The devil holds in his hand a crystal ball called "The Right Shoulder of the Goddess".

And clawed his fingertips like a demon wolf.

...... Kick it!

Shortly after the glass scratched like a rubbing ear defect,

...... Buhhhhhh!

The water surface of the lake that surrounded the perimeter is reversed.

It blew out all the spring water simultaneously, and created a wall of water in all directions, like a waterfall that flowed in reverse.

The girls "wow" and round their mouths.

"Wow!" "You're so beautiful."

The surface of the water reflected multiple overlapping landscapes, like a room in a matching mirror.

That switches on and off as if the TV had been switched on.

Then with a panoramic view, the view of the night expanded.

It was a sea of quiet, shining in the light of the moon.

"The ocean! What ocean is this?

"Probably the sea around this island of Greysky."

"Yes," the devil replies, stroking the crystal with his finger belly.

Then the footage that was on the surface of the water spinned, with a number of ships floating over the sea and a view of the continent behind it.

The white girl immediately perceives.

"That land is an Evantaille country, right? It's a ship of brave men and newspapers who want to come to the island."


One of the devil's little fingers pokes a crystal ball.

...... Kiink!

It sounds clear, like a wine glass pounding.

Then zoom in as if the video in front of you were zooming in.

Capture a certain ship up.

On the deck of that ship, one man was in the middle of working a wolf on two girls.

"No! Help me, sister!

"Oh, stop it, brave man! What are you going to do to my sister!?

"Ugh, I've been upset over the ocean all this time! Usa, the best way to clear up is to break the Virgin's chastity!

"Oh, no...! My sister is only seven!?

"No, you were just as fucked by me for the first time!? You were wagging like this, clinging to your dead parents' bodies and not leaving, crying and getting fucked by me! That was psychotic!

"Oh, that time, because the brave man helped me from the bandits...! Wow... if I were you, I wouldn't mind what you do! So just for my sister, please......!

"You're not funny or anything anymore!... yeah, there was one way to make it interesting!

"Hey, what is it!? If you will forgive my sister, I will do anything!

"I don't know about the burglars then, they're actually the ones I hired! I had trouble getting busted later, so I ended up with the Virgin I was tired of, and the bandits! But thanks to that, I don't even know him as Teng, who killed my parents, because this is how I got two Virgins to open their crotches!

"Yu, the brave man killed our parents the bandit...!?

"Yes, yes! That's it! My face when I first fucked you! Sisters together, in despair, I'll fuck you up! I thought I'd end up feeding you a scythe because I tore up a secret!

"Ha, let go! Get off me! Out of the way! I will never forgive you! I will never forgive you!

"Holy shit, you punched me in the face being a brave man!? I'm gonna kill you already! More than your parents, kill them like shit!

"No, no, no, no!? Sister aahhhhhhhh!

... it happened abruptly, like a natural mutation.

No, there's something like an omen if it's a natural mutation, but that's without any foretaste, all of a sudden.

And yet, like the judgment that God has decreed......!


The sound of an explosion as if the torpedo had burst.

It is thrust up by a giant blister and the ship is launched high in heaven.

"Ugh...... wow!?!?

A hull that shatters so that it decomposes in the air.

In it, a brave man who just took off his pants and pants crisps the universe.

"Psst... my dad just bought me a fast boat!? Oh, my God, why?!?!?

The sisters who were being assaulted reached out to help each other and held each other tight to cover each other.

And I was praying to God.

"Or God......! I don't care what happens! Please, just my sister, help me......!

"Or God! Please help your sister!

Did those two prayers go through,

... Fluffy.

A muscle of fountain is revealed, which receives the two bodies.

like the hand of a sea god. It enveloped the sisters fluffy

The sisters don't immediately understand what happened......

He looked up at it with a look like he was in the middle of being bored by a fox.

"Ko... what the hell is this...!?

"It must be God! God listened to our prayers and he killed the bad brave! And you helped us!

"Ho... is this really God's move...?"

A sister who still looks incredible when she says she has an experience that the majority of humans in this world have never felt, as if she were drifting on a cloud.

Looking down roughly under his eyes, the screams were rambling.


Like the pilot who failed to make an emergency escape from the plane he was shot down and caught his pants and pants in the cockpit......

A brave man who falls as he rounds out his lower body.

Of course, the press that was around couldn't have missed the look, and the instant depravity of the object was kept in a true photograph.

... special dane, you got it!

But such a thing was only as crude as the groin thing that was in the true picture.

Because further super special danes, right in front of me now, have broken out......!

On the verge of a round brave man landing in the sea,

...... zabhhhhhhh!

The blister sprays up again.

Twirling like a water dragon, restraining the brave man's body.

Launched heavenly high again, now there is an unquestionable, divine miracle.


Poor sinner who can't even cover his groin...!

In the middle of the blister, which sprayed up in a cross shape, it became a large letter and became a "(stuck)"...!