But he's still here.

of this world, to the Great Sea Plains......

Still, as the evil god that unites the ocean, it is radiant...!

That's a fact no one knows.

There's no way a monster so called the Evil God has been tamed by one Osama......

What makes you look adorable, legally working sexual harassment on swimsuit girls, etc......

Even the Great Sage of the Border, or the Great Immortal with a Thousand Eyes, was an unknown secret...!

And so did the rest of my family, but he didn't leak into the example either...

The Holly Doll Virgin is a big favorite.

And he himself was liked by the Virgins and became familiar with the nickname 'Me'.

Well, some of you may have noticed.

The identity of the mysterious power of "That Time".

It goes back a little bit.

Do you remember when the Holly Dolls escaped the Congregation of the Virgin and attempted to sail to the island while Goldwolf was fighting on Greysky Island?

At the end of his eyes and nose as far as Greyskay Island, the Holly Doll family ship was captured by the Shinsengumi Marine Guard, who told him that martial law was laid on the island and that he could not enter the island.

At that time, Reincarnation cried like a wasting child, wrecking the Ship of the Divine Spirit.

It was thought that the thought of her goldwolf burst like a bomb, but it wasn't.

Yes, 'he'......!

It was the work of The Little Sun in the Water...!

Already a captive of Mother, he sees Mother's tears and rages.

I could also do it as a fall to hell with every god tip group ship, but it had been stopped by Goldwolf.

He had no choice but to throw the men of the Divine Spirit into the sea and lower their drinks just by calling for the bamboo.

It was something he had no creation of, such as calling and manipulating marine life as he wished.

By the way, it was also he who delivered the throw-in to the gunhounds who were stuck on the ship.

At present, he must be in the Slam Dog Land.

First, as the first role, I am in charge of the dolphin show leader.

He leads the other dolphins and entertains the eyes of humans visiting the island.

As a second role, helping the Wild Tails fish.

It was always a big fishery because he was ordering the seafood to soak and nettle.

And finally, security near Greyskay Island.

He pretended to be a tourist and entered the island, eliminating people who were trying to operate illegally, etc.

Then you may think that the brave men and media vessels still offshore are also due to his power.

But there was another force working there.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

A swimming tournament filled with women on the private beach of the Holly Doll family lasted until sundown.

At the end of the day we even had a fireworks show on the beach and everyone even enjoyed the bone marrow.

It was a happy day for everyone, with a full smile.

But among other things, for Primla, it has been the biggest day of happiness I've lived for fourteen years.

Because somehow I was able to hold hands with my admiring uncle all day long enough to fumble, and I was able to bury my face in that chest countless times in a series of happenings.

And there was the reverse pattern.

My uncle jumped into Primla's chest.

From Osama, who always shut out the hug from his mother perfectly, that is unthinkable.

No matter how many demon wolves, there was nothing I could do with my hands blocked.

As a result, Osama's face goes to the true 'Pudding Village'......!

Moments later, Primla was so excited that it wasn't strange to erupt her nosebleed and graduate, but it survived in the mood.

Shame, surprise and joy came to pass and ran around my head like dopamine......

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!?!?

and I don't think I'm a holy girl, I screamed a heck of a lot.

Osama also suggested stopping the hand tie in surprise, but she shook her neck left and right at high speed, like a broken fan.

And at the end of the day, as Osama watches the fireworks, he sneaks up and buries his face on the chest plate, soaking up his lover's mood.

I thought I would never be able to do this again, and cheeked full, like a kitten smelling at its owner.

Exactly, it was a dream time for a girl.

At the end of all the events, she turns white as a loose shell.

But my uncle's princess brought me to bed, and I finished the day with all the blame I could get to the end.

After that, Goldwolf was on his way to a certain place.

It is near the top of the mountain where God dwells (Sin Itomrau), where the Holy Dolls have their new home.

When I came to this island, as a wild dog mask, it was a cave that stood with Chesna.

Thin Itomrau at night is always dark without a single star light because of the dark clouds that stand overhead.

Without a light source, you wouldn't even notice the black leopard at the tip of your nose.

In such true darkness, Osama walked without even having a lantern.

The scaffolding is also bad because it is at the back of the mountain, but it climbs swiftly as if it were a paved road.

Even as we entered the cave of purpose, we proceeded without precipitation to the back so that we could head to the bathroom in our home in the dark.

Among the rock walls that were poking at me, I put my hand on it for a certain amount of time and pushed it all the way in......

... gogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogo

Along with the sounds like a slip, the walls that hold back the way you go move.

At the same time, the red scorching light overflows, as if a magma had appeared from behind the ground breaks….

Illuminate Osama's face like this.

There, it's different from the serene look of day.

There was a terrible grin, like a demon with an open cauldron lid of hell......!