Already there, it didn't exist.

Even though surrounded by numerous girls, the grin is like a serene who never broke down.

No, rather, as if it had not existed from the beginning......

Until then, it's more like it was a razor...

The look on Goldwolf's face today was so deserving and terrifying to describe.

The two eyeballs are peeled out like they lost their eyelids and are connected to the blood vessels that are emerging all over their faces.

Ripped mouth around cheeks with dagger-like fangs.

The clothes have already been wiped out and the black flesh peeled out.

The right arm is shaded and textured like an ice statue.

Tumble up thin smoke like dry ice, blue-white and bright as if you were trapping crystals inside.

The left arm is like a muscle specimen, peeled meat.

The mirage emits so much heat that it is born, red and black and bright as if it were enclosing a magma inside.

Exactly, alien......!

But this was what he really was, the occasional glimpse he gave.

The alien takes a step toward darkness.

... Shishi.

It was a painful footstep, as the demons of the demonic kingdom were summoned to earth and trampled to death those who summoned them.

Instead of darkness an inch away, go even further through the pitch-black that seems to integrate with darkness to its own existence.

The passage was helical, as deep as a staircase leading to Naruto, and continued everywhere.

But the devil takes his steps slowly, even silently.

It's like a dream that goes on indefinitely, as if it exists only here in a distortion of time and space......

After so long as something called humanity perishes once and is reborn again...

The devil reached the depths.

It was an underground lake.

It's like a giant moon mirror that emits a blurry, blue-white light and has no crease.

It is a clear reflection of the stalactites of the ceiling, as if they were heaven and one being.

By the time the devil steps in, there is a starry bouncing stone in the blink of an eye that leads to an island in the middle of the lake.

In the middle of the island, there is one crystal ball placed on the pedestal.

The devil crosses the bouncing stone silently and heads to the island.

As soon as I approached the pedestal, a small figure appeared from behind the demon, reflected in a crystal ball.

"... it's beautiful whenever you see it, 'Goddess's Right Shoulder' is"

"Ugh! I always thought these balls looked like jelly and delicious! Hey, hey, just a little bit, can I grab a hold of you?

"If I pull any more... If you thought that every time you came here, you were nodding your tongue in front of a crystal ball, would you have thought about that? If you eat, don't just break your stomach. Because this is what they say is part of the power of the goddess Renalilis."

With a sigh of fright, when the girl in the white dress tells her,

"What!? Lunarillis!? Bye!

The girl in the black dress suddenly lost interest and turned her back.

The girl in the white dress speaks to the devil in a crystal ball basket.

"But I can't believe there was a" Goddess's Right Shoulder "here... When I stood in this mountain cave, I said I was right around the corner, but I didn't even realize it."

After a long time, the devil opens his cleft mouth angle.

leaked a vapor-like breath.

"... even as a goddess, that's all I wanted to hide."

"But how did My Lord find something that neither Luke nor Pull noticed? I first found this before I came to 'Purgatory'...... I mean, it was' human 'time, wasn't it?

"Yeah. It's a coincidence that I found this place. I was once left by a brave party, near Greyskay Island, on an island. And the tribe that lived there caught me and used me as a slave for a while."

"Could it be a tribe called Mazoga that my you (My Lord) talk about occasionally? I learned how to escape from Tentacle Oasis with my body…"

"That's right. I am the only slaves who have survived the loss of their lives, so the Mazoga people have come to recognize me, too. And they allowed me to leave the island."

"Along the way, you drifted away"

"Luc, it's a good guess. Yes, I wish I had left the island by boat, but I had a storm along the way."

"And flushed into this basement and regained consciousness,..."

"Yeah. At the bottom of this island, there's an underground waterway strewn like a net's eye, connected to the outer sea. So I was flushed down that waterway and was launched here by chance. I had no idea what this was at the time."

"But I found out the value in Purgatory, and now, like this, I got every island...... so. This is why my lord pretended to make a scene on the island."

"Yeah. 'Goddess's Right Shoulder' is powerful enough to transform offshore terrain. This existence was buried in the ancient days of Tai, and now few know. But the problem was the existence of wild tails. They forbade people from entering this mountain, according to ancient traditions, and kept protecting the right shoulder of the goddess from the wrongdoers."

"My Lord, I would rather kill all the Wild Tails than get this island... By being treated by them as God, I chose a free way to get into and out of this mountain, a free pass...... So."

The white girl's face deforms like a laughing moon.

"Rather than kill them all, let them live and use them for their own good... The Wild Tails and those 'goddesses'..."

That was a creepy voice, like pushing down the atmosphere.

Unexpectedly, a black girl who was pointing that way interrupts me.

"Hey! If you can't eat these balls, what the hell are you doing!?

"That's how you use it."

The devil is just like catching the right shoulder of a goddess......

...... Gashy!

With a different right arm, I grabbed the crystal ball.